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When the Need to Be Right Is Greater Than the Fear of Being Wrong.

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Where Do Your Confidences Lie?

No one likes to be wrong, but believers cannot grow in Christ without the fear of being wrong.

No one likes to be wrong, but believers cannot grow in Christ without the fear of being wrong.

Why This Article?

This past week I received a request from someone on FB concerning a question he wanted to address via messenger to avoid other posts interfering with the topic. I agreed because I am always open for a good discussion. Long story short, what he was looking for was confirmation of a point in scripture that was obviously near and dear to his heart, to which he was never going to get from me. After about an hour of exchanges, including his church’s boilerplate rebuttals to a few pertinent verses, he signed off politely and went his way. This took place on Saturday; I used our exchange as a teaching tool for our Sunday gathering but something else was brewing in the back of my mind. He wanted to be right in his belief to the point that he had little fear of being wrong … at least outwardly.

Several years ago, I encountered a similar situation; then it was face to face for over two hours. Fast forward about two years before we met again. This time, the gentleman confided in me that he had had too many sleepless nights concerning our previous and very amicable meeting. The second meeting concluded with a new brother in Christ who has since gone to be with the Lord. This demonstrates the point that the Word delivered rightly and honestly wherever one is in their Christian walk can be that which the Father will use to draw another to our Lord Jesus. That time, I had the privilege of witnessing a new birth, because of the seed that was planted. How it was to be watered was God’s choice, including who would be the harvester. Our faithfulness can plant a seed, it is then up to God the Father whether it finds its way into fertile ground.

Whatever the future outcome may be from my Saturday conversation, it is solely and utterly in God’s hands alone.

A Perfect Quote for Today's Christians

People have such a great need to be right that they will take anything another states, then edit and restate it to their personal bent.

People have such a great need to be right that they will take anything another states, then edit and restate it to their personal bent.

When a Need Outweighs One’s Fear

Severe hunger, thirst, and the needs of loved ones can motivate people into actions they would otherwise avoid at all costs. They will steal, eat and drink filth, place themselves in harm’s way and do incredible feats of strength and valor well beyond their comfort zones. This is not an uncommon occurrence in war as heroes arise from the necessity to survive and protect their comrades in arms. The moment when one becomes a true born-again Christian, they are immediately engaged in war with the Devil and his legions. But there is a ‘Y’ in the road, for much of the battle is within Christendom itself as our enemy and his earthly minions who wear the uniform of the Church battle for the souls of men.

As the Lord stated, many are called but few are chosen. The many that are considered the called are those who believe they are saved but are without a true love of the Word and in a word, lost. Broad is the way in which these choose to travel, for many believe they are on the straight and narrow with doctrines created to give their followers hope. Also, many of their doctrines work overtime to keep their adherents toeing the line. A true believer on the narrow way hates to be wrong and is blessed when they, through diligent study or correction, come to the Truth concerning a difficult passage or passages. The common element of those upon the broad way is their dependence upon the doctrines they hold dear to be right. Their hope lies solely in their doctrines being the right ones and avoid scriptures that might just impugn their beliefs.

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Whether one is the member of mainline, denominational, independent, non-denominational denominational semi-cult, or pure cultic church assembly; they cannot be wrong for they have staked their lives upon being right. They wear blinders to keep them on the path, lest they should encounter those nasty bumps in the road when confronted with actual scripture that just might upset the apple cart.

One Who Must Always Be Right is Often Very Wrong

One can never grow in Christ if one is always seeking confirmation of that which they desire to hear.

One can never grow in Christ if one is always seeking confirmation of that which they desire to hear.

The Common Ground: A Mind Closed to the Truth

These assembly’s doctrines should have the following opening line: “We hold these truths to be self-evident … “. The Truth from the Word is not self-evident but requires the Holy Spirit’s presence to discern what God has written for His own. [1 Corinthians 2:13-14] In other words, the Bible is readable only because it is written in one’s language, BUT the Truth of what is written is hidden to the lost. As Jesus said in Matthew 13:14, “And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and NOT understand; and seeing ye shall see and shall NOT perceive; …"

What most do not understand is that the Hebrews 4:12 passage concerning the two-edged sword is that one edge cuts to everlasting life and the other cuts to everlasting death. In other words, it brings life to the few and damnation to the many. The followers of these pseudo-Christian gatherings require constant bolstering of their established doctrinal creeds and use what I call, boilerplate rebuttals of other scriptures that just might refute their beliefs. Within these gatherings they must convince one another that they are right and everyone else is hell bound. They have become the way, the life, and the truth for the many within Christendom.

The testimony of those to whom God mercifully opened their eyes to the Truth that have come out from among [2 Corinthians 6:17] hold testimonies that are remarkably similar. Once they were blind, but now they see. They also wonder how they could have been so blind for so long. But once free in Christ, many now work diligently to lead others who have been blinded as they were into the Light of the Gospel of Christ. Remember: God’s thought and ways are beyond our comprehension, so let us allow God to be God and we be found faithful.

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