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When you get to do what you want in life, it sometimes can make others unhappy.

You can do it


If what you do makes you happy, keep doing it.

If you are lucky, like myself, maybe cause your blessed and not just lucky.

I am turning 42 next month and never dreamed I would be doing all these things.

If people want to do things in their lives, I say good for them!

I also know, speaking with quite a few people, that they are happy,

cause they are doing things they have wanted to always do, but

they seem to have people telling them, that they are too old,

or shouldn't not be doing those things that make them happy.

Seriously, get off the kick of telling someone they can't do something.

I think in society, when people reach a certain age, most of society,

think you need to be settled down, and have a family.

Ever think for one minute, that people might want to have a family

and do things, other than just having a family?

Maybe they want more in life.

Why do we have to grow old in a rocking chair, waiting, to step

foot in a grave?

I know grow old gracefully, but sitting in a rocking chair,

means your going to sit and rot away.

I have found out, there have been many members in

my family, who have done really interesting things.

From Dancers, to Park Rangers in Yellowstone National Park,

and other things, including martial artists, and also family members

who were in the service.

I think when people are so miserable with themselves, that they

hate to see other people happy.

It is a sad true fact, and I know anybody that reads this,

is shaking their heads yes, because I bet more than anything,

one of you people out there is thinking the same thing I am.

Ever notice when your doing really well, that's when people,

will try and either bring you down? It is cause they are miserable.

I think the term is called "Haters" but wouldn't the correct term

be something worse?

If you sit and complain about other people, it means your

a miserable person.

I know with everything I do, I don't have to use the system

to get what I want in life, and I don't have to use men,

or try to manipulate men to get what I want.

I can seriously say I work and pay a roof over my head,

and do everything I always wanted to do.

Be part of films, write and do so many things.

I think God, for everything I have, and for all the good

people in my life.

All I have to say, no matter what anybody tells you,

if you can't do something, don't listen to them.

If you have your heart set on something to do,

than just do it.

I do hope I keep inspiring more people to

believe in themselves.

Cause your just as good as anybody else.

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