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When you truly love yourself, magic will start to happen.

Love Always comes first and everything else will follow.


Accepting and loving yourself is truly a beautiful way to be.

We should be able to love ourselves truly and unconditionally first.

The reasons why we should love ourselves "first" is because then truly beautiful people and beautiful things and beautiful will occur in our lives.

Now when we love ourselves first then "real" love will come into our lives.

Everybody thinks that a "significant" other is going to fill a "void" of some love, but if you never truly sit back and get to know yourself first then you will never be able to survive "alone" and be strong.

You first need to seriously need to step back, and breathe and "discover" yourself and who you are.

This in return will bring real "magic" into your life.

When you love yourself "unconditionally" and accept flaws, faults, mistakes or anything you once thought of something negative, it is only part of you and mostly mistakes are only learning experiences because more than likely you learn from them.

If you decide to flip the "magical" switch like I did, you are indeed are going to become happy for no reason at all.

In life, you have your own "free will" and you get to choose what you want to do with your own life.

Each step you take along your path, along your journey you may once and awhile may have someone to help guide you and help you to stay on your path.

Sometimes if you travel alone on your path, it is because you need the time to re-valuate your own life and take it in perspective that there are changes that are coming. You should take the chances that lay in front of you.

If you don't try to take any chances in life, you might sit back and regret those decisions and look back in the future at your past and feel remorse for yourself in which you would probably want to kick yourself in the butt.

Life can sometimes be a magical time, but you need to open your eyes and all of senses and be aware of things that can help change your life.

Sometimes it could something really small and that could prove to be a big turn around in your life, but you won't regret it.

Filling your life with more knowledge and wisdom by not wanting to stop learning to grow, is a very magically thing also.

If you have a thirst or a hunger to keep wanting to learn about anything in life, never stop that thirst or that hunger and always consume good things and good thoughts so your inner self can feel much more accomplished at the end of the day, so when you get up the next morning your ready to keep learning.

There is so much magic in this world, but sometimes we just get caught up with so many things, we forget those beautiful moments in our lives that makes our lives feel special.

If in a time we get lost or confused all we have to do is to think of those magically moments in our own lives that are special and more than likely that is going to bring a smile on our face and that will brighten any of our darkest days.

Yes there maybe many times in life, where it will seem like it's raining all the time.

But even flowers and living things need the rain to help them grow, survive and thrive.

Once we learn how to go beyond just "surviving" and just seem like we are just "existing" by turning around to think it is better to "thrive" then to just survive, our lives will get better.

Why do we have to think in this day in age, that when we get up in the morning and we just go to work and that is all there is in life?

Why need to break out of these "programmed" thoughts that have been pushed upon us since we were children.

We need to build up our awareness of our greatest potential that we have inside of ourselves.

People really can't see how great we really can be.

Yet the people that can see their greatest potential inside, sometimes other people that are around these people that discover their great potential, the other people around these people will try to knock those people down with great potential

The reason for those people that knock down other people's great potential in life is because they are very angry and miserable with themselves because of the decisions they made in their lives and look at regret of things and stuff they never will do with their lives, so they knock other people down.

The best thing for people with great potential is to recognize that is the "magic" that needs to be recognized within themselves and need to grab hold of every opportunity and take it.

If need be, people that have this "magic" inside of themselves, need to cast out those people that want to knock them down and keep on going on with their lives.

Once they do that, they never have to see those unhappy, miserable people ever again and then the people with the "magic" inside of themselves will become successful in their own way.

This is how you will achieve ultimate happiness in your life.

You love yourself enough to know you have the greatest potential that is very magically and that will bring more beauty and fulfillment into your live.

Your growth depends on you and yourself.

You have to try and reach out to the universe and keep asking for the universe to bring you the help you deserve so that your life will be bestowed with better decision making and your own fairytale will come true.

Happy endings do happen, but that is only if you believe in the power of magic this inside of your soul that will bring forth a glorious life that you never thought would quite happen.

This can happen, all you got to do is love yourself first and just believe all things will work out for yourself.

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