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What is time? What is reality? How do we define time and reality?

Tina is a bilingual writer of unconventional fiction, a media graduate with a special focus on human sexuality and a content writer.

If time is an illusion, why do we measure everything in time?

This is such a deep question; just asking it makes me question everything I think I know about time. We change all the time, our thoughts keep running and my body changes and certainly more rapidly now in menopause.

Does time have a beginning? Does it have an end?

I don’t know, but I do know that time moves forward, never backwards.

If time is an illusion, why do we measure everything in time?

Time is objective and subjective. Someone else’s perception of time can’t change my perception of time.

We have lots of words describing time. Traditional passages of time are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, and all are real but also illusions.

We measure time with clocks and our brains. We lose track of time. What if time is real? And we just have to stop it on occasions to see what’s happening?

Time travelling is seductive because we all have notions of changing the past. Change is constant, and we can’t process it, so our brain helps by concentrating on what’s important to us; it freezes time and lets us observe and make us believe that time is an illusion.

When I don’t think about time, I know exactly what it is. It’s today; it was yesterday, it was when I was a child, when my father died 15 years ago, when my children we born 18 and 17 years ago, but when I start thinking about what time is, it’s much harder to explain, so I try to find out.

I thought time was an illusion because I have the experience of the self as an illusion, but perhaps time is the only thing that’s real and everything else an illusion?

Memories are stored in many places in the brain. We have 2,5 petabytes or 300 years of information stored in our brain.

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The world is real, but how do we know? Because the sun rises and sets?

Do we live in a matrix?

Our mind is all that we have. We are alone in our own brains; it’s impossible to prove anything. Reality is created inside the brain, and the world is filtered through our minds and bodies.

From the Big Bang came physics, chemistry, biology and consciousness. Time is real. Time is God time, and God is the same. Change is occurring all the time, but time is real.

Time is past, present and future. Time and space. Occasions exist; everything is unique.

We couldn’t orient ourselves if we could observe change all the time. Brain processes stuff to focus on what’s important for the individual. We take in something that changes and freeze it.

Ego is internalisation. The ego is an illusion. The things the body does is the thing that survives. Ego is body’s timeline, eternal inside of me that’s always the same, but that’s the real illusion. Defend the ego. Believe in ego; it’s something to be responsible for.

Everything changes over time. Everything. Time is real because if time is an illusion, then everything is preprogrammed. Consciousness is in our brain. The future is indeterministic. Time and God is the same thing.

Atheist time and God is the same time in the history of time.

Time is connected to space and space to distance. Time is distance. Time is the distance from birth to death.

We have divided time into smaller pieces to understand. We know that 60 minutes is an hour, yet an hour is perceived differently by everyone.

What are your thoughts about time? About reality?

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