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What is Clairaudience?

Scylla is a psychic who is working on learning the differences between clairaudience and clairvoyance, etc.

The Psychic Causes Me Stress


Why Does Clairaudience Cause Me Stress?

Clairaudience is an ESP talent that comes through the ear chakras. Every part of human anatomy has a corresponding chakra. Clairaudience is one way to read or hear people's thoughts. Clairaudience is beyond the range of human hearing, and maybe I have a vague memory I'm not able to trust of hearing dog whistles when we first got our dog, and my dad wasn't paying attention to his obedience training class. I suppose my parents had weaknesses in disciplining the dog, while sabotaging my ability to get disciplined myself, which I was doing on my own without much input from other people. Managing type 1 diabetes by itself is a huge job.

I'm trying to process the way clairaudience works. I was once a severe alcoholic who drank to shut off the head noise. Clair "clear" and audience "hearing," is the definition of what this term actually means. I can hear many different sounds because sometimes it sounds like a distant radio. I can hear neighbor's thoughts but I'm wondering if that is real.

Why Everybody Needs A Filter

I can hear my family's thoughts from far away, and feel their feelings as a clairaudient empath, which can of course, drive me to crazy. I can hear the noises dead people make, and my dead grandmother ranting about mom not being on medication, at all, ranting desperately about this, even as I pray that this situation gets resolved in a non-violent manner. Suffice to say that Grandma is fed up, I'm fed up, and all the family ancestors/family friends are fed up. Clairaudience is beyond average hearing range for humans. I have schizoaffective and spiritual talents that mixed, occasionally makes me crazy from stress. Too much input will do that to you. As in, if you do not have a filter like my mother, all the input can make you have much stress. Back in high school, the input would make me more psychotic than usual.

All the psychic input can stress me out. Stress has any number of symptoms I plan on talking about in a non-psychic related article, but you may as well teach psychics better stress management skills if some are as stressed out as I am at times/as I get. This is why I'm putting myself into mental health rehab should I raise enough money to do so. Mental health rehab will save my life and help me become a calmer person.

The Psychic is Something You Are Born With

I'm trying to get a better handle on my anxiety since I have several anxiety related situations, such as OCD, CPTSD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and I'm just plain anxious. Although, my medication helps me not display symptoms of anxiety such as sweaty palms, and sweating in general, as well as a flushed face. I'm trying to learn to trust my intuitive impressions, since I'm wired to be very psychic. I can hear various types of coughing using my clairaudience, determining what kind of coughing can be heard. Then I can figure out if it is allergies, a cold or flu. I suppose I would be able to see/hear if it were COVID-19. I don't have trust in this though, since I'm going in for a COVID-19 test Sunday.

Hearing negative voices sometimes is my problem from being slurred by my roommates in college. I hear a tape calling me that, and my family didn't help when they told me about my 22q, a genetic disability, making it out to be more serious than it actually is. These days I feel immense guilt for being treated, getting enough sleep, all in the midst of feeling good. I didn't know for a long time that clairaudience meant I'd hear words, chants, tones, and other noises/sounds from a person. In the book Raising Clairaudient Energy, I have been set straight that telepathy is an ability to sense people's thoughts or communicate with them mind-to-mind as is my definition of it. I'm pretty sure I'm a telempath or telepathic empath.

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Proper Psychic Training Despite Schizoaffective

Physical empathy is one such skill, where a physical reaction gets converted into a verbal message. Feeling telepathy is about listening to your body's feelings, something living on my own has re-taught me how to do as I recover from childhood emotional neglect. I'm trying to stay stable amid the COVID outbreak, only because I'm working on healing some skin infections.

I know I have mental telepathy, or transferring another person's thoughts to my own brain via psychic link. I need proper psychic training with the implicit understanding that I take medication because I was born with 22q/Velocardiofacial syndrome, and pediatric-onset schizoaffective/OCD. I have also experienced what Cyndi Dale refers to as spiritual telepathy. I've experienced talking to a spirit guide, angel, or saint directly. My talents are exhausting to keep up with because I have chronic fatigue. No matter how early I go to bed, which these days, is 6 p.m., oddly enough, I feel tired. I'm trying to stay home a lot because of COVID-19, but I'm still tired.

Why I Take Medication

Before I go to sleep at night, I have realized I can do grounding exercises, starting with imagining a crystal going to the center of the earth, and attaching it into the earth. This image has certainly helped me, along with imagining roots from my feet and legs going into the center of the earth. So I start with that, and then I use a grounding exercise starting from the 12th chakra, to the 1st chakra going down an elevator or stairs. I see a room with a light switch. I set the switch to off. Then I try to shove all psychic input aside for half an hour before I do fall asleep. Although to be fair, my medication makes sleeping easier to accomplish in a shorter span of time. I also imagine stress being removed from my body by a vacuum. Then I ground all my chakras into the earth, and I ground to the sky. I mix the energies. I have other exercises I'm developing.

I'm fighting fatigue, daily, trying to sleep and somehow feeling drained because my mother is feeding on me or attacking me psychically in the middle of the night. If anybody has any suggestions on how to stop her, feel free to post a comment.

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