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What Are the Possible Risks in Kundalini Awakening? What Precautions Should You Take?

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.


Awakening the kundalini is an essential part of a man’s life. It is a pleasant and self-gratifying experience. Being a Kundalini yogi, you are blessed to see more than what you can actually see through your eyes and receive higher experiences than what your senses can give you.

This is frightening, though, if you start this journey without the right preparation, you’ll be confused and stressed. That’s why it is recommended to start gradually by activating your chakras first. For example, eating too many pizza slices at once will make you overwhelmed, but having it one at a time gives you time to cherish it.

Activating each chakra step by step gives you a gist of how it feels to have awakened kundalini. According to past kundalini practitioners, the far-reaching changes in their perceptions and merging of the unconscious mind with their consciousness were highly intolerable. This is not applicable to everyone. The main reason, why this happens, is the lack of proper preparation. These changes are subdued by the continuous practice of hatha yoga and meditation.

When your whole body is cleansed through Shatkarmas and hatha yoga, your mind is rejuvenated through mantra, and your prana is bought under control through pranayama. Also, your diet should be yogic and sattvic. At this stage, the awakening of kundalini happens without any risk of mental crisis. You should never be in a haste, don’t let your ego ruin your health. Take it slow and you’ll learn all by yourself on how to control and utilize the unleashed energy.

There are risks but can be completely avoided

There are many claims about the possibility of intense danger you can face while awakening the kundalini such as going crazy or developing insane mental disturbances. If you consider your whole life, then there’s a risk at every path. Every time you walk out of your home and travel using a mode of private or public transport, there’s always some risk involved.

Your desires, ambitions, and passions always put in some kind of risk and you face it without thinking twice. Yet you fear the small risks involved in kundalini awakening, which may or may not come. This is your supreme goal of self-awareness and you should not dread it.

Consider this, a pregnant lady never fears her dead or possibility of miscarriage. She is positive enough to enjoy that time as much as she can. She starts preparing herself from the day one till her delivery. Compare this to your awakening of kundalini. You need to start preparing yourself from day one and cherish every step you take forward.

Achieving the supreme consciousness is the greatest event of your life. It’s a beautiful destiny. It is the birth of Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammad. Just like a mother enjoys the birth of her baby, after so many months of hardships and dedication. You will feel the thrill of the immense energy you possess after regular and disciplined practice.

Remember, you can’t achieve anything great without involving yourself at risk. All the great scientists, explorers, and other figures you know have faced deadly risks at some point in their life. And thus, they made progress. People who only think and talk about such great things are worthy of nothing. They are not at all recommended to even think about kundalini yoga.

The process of kundalini is nothing more dangerous than the activities you regularly involve yourself with. Many people are so much engaged with drugs, alcohol, adventurous, and mysteries places that the word risk is nothing for them. Though these activities don’t do them any good, they still feel so internally satisfied with it.

Kundalini might be equally dangerous, but that’s only for a while. In the end, it gives you something more worthy and far more superior than any of your luxuries. This experience is long-lasting and of higher-level consciousness.

The concept of kundalini yoga is completely safe by itself, you just need to understand the signals. Your body starts giving you signals when you are doing wrong asanas and compels you to stop instantly. Similarly, when kundalini awakening happens and you are not ready for it, you face obstacles. To reverse the effect of kundalini awakening, you need to put your mind back to your gross desires and worldly ambitions.

Being an introvert may make you a wallflower, but it’s very helpful for you to successfully practice kundalini yoga with no fear. On the other hand, if your nature is hypersensitive, then you should focus more on karma yoga. Hypersensitive people face communication problems and like to live more in a dream world. Kundalini yoga is dangerous for them. They need to move out of their comfort zone and learn to communicate with the outer world. This will boost their confidence to explore the inner world. If this sounds like you, try developing maximum awareness and non-attachment, first.

Mistakes are not the real problems, the real problem is in failing to learn from them

For awakening kundalini, the energy needs to pass through one and only Sushumna Nadi. Some people fear, what if it passes through the wrong Nadi, and something terrible happens. The truth is, this condition is not at all possible.

If you couldn’t activate all the chakras, but only a few of them, then the kundalini will stay in those chakras only. The skills relevant to those chakras will evolve within you. However, if you fail to awake the kundalini in the right manner, then nature will interfere preventing you from doing something wrong to yourself. In this condition, the activated chakras go back to sleep after a while. Also, the energy won’t move any further across your body.

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Mistakes happen every time. As an individual, instead of repeating them, you should learn from them. While practicing the kriya and asanas, if you feel something strange has started to happen and it’s out of control. You should take care of yourself. On the other hand, some oppressive people try to indulge themselves despite already facing the consequences. They always get themselves into trouble. And there’s no scope for falling into trouble in the case of kundalini awakening.

Be patient and attentive to prevent any sort of sickness

There’s no possibility of sickness if you take care of all the required preparations. Many aspirants are very impatient and want to achieve fast results. They have this same behavior in all aspects of their life. When they want to earn plenty of money, they want to do it overnight. Their egoistic psychology causes trouble for them everywhere. Their impatience forces them to overstep required prerequisites.

Some people face weakness due to incorrect training of hatha yoga. They may also develop digestive issues due to the intake of the wrong food at the wrong body temperature. This is, thus, mandatory to carefully observe the prerequisites. This is not the outcome of kundalini awakening, but because of the lack of training to strengthen the nervous system.

Hatha yoga helps you establish a balance between mental and physical forces. It is also proven that in modern times maintaining such balance is an essential part of a man’s life. To enhance the capability of your brain, you must create a balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. In case, if either of the forces is more dominant, then your energy supply is excess in part and in another it is deficient. This undoubtedly leads to sickness.

When your unconscious mind gathers charge, you’ll experience some inexplicable yet normal feelings

On the path to the evolution, when your energy crosses the Ajna chakra, your conscious mind interacts with the unconscious mind. You may possibly see various figures and symbols. You may also sense inexplicable feelings. These are not at all horrifying. This is just an illustration of what was stored in your unconscious mind.

With the higher awakening, your unconscious mind, which is active during your sleep, wakes up in the wide daylight. This changes your overall personality. This may create lots of confusion, but there’s nothing to worry about. This is a part of your own essence, which was lying dormant within you for a long time and is now alive.

There’s nothing to be afraid about kundalini awakening, yet you must be fully prepared for the events to come. If you have a delicate mind and you easily get annoyed by little problems, then you may fall into severe mental stress. You need to undergo thought purification and fully interpret the way of your thinking. This clarity of mind is called Chitta Shuddhi.

Your thoughts might be good and pure but there may be some conflict going within you. You think something else and you do something else. This affects your overall personality. When your mind approaches the liberation, the conflicts come to a standstill. You are more open to solving unresolved problems and dealing more effectively with them.

You should be relentless to clear your mind from all obstacles. Start sequentially with karma yoga, bhakti yoga, hatha yoga, and raja yoga.

Deal with your ego as you continue to move upwards

The opening of six chakras gives you immense strength and such a beautiful experience that it may make you an egoist. This restricts you from opening the last chakra.

At Ajna chakra, your psychic consciousness flourishes. You may start to feel superiority over others, considering yourself as a godly being. You need to prevent this, consider yourself as a student, not a master. You need to be a seeker, not an honouree. Even after the awakening of kundalini and union of Shiva and Shakti, you must always be a seeker.

Your superiority complex can obstruct you from achieving enlightenment. Your mind may become strong enough to achieve the traits of clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and so on. This hallucinates you to consider yourself as a junior God. You start preaching and gather your own followers. This, in return, manifolds your ego, making you more and more ignorant.

Psychic consciousness is a good thing to have, but you shouldn’t be overpowered by it. Developing a deep liking for this power is similar to falling for money, love, and beauty. This hinders your spiritual consciousness. You need to be disciplined. This level of consciousness is temporary unless you reach the last chakra, so at this stage, you may lose it anytime. This is an additional discipline and must be left behind for the sake of supreme awareness.

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, “These psychic powers are nothing but obstacles that block the actual flow of consciousness towards nirvana/samadhi.”

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prachi Sharma


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 25, 2020:

What great life lessons shown through your passion. I would tend to caution speed in reaching Kundalini. I think the only real preparation would be a lenghty mature practice first.

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