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What is a Targeted Individual? What is the Targeted Individual Program?

Ms. Miriam is a Prayer Warrior and educator by profession. She was placed in an unregulated criminal eugenic assassination program. But God


Covert Assassination Programming: Eugenics, The Targeted Individual Program

Targeted Individuals are well skilled people who are criminally not being allowed to earn income, when and if they work they are job mobbed and income lynched relentlessly. Additionally, they are constant victims of legal abuse syndrome, are victims of COINTELPRO crimes, lying spirits slander campaigns and are targeted for destruction via eugenic programming.

The Targeted Individual program is an unregulated secret slow kill assassination program. The Targeted Individual program is known as the TI program and is primarily a eugenic program where innocent and healthy people are criminally, maliciously and medically experimented on without consent. A group of criminally insane eugenicists control these criminal experiments via laboratory programming and tracking.

The Eugenics part of the TI program includes the criminal implantation of deadly devices, receptors, mind control technologies, and or pathogens in unsuspecting people.

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Thereafter, the eugenicists/laboratory programmers/criminal researchers monitor and track the induced torture and criminal ramifications associated with their criminal implantation. Currently medical research laboratories are the criminal headquarters for criminally insane eugenic programming.

The laboratory is where the criminal technologies, devices, receptors and pathogens are created. The laboratory is where the programmer and eugenic trackers disguised as researchers work from to further torture and destroy the target via lawless surveillances, tracking’s, and medical blacklisting.

In many instances the laboratory is the disseminator of regional tainted medical supplies and other criminal creations. They disseminate their lawless medical supplies and put regions of unsuspecting citizens in well-funded criminal medical experiments disguised as trials or research studies.

Anybody can become a Targeted Individual. For example, a person goes to the dentist for a tooth removal and gets implanted with the Audio Tooth Implant. The Audio Tooth Implant projects voices to the victim's head and uses a laboratory programmer to speak to the target at all times to attempt to drive the victim crazy or to have the victim commit homicide.

The Audio Tooth Implant was created in the laboratory. The laboratory is the criminal playground for eugenicists. U.S government money is used for these type of criminal laboratory created implantations under the disguise of medical studies and or trials. There is no good faith in these laboratory created bio-warfare weapons particularly against the knowledge and consent of the victim.

The medical field is prepared to institutionalize victims of this weapon the minute the target finds the research on the Audio Tooth Implant and tells a doctor. The target’s name is placed on a criminal eugenic laboratory controlled medical data base. No medical person will attempt to try to disable this criminal Audio Tooth Implant no matter how torturous the ramifications.

The target is set up to be destroyed via a 24/7 criminal laboratory programmer/eugenicist talking through the implant to the target attempting to induce suicide or homicide. All the person did was go to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. This is how eugenics works and this is how one can become a Targeted Individual, a victim of some type of malicious and criminal medical experimentation.

An innocent person can also become a Targeted Individual by filing a lawsuit or complaint against corruption. Immediately after filing such complaint the person becomes job mobbed and then income blacklisted. Thereafter, he becomes a victim to microwave weapons, meaning becoming a victim to invisible induced radiation waves that cook the body internally. Microwave weapons are invisible radiated energy waves maliciously targeted to induce cancer like illness and death..

Microwave weapons are the eugenicists’ secret invisible unregulated crime weapons of this century. The weapons induce sickness and kill. Some microwave weapons are also used for mind reading and mind control. Microwave weapons have many names. Some of them include:

  • Directed Energy Weapons, laser weapons, ultrasonic lasers, nano- technology weapons, electromagnetic weapons
  • Through-wall vision weapons
  • Mind-reading or mind control weapons
  • Neuro-linguistic programming weapons
  • Artificial/Synthetic Telepathy weapons

Microwave weapons are used for remote or electronic torture. They are used to torture the target, induce hospitalizations, make the sane target look crazy and to kill. Please note that in the above situation all the person did was file a law suit or complaint.

Thereafter he has become a lifetime victim of microwave weaponry, specifically criminal scientific obstructions defined as eugenics. His/her name has been put in a criminal eugenic data base and no medical entity will help the victim. In fact, once a person becomes a Targeted Individual and is knowledgeable of the eugenic programming and operation, all medical visits thereafter are targeted for further unregulated scientific obstructions.

These eugenic crimes are inflicted and happening because there is no public supervision over medical research planning and the laboratories used and funded for such. Above all, these eugenic crimes are happening because eugenicists have historically not been criminally prosecuted when they should be.

Furthermore, the victims of criminal eugenic programming have not been compensated for the disguised attempted murder eugenic crimes inflicted on them. This has to change. Criminal eugenicists and their laboratories must be shut down. An anti-eugenics movement must be initiated to stop these indisputable documented eugenic crimes and killings, to enforce repercussions/penalties on the criminals and the survivors of these crimes must be compensated.

In addition, to the above eugenic crimes, a Targeted Individual becomes victim to ongoing and relentless legal abuse embedded in fraud. The IRS, local tax entities, third party debt collectors, energy and housing company divisions, and other corporations enjoin in and inflict some type of billing fraud to advance the covert eugenic killing of the target.

They are enjoined to inflict undue hardship and stress. This is induced eugenic planned stress. It is part of the TI unregulated assassination program. The third party debt collection fraud is deliberately inflicted while the Target is income lynched, blacklisted and eugenically assaulted.

In addition to the above crimes being inflicted on Targeted Individuals, home vandalism and terrorism are inflicted too. The TIs home becomes a haven for: CAN YOU PROVE IT WHILE I KILL YOU crimes. All of a sudden the TI’s home is vandalized and the TI cannot get a police report because the TI did not see who vandalized the home.

In many instances, TI’s have come home to find their doors unlocked when they left the door locked. The police and all public protection offices are disabled. They will not help a Targeted Individual.

TI’s are also victimized by invisible crimes in their homes. Someone is criminally in their home while they sleep. Things are deliberately left different and or placed in the room while the target sleeps. This is done via the invisible cloak programming. This is another unregulated eugenic scientific obstruction technology designed to terrorize innocent people/TI’s with no knowledge of this criminal technology.

Additionally, organized stalking is inflicted on the TI.This is done to discredit the innocent person and to drive him crazy. Organized stalking is a system of organized psychological terror tactics used against a person who has become an enemy of an individual or a government. Subtle but effective techniques of stalking by multiple individuals and psychological intimidation and manipulation are used to slowly but surely drive the target to make valid stalking and harassment complaints to authorities. All public protection agencies are disabled. Again,no help for TI's.

Another vicious and malicious part of the Targeted Individual program is the lying spirits slander, whispering and discrediting campaign. This part of the program was eugenically and psychologically programmed to advance the destruction of the TI via disseminating vicious and defaming slander. COINTELPRO tactics are incorporated.

Shyster lawyers, corrupted government workers and community level organized stalkers are used to disseminate horrific lies about the Target. Their job is to infiltrate the community and the Target’s family with slanderous rumors about the TI that could never be proven but puts the TI in a disgraceful light. All of this is being done while the TI is being targeted for assassination by the above mentioned criminally insane eugenic crimes, coupled with induced poverty.

Finally, the most innocent target and the target above all targets, is the unborn baby. Statistics show that the most unsafe place for a baby, particularly a black baby is her mother's womb. Eugenicists have deliberately planted more abortion clinics in neighborhoods where poor reproductive age women live, than any place else. Aborted babies are the real targets because the gift of life was snatched away at inception. They were assassinated in the womb.

Eugenicists kill newborns aborted via severing their spinal cords and using their body parts. This is criminal insanity and we must find ways to protect the unborn baby. If we truly value life and want to to see change for adult targets, we must first protect and advocate for our targeted babies, who are voiceless.

The eugenicists’ top secret is abortion. Such is used for deliberate genocidal targeting. Many did not know this before, but we know now.

In summary, the Targeted Individual program is an evil, below low, induced suicide and homicide, eugenic assassination program. It is masterminded by criminal eugenicists/satanists deeply rooted in the shadow government and deeply rooted in criminal psychology. The goal of the TI program is ultimately to do the work of satan, devour, destroy, steal and kill.

Consequently, understanding such one must arm themselves with spiritual knowledge in order to survive such evil programming. People must understand the Bible acronym: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. This long lived reverenced book provides history and guidance on overthrowing evil. This book should be every Targeted Individuals daily guide. Every one must understand that the only power over this magnitude of evil is the power of God. One must understand the following:

Isaiah 54:17

No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong.

John 10:10

King James Version

I come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

John 14:12

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

In closing, a Targeted Individual is a GOD chosen survivor from the above noted eugenic programming’s, staged/scripted unregulated crimes and attempted murders. The TI program is the criminal use of science for criminal medical experimentation. It is the criminal use of science for satanic purposes embedded in controlling, programming, destroying, and killing the human race under multiple disguises. These disguises include the above mentioned medical deceptions as well as micro chipping, implanting, criminally injecting, mind controlling and giving false medical results for purposes of advancing death, disease and illness.

Eugenics is the criminally insane mastermind of how to criminally usurp authority, power and control over the human race using specific eugenic scientific obstructions. This criminal ploy is consistent with biblical teaching whereas demons continuously seek to usurp man’s God given authority over demons.

Despite all, in GOD’S timing and not mines or anyone else’s these criminal Satanists/eugenicists/unstopped killers shall fall and everybody, particularly those in authority positions, who disregarded their eugenic crimes and killings, will be dealt with according to God’s will.

Please continue to work towards educating the public about this unregulated assassination program. Please do everything possible to advance the dismantling of the Targeted Individual unregulated assassination program. Help develop a most effective anti-eugenics movement with enforcement powers to never let such criminally insane programs exist or be funded again.

Above all, please pray for God’s continued protection over all Targeted Individuals and that they complete their God given assignments before leaving earth. Thank you.



Miriam Snyder (author) from New York on June 22, 2017:


Karlene Cochran on June 20, 2017:

My daughter is a targeted individual. I want the gangland stalkers stopped, prosecuted, and I want her to be compensated for the life they have robbed her of.

SAM on August 11, 2016:

hello I have been a targeted person for 18 torturers began inflicting me with horrific harassment for 17 of those years. I have been beaten, shot ,lied about ,abused physically, mentally ,stabbed. through all of this I have become more cognizant of my belief of Jesus Christ.Jesus has remained faithful to me when all others have turned on me. Jesus has taught me to love my oppressors to pray for them to know Jesus as lord and savior of their lives to love Jesus Christ as do I. just think it says in the holy bible we as Christians will suffer the same way Jesus suffered. I suppose that is why I and others are suffering we are being tested by God to see if we are worthy . gangstalkers are people who are sinners in need of your enemies do good to those who despitefully use you. in Wasilla Alaska where I live there are masses of these gangstalkers who need our prayers.another place in Alaska where there are many gangstalkers is palmer Alaska and anchorage Alaska ,pray for these lost souls they need our prayers and compassion. thank you.

Anon on July 01, 2015:

Thank you for your truthful, concise, article. It would be worth thinking of a term to replace "eugenics," which implies that the victims are in some way lacking. Many of the victims are likely the best and the brightest.

I was trafficked to the MKULTRA program at birth. When I was two years old, a swastika was painfully scratched into my arm by a medical worker. It consisted of ten small lines: a square, a cross in the middle, then four half-sides in a clockwise direction.

I was accessed by Nazi researchers, who were neighbours. I was raised in a highly deprived, isolated manner and traumatized horrifically, likely in order that no person would know me or care what happened to me. I think that the plan by my uncle was to sabotage the MKULTRA program, sell me to a second research program or in some other way end my life by around age twenty. They may have actually told me this, under hypnosis, because I seemed to "know" it.

However, I was protected from this fate and moved to a better neighbourhood. Efforts were made to prevent me from obtaining a university degree. However, I payed my way through university and obtained two scholarships and a second degree. I was able to be hired by a reputable profession. However, shortly afterward, a German co-worker sent me to a yoga class and I met a Mossad agent. There is evidence that he and many others viciously defamed me. I managed to hold on and work, despite unendurable conditions, for twenty years.

I had buried all knowledge of the swastika. Only in recent years have I realized the unimaginable cruelty visited upon me deliberately by many proxies, over a lifetime. It is extremely difficult to grasp such utter evil.

Vicious character assassination is the means by which depraved proxies are able to maintain a medical slave, in plain sight of all. Imagine the state subsidizing the fantasies of every serial torturer/killer that ever lived. What is occurring is something of that nature.

Unthinking neighbourhood watch stalkers are enabling this medical slavery and torture for a lifetime. They would do well to realize that the results of this research will be used on them.

name on May 15, 2013:

This programs are part of the christian inquisition, and mostly directed against enemies of christianity / army of jesus.

Mary Neal from Atlanta, Georgia, USA on May 02, 2013:

Excellent description of the TI program. I became America's most censored individual after filing suit regarding my disabled brother's murder coverup and have experienced numerous circumstances laid out in your article. It helps for TI's to read articles like yours, because for years I did not know what was happening. Thank you for spelling it out so well. Blessings!

Elizabeth Adams, on May 01, 2013:

Excellent Article!!

Miriam Snyder (author) from New York on April 28, 2013:


Dwight Mangum on April 28, 2013:

See this video of scientific proof.

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