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Adam & Eve - Fruit They Ate Episode Six

Sometimes writers distance themselves from religious subjects. Religion is still taboo to speak about. Read about it instead.

Most people believe it was an apple. Why? Tradition has taught us so. In the Holy Bible, there is no indication that an apple, as we understand it, was the forbidden fruit. Any fleshy fruit could have been the fruit. There is no evidence of the fruit existing on the planet anymore. So, what is the fruit then? This article explores the purpose of the fruit, and what it did to Adam and Eve. Let's begin.



Sin is the willful act to disobey the will of God in full knowledge. Where there is no knowledge, there is no sin. Children have no sin but are alive in the Atonement of Christ.

A child may transgress a law, but cannot sin seeing as how that child does not know that it is wrong other than a parent disapproves of it. at least until the child reaches the age and mental state of accountability before God, revealed as being the age of eight years. [1]

The tree's fruit had the power to alter the chemical makeup of Adam and Eve's physical bodies. It would change their neurological constitution and cause poisonous blood to flow through their veins causing decay and degeneration. If a person drinks Strychnine what will happen?



Strychnine was used to kill rats in the past and was an import from China to Europe. The benefit of strychnine outweighed the hazard to humans because controlling the rats prevented diseases like The Black Death plague.


Among other things, strychnine was a necessary danger to promote the overall health of communities. On occasion, some poor soul would ingest the seeds and sow the anti-reward of a painful and agonizing death left untreated.

Strychnine is a neurotoxin affecting the brain, which controls the functions of life. The elements of the body would fail due to the inclusion of a foreign substance that did not support the neurological functions of the victims of strychnine. The body would respond by going through biological changes that ultimately ended in death.


What Death Is

Satan understood that the very elements of the bodies of Adam and Eve would fight against them if they disobey the Creator.

The elements would eventually stop functioning the way they were commanded and return to chaos. This is called death because the spirit and body would no longer function together.

All the elements love the Father because He is just. If the pinnacle of His creations, humans, were to disregard God's word and disobey a decree, the elements would no longer honor men, because men do not honor themselves.

The bodies of Adam and Eve would eventually grow weary and die because they were not worthy of immortality. God told Adam and Eve they would surely die after partaking of the fruit and they surely did die. The scriptures teach that Adam's body betrayed its spirit after obeying the Father to give Adam life for over 900 years.


The Intellect of Eve

When Satan approached Adam, he was refused immediately about partaking of the fruit of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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Eve did the same, but Satan persisted with Eve because she would give him ear. Eve understood that she wanted and needed to become like the Father but did not know how.

Satan convinced her that if she partook of the tree's fruit, she would learn how to become like the Father. Once she partook, she started to realize and understand the plan better.

She also explained to Adam who decided to partake of the fruit to stay with her and keep the other commandment to be fruitful and multiply. With their eyes now open, knowing good and evil, they could discern the serpent as Lucifer, the brother who rebelled and wanted to be like the Father--without taking any of the risks of mortality.

James T. Summerhays wrote an article on the edge of orthodoxy related to Mother Eve. Said he

Margaret Barker, a scholar who has much to say about feminine wisdom, thoroughly documents that the early post-exilic Israelites were not monotheists but understood Elohim to be both male and female; they understood that there was not only a Father but a divine Mother as well, and the Israelites called her name Wisdom. This Mother was involved in the creation of the world and in the creation of Adam and Eve ...

How apropos that the divine woman, called Wisdom, created a daughter in her image, Eve the Wise. Eve followed the divine female pattern by partaking of the tree of knowledge ...

In looking at the story of the Fall, Eve's wisdom puts her one step ahead of Adam on more than one occasion. When God commands Adam not to partake of the tree of knowledge, he simply takes God's word at face value and goes about his way enjoying the delights of the garden. [2]

Summerhays's perspective may offend many who have long held a tradition of God and Adam & Eve in a particular cultural tradition, however, the fact remains that Eve understood and partook first, even though she was deceived into thinking Satan was concerned about her salvation when in fact he just wanted a worshiper. She was not deceived about the benefit of the fruit, and she explained it to her husband, who wisely listened to her counsel and partook.



Womanhood of Eve

Modern day prophets assure of the wisdom and righteousness of Adam and Eve. President Gordon Bitner Hinckley (June 23, 1910 – January 27, 2008) a religious leader and author who served as the 15th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, extolled the virtue of Eve and the virtue of all women when he said,

Woman [Eve and all] is God’s supreme creation. Only after the earth had been formed, after the day had been separated from the night, after the waters had been divided from the land, after vegetation and animal life had been created, and after man had been placed on the earth, was woman created; and only then was the work pronounced complete and good.

Of all the creations of the Almighty, there is none more beautiful, none more inspiring than a lovely daughter of God who walks in virtue with an understanding of why she should do so, who honors and respects her body as a thing sacred and divine, who cultivates her mind and constantly enlarges the horizon of her understanding, who nurtures her spirit with everlasting truth. [3]

It is suiting in modern society that Satan would work to destroy the image and honor of women and distort their true divine nature--make them seem like second-class people--an afterthought!

Women are the last to be organized not because they are the least of all of God's creations, but the most precious jewels of all creation. Men must always remember that their wives [all women] are not second to them, but equal and costly beyond any other association.

What was the Forbidden Fruit?

The fruit is Knowledge of both good and evil, coupled with the choice to discern and choose one after parking it. The fruit represented free will. It could have been an apple or grape, it doesn't matter. What matters is that God gave a command to avoid it on the pain of death. No matter what fruit it was, disobeying God was a death sentence. It was poison to the embodied immortals, Adam and Eve.

Reference Sources

  • Doctrine and Covenants 68:27 [1]

And their children shall be baptized for the remission of their sins when eight years old, and receive the laying on of the hands.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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