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What can wash away my sin... The power of Christ' Blood

Author, artist, musician, and inventor, David Lopez has been a follower of Jesus Christ most his life.

Revelations 12:11

When Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man walked a sinless life, tempted in all ways, died on the cross to appease a Holy God, the was raised after being in the earth, in hell, for three days, after spoiling the works of satan and redeeming all mankind to God and ascended into Heaven before His disciples... So after all this is done, imagine His Blood. Imagine the cleansing power so great, even in the final book Revelations, in the final book of the Bible was it revealed how the potency of the Blood would be required to live in the last days. For the Bible speaks how in Revelations we defeated satan by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of our testimony, and we loved not our lives unto the death. Revelations 12:11


The Blood of Jesus.

Where are the praying campaigns of old? Where the saints of God cradled on the ground to bring down the power of God down strongholds of the adversary. Pleading the Blood of Jesus until change comes? Where is the change? Where is the resolve? Where is the authority to tell a mountain to move?

Confession: We say to our mountain move! As Jesus said so say we... We bind the enemy's forces through Jesus' given authority. We say over our lives Blood cleanse! Situation change! Life's calamity cease! Bones rise! We won't allow these hindrances anymore! We say no more enemy! Have your way no more!


We put the Blood over:

Our lives.

Our calls.

Our family.

Our plans and visions.

Our lost loved ones.

Dear Jesus. we ask Your help through Your Spirit in Your Name to touch our lives by Your shed Blood of Jesus.

Over the years...

Over the years, the application of the Blood of Jesus seems to have become used less and less. It seems the cares of this world truly have choked the Word as it says in James.

The power in the Blood is still there. The application isn't. So are we overcoming? Are we all that stands between our loved ones and the enemy? Are we to allow this world to take our lost loved ones? Where are the courageous? Where are the bold?

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Remember when we brought the attacks of the enemy to an end? Recall not the wrath of a foe broken before us? Remember he must bow to Christ' Name? How much also Christ' Blood?

Nothing but the Blood...

Nothing but the Blood...

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus...

The Blood Of Jesus - Poem by Elizabeth Skerencak

Every minute, every hour,
The blood of Jesus is the power,
It's the power over sickness and disease,
It's the power that sets you free.
The blood of Jesus will turn your life around,
In your daily life peace will abound,
It will set you free from anxiety,
Through Jesus' blood you will have a victory.
Plead the blood of Jesus without delay,
Pour the blood over bad circumstances today,
Try the blood of Jesus and you will see,
The blood of Jesus means victory.

Elizabeth Skerencak


Only By The Precious Blood Of Jesus, Did I Survive -Reginald Walker

Come. Listen the lament of dying
From a plague, that has no cure.
Come. Sit for a brief spell,
Hear the agony I endure.

Diagnosed with this disease,
I lay on the floor for a week.
Seeking my mistake in life.
Of Southern Comfort, I reek.

I should not too suffer too long.
Death, I hoped would be quick.
To the statistics, I forever belong.
As I now live afraid of getting sick.

Oh, for the peace of death, I often yearned
As my friends became disappearing friends.
Family told me to their home never return.
My social life stopped, loneliness begins.

Contemplated often of taking my life,
But God would not allow that for me.
Nevertheless, because of my first wife,
I must survive being positive with HIV.

Been twenty long years and I look back.
By the grace of almighty God, I am alive.
My life, this deadly virus has tried to attack.
Only by the precious blood of Jesus, I survive.

Reginald Walker

A prayer on using the Blood of Jesus in an authoritative command against...


David Frank Lopez (author) on January 31, 2019:

Use that Blood. It has authority.

Spiritual Queen on January 31, 2019:

amen :)

blessedp on January 30, 2019:

Nothing but the blood of Jesus. @David excellent article about the blood of Jesus. I can recall years that have gone beyond me when the blood of Jesus was used ever so often and we saw result because we believe.

But now we Christians have become too proud to use the blood of Jesus. We have become too worldly we forget the power God has given us by sending His only son who died on Calvary's cross for our sin.

We have the power and it is the blood of the risen Lamb (Jesus Christ).

It is time we step back into the authority God has given us and use the weapon we have to defeat the devil.

Only the blood and nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Thank you for sharing I enjoyed reading your article God bless.

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