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What's Crossing You? Water Signs- Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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Card 1) 3 of Pentacles

Card 2) Hierophant

Card 3) 7 of Cups (Reversed)

You may finally be feeling good in the work place, or within your own home business. Money may not be great, but it is coming in. You will continue to gain recognition in your position, or it is about to begin. Your crossed by your lack of control and direction, and you seem to be just drifting along...waiting for somebody to show you the way. The thing is, nobody is coming to save you this time. You are your own guide, bc only you can walk the road that has been laid before you. It is time to buckle down on your inner thoughts and your spirituality, to become more in one with those things that you are running from. You are, in essence, running from yourself.

It is time to wake up! You have been living in lala-land, or trying to escape there. It is not serving you well, because you are only wasting time and making no progress. This period of "sleepwalking" through your own life is over. If you want to make it, it is time to get serious and put in the needed effort. Nothing worth having is given freely. Remember that Cancer. Bring back your curiosity and thirst for life, do not be scared to be empathic, and learn to guard your energy from those dumbasses who try to suck you dry.



Card 1) Temperance (Reversed)

Card 2) 3 of Coins

Card 3) The Emperor

You are full of anxiety right now, and stressed the hell out. Feel like giving up on your goals or yourself sometimes, and that lack of drive and motivation shows in other aspects of your life. You are manipulative or are being manipulated by someone. (You know which one you fall under, I would think).

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The lack of harmony and leadership has led you, and those around you, to feel like ya'll can't make any progress on this venture. It is like you are running around in a circle, having to repeat the same lesson until you get it. Lack of leadership for your next big move is definitely the obstacle here, though you could step up and take control of this situation.

Your advice in order to succeed, is to find the discipline needed to take control of everything that is out of order. Take the leadership role, it is still being offered to you in some way. The power-dynamic that is out of line, is out of line because it is up to you to get things back on track. You know what you have to do!



Card 1) Knight of Wands (Reversed)

Card 2) The Devil

Card 3) 9 of Cups (Reversed)

You are upset, even angry, at where you are in your life or career, or even love. You are frustrated because of all the delays taking place. You are a ball full of energy, yet you have nowhere to direct all of that. This overload of energy without a place to use it, causes you to make irrational decisions and to be impulsive. You may even let go of your belief systems and abandon all religious views, and that could be harmful to a soul like yours. You have gifts that need to be examined and used, and that requires spiritual development.

The darker side of your personality is the obstacle you are facing. You have to work through your shadow-self in order to eliminate the negative energy weighing you down. Shadow work is not fun, but is necessary. The material world is calling to you, and you are co-dependent (even addicted) to something big that is hurting you. You need to see that you are being held down by your alter-ego. You feel trapped by this issue or addiction(s).

Your advice is to be careful what you wish for, bc if you get it, it is going to ruin you. You are being a lush, so tone it down and try to cut out the dangerous habits and the things that draw you in and keep you trapped. You may be getting all the things you once wanted, but you are now seeing that you did not want those things after all. They have done nothing but add stress to your life. Cut those things out, it may be hard. Reach out for help if you need it. Step out of your comfort zone, and do a 12-step program or an outpatient rehab if need be. Never be ashamed of your story, it is yours...and these lessons were meant for you to learn for whatever reason.

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