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When Stones Come to Life

 West Kennet Long Barrow, U.K.,  August, 2014

West Kennet Long Barrow, U.K., August, 2014

I first visited Avebury and the West Kennet Long Barrow in the United Kingdom, in May 2013 for the Super-full Moon. The experience was intriguing enough that I felt I had to return. Thus, this year, I packed my bags and headed back there for the Super-full Moon in August. Once again (as in the previous year), what I experienced went beyond any logical explanation, or rational: Stones come to Life!

While in London last year, purchasing a map from a local corner store, the elderly man behind the counter started asking me touristy questions: where I came from, where I was going and such things. When I told him I was headed to Avebury to visit the Stones, he told me to look for a place called “The West Kennet Long Barrow”: a Neolithic tomb/barrow, located just south of Avebury (roughly a mile and a half, or so). The man did not tell me much more about it, other than that he heard strange things happen there.

“Strange things ... well, that’s just right-up my alley!” So, off I went – not knowing where exactly I was going, or what I would find; just knowing that I had to go.

I had seen the Stones of Avebury in photographs and videos and when I got there, I actually recognized some of them. It was a priceless feeling: “I made it!” And I thanked the Stones; I smudged myself and smudged the entire north-west part of the circle (right behind the Red Lion Inn) with Sage. The presence of those Stones goes beyond words. They are truly humbling. I could sense their Power and energy. Yet, nothing else seemed out of the ordinary, other than perhaps the fact that Rooks were flying everywhere. Rooks, Crows and Ravens are all very close to my Spirit so, it is a great Omen to see them.

I walked around the little village (Avebury), just looking and asking general questions then, I inquired about the barrow I was told about in London. Not long after learning on how to get to it by following a foot path through some fields and over some fences (also getting chased by cows up a tree with my backpack and all but that’s another story), I managed to make it there: the West Kennet Long Barrow. That would turn to be my resting place, in more than one way.

As when I first got to the Stone Circle in Avebury, as soon as I got to the barrow, I smudged myself then, smudged the entire barrow itself. I also left offerings: Sage, Cedar, Tobacco, Sweet-grass, Wormwood and a small chunk of Black Tourmaline. I thanked the Spirits of the barrow for allowing me to Be there and for them Being there. I did this not seeing any Spirits around but I knew that they were there somewhere: Intuition told me so.

By then, I was exhausted from all the walking around and carrying all my belongings on my back like a turtle. So, I set my tent right in front of the doorway of the barrow. My tent fit perfectly in between the Stones at the entrance, as if it was made to Be there. I took that as a good sign and not long after I went for a nap. I would say an hour or so passed and while still sleeping my awareness kicked-in and I could feel the touch of a hand on my left shoulder (I was lying down on my right side, with the back at the entrance of the barrow, in my tent). The touch was cold and I felt the cold extend and move-up my shoulder towards my neck. I felt a light paralysis spreading in that area and that is when I decided to snap-out. It took a little effort but I got up, rubbing my left shoulder as I still felt numbness.

In the physical world, I was alone by the West Kennet Long Barrow but in the Spirit World, I was certainly not alone. I got out of my tent, sat down outside, had a smoke and watched the Super-full Moon to the South. It was a marvelous night and when I went back to my tent to sleep later on that night, I slept like a rock, waking-up to a gorgeous morning and a Hawk hovering over.

So, when I returned this year, I really did not know what to expect. I made sure though, to have more time to spend there. Last year I only stayed two nights. This time around, I was prepared to spend at least four, or even five days; the night of the Super-full Moon included. I wanted to have enough time to dig a little deeper into what I had experienced in my last visit.

I got to the barrow on the ninth of August, one day before the Super-full Moon. It was a quick visit as I knew I would be returning to stay the night on the following day. Once again, I left offerings and I entered the West Kennet Long Barrow full of gratitude and cheerfulness. I was happy beyond happiness! Everything was perfect and I actually felt good there. I stayed inside in Silence for a while then, I left to wander around for the day.

On my return the following evening, I encountered more people than usual coming up to the barrow. A group of people (about a dozen) in their mid forties to mid fifties showed up to do some chanting, drumming and just experience the appearance of the Super-full Moon. A Shaman lady who was with them set-up small candles all around the barrow and started preparing herself for some rituals she was about to perform. There were also a couple of photographers setting-up their tripods, cameras and lenses on top of the barrow, getting ready to catch the rising of the Moon. The place had suddenly turned quite busy.

The group of spiritual people had a guide who spoke about the barrow, the rituals performed inside the barrow over the thousands of years (5,500 years as most people agree) it has been there and about the significance of the Full Moon. The man was a local so, he had a lot of knowledge and I appreciated his passion for what he did. I spoke to his wife for a while, who was also part of the group.

When they decided to go inside the barrow to chant (just before the rising of the Moon), I asked the guide’s wife if she would mind if I burned some Sage. She did not and so, I put some White Buffalo Sage in my Albino Shell, light It and suddenly people from the group started approaching me with smiles on their faces asking me what I was burning. Sage does Magic! Its Power is overwhelming sometimes. I have seen people start crying of happiness when I carry It light and Smoking.

The Moon soon came up, about a third bigger than usual and radiating light between the fast passing clouds. Cameras popped-up and the clicking began. Everyone was mesmerized. Just until the rain began and then, we all found ourselves inside the barrow huddled together. Luckily the rain did not last and not long after everyone began preparing to make their way down the hill and head back to wherever they came from.

I was thanked by the guide and his wife for burning the Sage. It seemed perfect: they had the drums, candles and the chanting group, while I had the Sage. It all turned-out as good as it may have been. The atmosphere was indeed magical. So, before they took-off, I took a bundle of my Sage (I carried many with me) and gave It to the lady I spent some time talking to. I figured they would probably have more spiritual tours to do around there and they might find It useful. She was tremendously thankful for that and had a big smile on her face. We hugged and they all began to leave.

In no time, I was left alone. The time was approaching ten o’clock at night and I went back inside the West Kennet Long Barrow. It was pitch black and I sat down in the main chamber facing north, north-west. That is often my direction of prayer and power.

After about ten minutes or so, I started speaking to the Spirits of the barrow and to the Stones. I just felt like “getting to know each other” better and not long after I felt I was being watched. I glanced to my right, where I felt the glances coming from. By then, my eyes had gotten used to the darkness and I could see a little bit in the dark. There were no physical forms around, other than the Stones forming the West Kennet Long Barrow. I was alone but certainly not alone in Spirit. The Stones were alive.

I clearly felt three presences. They were just there, listening to what I was saying. I gave thanks again and expressed my gratitude for Being there and for them Being there. The experience was almost overwhelming but I kept sitting in the dark and the Spirits lightened. I felt welcomed in the Spirit World: that experience was priceless and really, beyond words.

I must have spent about an hour or so inside the barrow before I decided I could not stay inside the whole night. I felt it would have been an exhausting exercise. That barrow holds an incredible amount of Power. I was just thankful to be able to experience it. So, I walked out and sat down in front of the Stones protecting the entrance, facing east this time. I needed to ground myself.

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I sat there for maybe a half an hour or so and then, the Wind started picking-up and I felt big rain droplets coming down. The decision had to be made quickly in terms of how I would spend the night. Initially, I thought I would stay up the entire night but as things stood: tired and with heavy rain coming, I grabbed my back-pack and dug-out my tent. In several minutes I was almost finished setting it up when I heard some voices coming from down the hill. I could not see much since dark clouds covered the light of the Moon but I could hear the voices nearing.

Being only ten feet or so away from the entrance to the West Kennet Long Barrow, I knew these had to be some late visitors so, I continued my work on getting my tent ready. In less than a minute I saw three silhouettes coming-up from the trail and when they got close, I heard a girl’s voice ask:

“Hi! Are You sleeping here?”

“Yes,” I responded not knowing to whom I was talking to. “Considering the drastic change in weather I actually don’t have much of a choice,” I explained.

“Why don’t You sleep inside?” the voice continued with the questions.

A part of me felt like laughing at the inquisitive questions of a girl I had never met, nor could I see properly. Yet, another part of me just wanted to finish-up what I was doing because the Wind was incredibly strong up on that hill and I was more worried about getting my tent’s pegs in the ground properly than anything else.

“I slept right outside the entrance last year and that was a wild-enough experience for me. I don’t think the barrow is for sleeping, lounging, or any of that. So, no sleeping inside for me”, I responded with certainty.

The three girls/silhouettes went inside the barrow and just about as I finished putting the cover on my tent and securing the flaps so I don’t fly-off with the Wind later in the night, I saw the three girls walk-out in a hurry and head towards the trail to head-out.

“I thought You guys were sleeping inside?” I asked jokingly.

“No, we just got kicked-out,” said the same voice I had conversed with a few minutes earlier. And with that they vanished down the hill and into the darkness.

I was left in a semi state of awe. What did the girl mean by saying they were “kicked-out”? Was she just messing with me since she knew I would spend the night there? But why did they come out so quickly and almost bolt down the hill? Luckily it was too cold and the rain started coming-down pretty hard and so, the questions quickly ended as I got in the tent and started arranging my way around. By then, the Wind was brutal, beating hard against the tent and the droplets of Water sounded like pebbles of Stone hitting the tent-cover. I got comfortable and soon, I fell asleep.

My awareness kicked-in while sleeping again, just as in the previous year when I had slept there and I felt a presence at the entrance to my tent. And as if this presence did not care about the physical structure of my tent, it slowly reached-out with an arm through the wall of the tent towards my body as I was lying down on my side. I could sense/feel this Being and at first there was the obvious shock but I quickly got my awareness together and I reminded myself where I was and that this should be expected: nothing to freak-out about. All this happened very quickly and as the hand (which was just energy of a bluish-white sparkling light, no physical form) reached closer to my body, in a soft, quiet, yet jovial tone I said: “Hi!”

Immediately the hand/arm retreated and the Spirit/Being disappeared. I felt It was surprised - I smiled. I was happy that I did not panic, or that I did not indulge in Fear. I felt no ill-intent and I went back to sleep happily. By then, the Wind had calmed-down a little and so did the rain. I woke-up around six o’clock in the morning to a bright Sun rise and feeling rejuvenated. Another night passed and I felt no longer as a visitor there but welcomed as a local, in the Spirit World: part of who/what I am is forever there, resting in the barrow.

On another good note, while I was having lunch at the Red Lion Inn (in Avebury) later on that day, I heard a familiar girl’s voice directed at me saying: “Hey, we met last night!”

When I looked, I saw a girl in her mid twenties or so, with a big smile on her face.

“Where You one of the three girls who came-up to the West Kennet Long Barrow last night?

“Yes, that was me and my friends”, she replied.

We talked for a bit about the barrow and about my experiences there before and then, I asked her (I was indeed still very curious):

“What did You mean last night about the “getting kicked-out” part?

She began explaining to me how after walking inside the barrow the previous night, her and her friends were only inside for a couple of minutes or so because she felt a hand push up against her chest as she walked towards the main chamber in the barrow. She said the physical force was considerable and she did not feel welcomed at all. Thus, they all left in a hurry. She said she did not know why it happened and maybe it was because she did not clear her energy. I told her that every time I have gone there I made sure to smudge myself, to go with respect and humbleness in my heart and that I also left offerings to the Spirits of the barrow.

I wished her well in the end and we both parted ways. I was glad I got an answer to the “getting kicked-out” dilemma. I returned to the barrow later in the day and I spent hours and hours there: inside, outside, on top of it, sitting, lying down, walking. It’s another home away from home now. I feel fully welcomed and at peace there. It is a wonderful and magical place. I also met a man from the National Trust Fund who came-up on the hill later in the day with his dog. We sat and talked for quite a while and at one point he showed me how his dog refused to go inside the barrow. It was rather interesting how hard the dog pulled back from his leash. I suppose dogs feel presences much better than humans.

I said my good-bye to the Stones and the West Kennet Long Barrow later on that day. I had a friend who came to pick me up and we took-off to Plymouth. Unlike the previous year though, this time around I do not feel a need to go back: the barrow is always with me and I am always there.

Note: This story is my own and quite personal. I do not expect anyone to believe me, or even to understand everything I have said here but what I can say with certainty, is that anyone can check this out for themselves. Avebury is quite accessible and the West Kennet Long Barrow is open to anyone. Go there, spend some time in Silence, maybe even a night or so and then, I can be judged if my story makes any sense, or not.

All the best to everyone!

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Entrance to the West Kennet Long Barrow, U.K., August, 2014

Entrance to the West Kennet Long Barrow, U.K., August, 2014


Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on November 15, 2020:

Thank You very much, Mrs. Woods. I did want to share this story certainly but I also wish(ed) to advertise Avebury, in Wiltshire, England. It is a place ... out of this world really.

All the best to You!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on November 15, 2020:

Thanks for sharing your most interesting story about visiting those stones and what you experienced while there.

manatita44 from london on November 14, 2020:

I hear that Rumi's Tomb is quite something. I believe it is in Anatalya, Turkey. Iran claims him too, as well as Hafez, so they may both have tombs there. Where these two great souls are, Silence is not far. To digress, I used to like climbing and have been up a few mountains myself. Peace.

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on November 14, 2020:

I love Music, Mr. Manatita and I listen to a very wide variety of sounds/music. I am governed by the Air element so ... it's understandable I love music I would say.

"At the risk of offending you (Smile), it can draw humans without the required foundations of Spirituality. Many followed Christ but he had few disciples." - No offense taken. Humans cannot offend me (at the risk of offending You lol).

You have a point there though. When I say that I went to the UK to see a Stone Circle everyone automatically says: "Ohh, You went to see Stonehenge!" And I have to say: "no, not that one".

Tourism attracts people many places because it's: tourism!! LOL Avebury is full of them.

I plan on going to see a Tower of Silence, preferably in Iran and not India but I do not intend on going there to "sight-see" LOL

Avebury will forever hold a place in my heart. I left a piece of me there too so, we're close I'd say. Haha!!

Thank You very much for your visits and words. I appreciate it.


manatita44 from london on November 14, 2020:

Sad that they are closing our work (Hubs) so soon. About your link, it's great rhythm and blues/ or a kind of Jazz Funk/soul music.

You paint your life in your Hubs. Must be a very interesting one. What do you look like? Send me a pic:

All things natural are to be commended. We, after all, come from Spirit. In Yoga philosophy, there are four major forms of life, at least in current evolution. Mineral, plant, animals and human. The fifth stage is the Divine, but as you can see, the animal is still with us in human form.

I commend you for nature and the stones, though. All life is sacred and inclusive. Nothing is outside Spirit. The ancient Indians ... the indigenous people knew this.

Avebury, is a very mystic place and for the receptive, the Consciousness is high. At the risk of offending you (Smile), it can draw humans without the required foundations of Spirituality. Many followed Christ but he had few disciples.

This is because Spirituality is like a Zen Koan. Simple, but difficult. It is in sweetness, simplicity, the child's surrender or abandonment. Self-giving and Love of the world and humans. In sincerity and beauty; in prayer and spiritual virtues like faith, devotion, steadfastness or resilience. In one-pointed focus to a Higher Ideal... in courage and tenacity, purity and gratitude, to name a few. Stay blessed!

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on January 16, 2018:

Greetings Mrs. Allain,

Your comment that your sisters "are quite fey" made me smile. At least I'm not alone lol jk

I'm interested in places of Power, or places with a "strong presence" as You mentioned. Maybe one day I'll make it to Australia. New Zealand and Australia have been calling me over since I was a kid.

Thank You for taking the time to read this story and leave a comment. All the best!

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on January 15, 2018:

Quite interesting. I've felt that some places have a strong presence, particularly some of the very ancient places in Australia. I'm not as in-tune as you apparently are though some of my sisters are quite fey.

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on April 12, 2015:

I appreciate the comment and thank You for reading the story, Mr. Rankin.


Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on April 12, 2015:

A fascinating and engaging story.

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on October 21, 2014:

I am happy You enjoyed the read Mrs. DDE.

Thank You for taking the time to look at this hub and leave a comment. All the best! : )

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on October 21, 2014:

Thank You for the visit Mr. Maxoxam41.

To be honest, if these things did not happen to me, I would have great difficulty in believing them. So, I feel You ... : )

On the other hand, I do not write fiction and I make no money writing . I am also not writing a book, trying to get famous, or any of those. I am just here (on Hub-pages) to share knowledge, experiences and bring awareness to certain issues. My honor is my life:


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on October 20, 2014:

Brilliantly thought of hub and I like the way you approached this interesting and unusual topic.

Deforest from USA on October 19, 2014:

I am the type of person that believes in reason, very down to earth. You didn't strike me as a fabulator in the few exchanges that we had. I guessed you opened a small mystic door in my intracranial space...

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on October 19, 2014:

Thank You as well, Spirit Whisperer for taking the time to read and comment. Cheers! : )

May Wakan Tanka walk with You.

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on October 19, 2014:

It is definitely an interesting place to visit, Mrs. Sheilamyers. On top of which, all the people I have met along my travels there were simply wonderful: a treat of an experience. : )

All the best!

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on October 19, 2014:

You are welcome Mrs. Dreamhowl. Thank You for taking the time to read and comment. : )

I am happy You enjoyed the story.

All the best!

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on October 19, 2014:

Do visit if You get a chance Mr. Erickdierker! It is a wonderful place.

Many thanks for stopping-by! Cheers! : )

Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on October 19, 2014:

Thank You for the visit Mr. Billybuc! : ) Indeed there are things in this world which go beyond our knowledge and understanding. I have to admit though, some things are hard to believe even when I experienced them lol

All the best!

Xavier Nathan from Isle of Man on October 19, 2014:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and may the Great Spirit continue to give your life Its purpose. Love and best wishes to you.

sheilamyers on October 18, 2014:

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I've never been to the UK, but this sounds like one of the places I would love to visit if I ever make it over there. Visiting the big cities would be great; however, I love to learn history and the folklore so West Kennet Long Burrow sounds like it would be an interesting place with a good guide along.

Jessica Peri from United States on October 18, 2014:

What a great experience! Thank you for sharing it here.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 18, 2014:

A wonderful story beautifully said. Thank you for sharing your experience. Now I want to go there.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 18, 2014:

I have no reason to doubt your accounts, my friend. There are things at work in the universe that I will never understand, but my lack of understanding does not mean they do not exist. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Fascinating to say the least.

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