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What is a Soul Group?

Families are usually made up of individuals in the same soul group.

Families are usually made up of individuals in the same soul group.

Not long ago, a friend of mine asked about my opinion about twin flames, which, in turn, brought up the theory of the soul group. This concept is another way to make sense of why we face challenges out of our control, especially when it comes to our closest relationships.

A soul group is the collection of souls you’re born amongst from lifetime to lifetime. Generally, all of these individuals are on parallel evolutionary points in their existences. However, just as people pass in and out of our lives, so do the souls.

That’s part of why some family members’ past life memories may be dramatically different than others when past life regressions are done.

How are soul groups formed?

Soul groups are formed by a collective agreement before their next incarnations begin.

As difficult as the concept may be, we each decide on the conditions into which we’re born before we’re conceived. This happens on a spiritual level based on which lessons we must learn in order to grow to our full potential. This includes who our parents are, who our children are and who comes in and out of our lives.

As we’re suffering, it’s difficult to believe that we’d actually choose to take that path. This theory states that through struggling through that suffering we gain enlightenment, strength and growth.

The Louisiana Five looked over their musical contracts. Some of these gents may be doing the same for their next life times, now.

The Louisiana Five looked over their musical contracts. Some of these gents may be doing the same for their next life times, now.

Soul Contract

Part of what forms the group you’re born with is the mutual agreement to play certain roles within each others’ lives. These contracts are what establish life roles and relationships between individuals. What we control over the course of our lives is how we take these core relationships and the way we react to them.

A compelling example is the relationship between an abusive parent and their child. In their next lifetimes, their roles may be reversed in order to teach each individual whatever they need to learn from those experiences, and forgiveness.

By the same token, one soul may sign a contract with another to become lifelong spouses in order to learn the lesson of lifelong commitment and eventual loss. Perhaps there had been infidelity in a past lifetime for the two souls, or mutual isolation.

In both cases, the spirits needed to learn something from all times of intense relationships with each other.

Twin Flame

One of the most romantic notions of the soul group theory is the twin flame. Twin flames are two souls which complete each other. In some places, I’ve seen it said that twin flames are different halves of a single soul. In many ways this may be the case, but each soul is a complete individual.

To my understanding, the twin flame theory could be looked at like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can enjoy a piece of bread with only peanut butter on it, and the one with jelly on it individually, but it’s only when you put them together that you have the whole experience.

Souls aren’t nearly as simple as sandwiches, and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat them, but the illustration works.

Twin flames are very rare, because your soul needs to be extremely evolved in order to meet your other half. You’ll feel the need to commit everything to each other and that relationship. It leaves no room for anything else in your life, because you two will be travelling the last leg of your spiritual journey on this plane together.

What’s especially interesting about twin flames is that the two souls have looked so very few lifetimes together, if any. Most souls that you come into contact with are a part of the small group you’ve been reborn with through the centuries. Twin flames are different, because although they may be on the same evolutionary scale as you, they also mark the beginning of a huge spiritual change.

When it comes right down to it, the fact that you are born and living on this planet means that your soul still needs to evolve further and learn more lessons. The intensity of a twin flame relationship is too powerful for most people to handle. Because of that power, they either don’t find each other, or the relationship simply won’t work until both are ready.

When both are ready, however, they will meet and continue their mutual work from there.

Aristophanes and the Soul Mate

In Plato's dialogue, The Symposium, Aristophanes stated that humans were born as two beings made into one. Zeus feared their power, so he split them in two and forced both halves into the loneliness of searching for their other half.

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The concept changed as time passed, but it also exists in many other cultures around the world.

What is a soul mate?

A similar concept to the twin flame is that of the soul mate. Bear in mind, the soul mate doesn't necessarily need to be a romantic relationship. It could be a member of the family, a close friend or any number of other type of relation.

It’s said that when you meet your soul mate, it will be like a bolt of lightning hitting you from out of the blue. You’ll know this person is meant for you as soon as you see them, and it’ll feel like you’ve known them for your entire life.

This concept states that the two of you will have everything in common and get along perfectly. It’s also thought that you lived many lifetimes with your soul mate, and that there is only one soul mate for each person on the planet.

As I had mentioned before, your soul mate doesn't need to be a romantic connection, but it is possible to find romantic love with them. However, you can have happy, long term relationships with people who aren't your soul mates. Few, if any, relationships are perfect. In fact, the soul mate relationship could be very rocky, because the you need to help each other learn valuable life lessons.

Unlike the twin flames theory, meeting your soul mate doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready to move on to the next spiritual phase of existence, either. Although the two theories are rare, it’s a little more likely to meet your soul mate than it is to meet your twin flame.

Law of Karma

When talking about reincarnation and soul groups, karma is an important part of the equation.

The concepts of good and bad karma are extremely well known today. On a very simplistic level, when you do something to help someone, good things will happen to you later, and when you to do something to harm another, bad things will happen later.

However, this goes much deeper than simple good deeds are bad deeds. Karma can also dictate the health that you’re born with, as well as the economic and familial situations. A few of the big lessons that karma revolves around is that of fear, forgiveness and letting go.

For example, someone born with a lung disease may have drowned in the past life, but their soul was unable to let go of the fear it evoked. Their disease is in essence scar of that past life.

Part of their karma in this life is to come to terms with how they died in the last life. Many times, when the individual is able to reveal the spiritual cause behind their problems, they either get much better or are alleviated completely.

This concept works in soul groups because a lot of our relationships revolve around how we treated each other in past lives.

The example of the abusive parent versus of abused child is a good example of this. When the abuser is reincarnated as the abused, that soul learns what it’s like to be the recipient of that pain. By the same token, those who are abusing the person in the next life learn what it’s like to dole out the abuse, and what it’s like to deal with the fallout of their actions.

This theory of the soul group is an interesting way to look at why we are each born into the situations we are born into, and an insight into why we do would react the way we do.

As with all things spiritual, however, these concepts are simply more options of what to believe.


Emilie S Peck (author) from Minneapolis, MN on December 27, 2012:

Thank you! Being from a family of (very) mixed religious heritages has sort of predisposed me to learning about all sorts of different beliefs.

I tend to be a little more on the skeptical side for a lot of things too, to be honest. If anything, the more I learn, the less I believe in any one, fixed belief system. I guess that lack of definitive faith tends to drive some people a little crazy, but that's their problem. :)

Anyway, thanks for the vote up. :) Happy New Year! Hope 2013 is a good one!

Claudia Porter on December 27, 2012:

You always write such interesting hubs about things I have never heard of. I love learning about these things even though I tend to be a skeptic. Up and interesting. Happy New Year!

Emilie S Peck (author) from Minneapolis, MN on December 19, 2012:

Thank you!

Yep, I've seen that idea in connection with Twin Flame, too. :)

I might need to look into the concept of the single soul. I haven't heard of that until you said something.

MzChaos from Indianapolis on December 19, 2012:

Another aspect of "Twin Flame" I once heard of was that it would be like taking a single individual and splitting them into 2 completely different people. They share the same soul space so when they also share the same physical space the energy between them is palpable.

I have explored the idea in the past that there might actually only be one soul and we are all sharing a part of that same soul. That feels the most right to me. Checked this up.

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