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What is Nishkam Karmayoga, According to Bhagwat Gita ?

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I am an English Writer from India. I have lot of experienced about writing. Today, we will get spiritual knowledge about life from article.

Man's deeds is important in human life.

Man's deeds is important in human life.

Importance of Man's deeds

The Dharma, this Nishkam Karmayoga, a little practice protects us from the great fear of birth and death. Nishkam Karma yoga has a single determined intellect. It also has the same determination and effect. This leads to the development of spiritual wealth. This spiritual wealth is stable. The gradual establishment of this spiritual wealth in the complete of nature is called determination here.

But Lord Krishna says that those who do not have this definite intellect, that is, seekers who have many kinds of desires, can not do bhajan Pujan because the intellect has many kinds of cracks. Dasbodh, Dnyaneshwari, Bhagwat Geeta, sant sahitya, Bhagwatcharani prayer that you get the tendency to understand and contemplate the life work of Saints.

Good deeds are important to every person. Man is very selfish. Man deeds only for selfishness. Then how can he get the fruit. His desires of wealth is never completed. He always think about his wellfareness. How he can achieve the Lord,? Man's purpose is that to continue good deeds, one day he will get bless of God.

Prayer for God is Superior Karma in Man's Life.

Prayer for God is Superior Karma in Man's Life.

What is man's superior karma ?

There is a human birth to do deeds. For this, the human being known as the doer has got the body as a tool and this whole world is his place of deeds. This is also called 'Kurukshetra'. The Yerjuveda is considered the ritualistic Veda. The first mantra inspires man to do the best karma by conveying the message of how karma is superior, while the second mantra in the last chapter above says, ‘There is no movement without karma.

Man must constantly do some great work. Without it, there is no meaning in human life. In the first stage, he has expressed his desire to become a centenarian by doing good deeds. Whatever the task, there must be a desire for it first. If there is no desire, even a human being like an ordinary ant can do nothing. What is karma for? Karma is divided into Nishkam and Sakam Karma.

Nishkam karma means not expecting any fruit from the Lord and sakam karma means expecting fruit from the Lord.

The Yajurveda clearly states that these human beings. We will all see for a hundred years, live the highest ideal life for a hundred years, keep talking, keep listening not only that, but we will live for more than a hundred years. How to fulfill this centenary wish? What would be the medium for that? So this is the Vedic principle of karma! Which makes human life successful in every way. No matter how you live, it should be auspicious.

Because, it makes sense to live doing such good deeds. But, there are many types of deeds. Good and bad deeds are always visible in front of deeds. In the world, people are more inclined towards bad unholy deeds than good holy deeds. Seeing all these deeds, even the wise ones get confused. In this regard, the Gita also says that poets and scholars have become fascinated with both karma and akarma.

When man do satkarma, he will get good fruit.

When man do satkarma, he will get good fruit.

What is mean by Satkarma ?

Man becomes lazy without doing anything, it is called 'fruitless deeds', but to act in the opposite direction or in the opposite way is 'good deeds' and whatever is superior and there is are two types of 'Karma'. This is also called 'Satkarma' or 'Shubhkarma'. This is referred to as 'Nishkam Karma' by the Vedas, Upanishads and Gita. Such sacred and pure deeds, which bring joy to the soul, also contain the welfare of society, nation and humanity.

Lord Krishna, while discussing Satkarma, has said that to have skill, truthfulness and purity in all kinds of Karmas is Yoga. False and base deeds have no place here. Due to these good deeds, sages and scholars who possess divine power become our friends.

God created this for mankind. Only the good doer who performs the best deeds can enjoy this Ratnagarbha, the planet, which is full of various treasures. On the other hand, lazy, frustrated, effortless people who rely on luck or destiny will become inactive like a tearful person and will continue to blame others. For such karmahinas, all the means of happiness on this earth are of no use. Because how to get fruit without doing karma.

That is, those who do not have the seven things of knowledge, penance (labor), charity, knowledge, modesty (virtue), virtue and righteousness, or those who have not tried to attain them, all the idle people live on this earth as human beings. The Vedas call lazy people who do not do such things as 'demons'.

Man always ready for good deeds and take the enjoy of life.

Man always ready for good deeds and take the enjoy of life.

What is the fruit of good deeds ?

The whole world is based on karma. Every element in nature is working. The sun, the moon, the earth, the air, the trees, the vines, all the subtle and gross creatures are all in motion. Humans are also a part of this creative machine. So the hands, feet, voice, nose, eyes are all involved in their work.

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It is not possible to stop them. From that point of view, man should understand ‘Karma’ as Dharma and ‘Karma’ as Pooja and connect it with activism. When mental and physical movement stops, it invites diseases and sorrows. So don't stop with the idea 'Motions is Life, Stagnation is Death'.

The life of a person who has not done karma in life ends. In the Middle Ages, fictional concepts like fortune, destiny came forward. Because of this man became jobless. What's more, this man, who is dependent on theism, has ruined his personal life as well as his family, social and national life.

It was this destiny that destroyed the principles of human knowledge, intellect, labor, effort. This led to an increase in arrogance and laziness. As a result, India, which is the guru of the entire world, was invaded by domestic and foreign aggression and we are suffering from centuries of ideological, religious and cultural slavery.

In the second half of the mantra, the importance of Nishkam Karma is stated. Our deeds should be such that they have the power to free human beings from bondage. Man does a lot of deeds, but not all of them lead him to eternal bliss. Most of the time, grief is a bondage. The thief commits theft and eats the air of prison. The merchant adulterates the grain, but is not satisfied even if the money increases. Politicians are corrupt, but they hurt the people and get rid of them.

The householder indulges in selfish deeds. He does not pay attention to the family. As a result, uncultured offspring emerge in the home. Nishkam karma, on the other hand, is that which should be free from bondage.

On the other hand, when a person gets stuck in bondage due to lustful deeds, he turns to sorrow. Thus there is no other way for you than this (earning). Based on this Vedmantra, Lord Krishna has presented the principle of Karma Yoga in the Gita. The famous verse in it explains the importance of Nishkam Karma.

Satisfaction is the fruit of man's good deeds.

Satisfaction is the fruit of man's good deeds.

What is the goal of good deeds ?

Man only have the right to do karma. Good deeds is the goal of life. While doing deeds, however, do not look at the fruits you get in return. Doing so, does not pay attention to the work undertaken and it does not succeed. We should make the purpose (cause) of karma.

On the other hand, we are focusing on the reward of deeds. Therefore, it is the duty of human beings to adopt absolute deeds. The fruit is sure to come. Because this is the basis of Indian Vedic philosophy. In this way, if one adopts holy, pure and truth-based workmanship with a selfless, and non-attachment spirit, one can be freed from all kinds of misery and achieve the lofty goal of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

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Dr Nilesh Jaybhaye from India on May 23, 2021:

hmmm, that means - goodness of deed is personal prejudice and not as per any -pre set principles of Karma

Jaya (author) from Pune, India on May 22, 2021:

Thanks sir, No one can decide good deeds but everyone know what type of deeds we want to do. Because every good deeds in our hand.

Dr Nilesh Jaybhaye from India on May 21, 2021:

If "do good deeds" is only goal of life , then who will decide , what is good deed?

, because "Karma Philosophy dont explains identification of any good or bad deeds ,such as .

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