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What Are the Methods for You to Experience Kundalini Awakening?

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.


As per tantric texts and tantric, there are various methods to awaken kundalini. These methods can be practiced individually as well as in combination. The first method, awakening by birth, can’t be practiced. No doubt, it’s not for you, but at the same time, you can be influential in producing a child with awakened kundalini.

1. Awakening by birth

If your parents’ consciousness is thoroughly evolved, you can have awakened kundalini. You can also be born with an active Sushumna, Ida, or Pingala Nadi. In other words, since the time of your birth, your higher consciousness will be functioning either partially or totally. A child with partial awakening is a prodigy and one with total awakening is a supreme being.

People, born with awakened consciousness, have controlled experiences. As these people are already born with these experiences, these occurrences come to them in a natural way and they never feel anything extraordinary happening to them. Such people, even at a young age, have clarity of mind, supreme thinking, and philosophy. They have an unusual attitude towards life due to their total detachment.

For them, their parents are only the means of their creations. Due to this, they naturally can’t form a normal relationship with them. Such people depict very mature behavior and don’t emotionally attach themselves to anything or anyone. As their lives move ahead, they become aware of the purpose of their life.

Giving birth to such an enlightened child isn’t easy. Every marriage or union of two beings can’t result in a yogi even if both the partners practice yoga day and night. It happens only under chosen conditions that a supreme being comes into life. For this to happen, you need to change your endless desires into spiritual aspirations.

It is very strenuous to explain this concept to some people because either their philosophy and faith are driven by materialistic desires or their moral attitude runs ingrained with particular religious sentiments.

If some children can be prodigy, why can’t you have children with awakened kundalini? Through yogic techniques, you can alter the quality of your genes. This happens by transforming your whole consciousness and not by intake of drugs or a balanced diet. Some people get married only for the sake of progeny, make sure to produce illuminated offspring.



2. Mantra

Mantra is a sacred utterance or group of words in Sanskrit that practitioners believe to possess spiritual and psychological strengths. You can awake kundalini through regular and dedicated practice of mantra. Though this is a powerful and risk-free method, you need to have a mantra that suits you. It should be from a guru who has a deep understanding of tantra and yoga. He/She can give you a disciplined training. The constant training gives you the vision of higher energy and helps you live a modest life.

Similarly, the way throwing pebble in a still lake produces circular ripples, constant practice of mantra produces momentum and vibrations in the mind. As your practice ages, the repetition of mantra purifies your physical, mental, and emotional states.

Alike mantra yoga, there’s another form of a sound awakening method called nada yoga. Nada refers to the entire cosmos and everything that exists in the cosmos including human beings. According to nada yoga, it is the energy of vibrations that form the building blocks of the cosmos. This yoga uses different music related to different chakras for their awakening.



3. Tapasya

According to Hinduism, Tapasya is a spiritual practice that includes inner cleaning, asceticism, and self-discipline. It is a way of purification. It helps you eliminate your self-made complexities to reduce your pain and suffering.

When you hope to get rid of a bad habit, the habit becomes more powerful. When you eliminate it in your conscious state, you start to observe it in your dreams. It even starts to show in your behavior or manifest itself as an endless disease. This habit needs to be destroyed by its roots.

Tapasya is a psychological process for setting in motion the process of metabolism to destroy the habits that cause weakness of your willpower. It removes the distance between your resolution and execution. The strength of your will is the result of constant Tapasya.

The austere psychology helps in the awakening of the man’s sleeping power. It is not well accepted by modern man as we are more into the principles of pleasure as put forward by Freud. But this strict psychology is very effective and absolutely normal. When your senses are overjoyed with objective pleasures, your brain and nervous system weaken and your consciousness returns to an undeveloped state. In such a situation, the psychology of austerity is a powerful source of awakening.

In the beginning, you may face lots of temptations, sexual fantasies, and other materialistic fascinations. But with days of practice, these temptations become weak and you can develop extrasensory perceptions. Tapasya is an extremely powerful method and is not for everyone.

Awakening with herbs

Awakening with herbs

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4. Awakening with herbs

These herbs are ancient Aushadhi and are not at all similar to drugs like LSD, marijuana, etc. Awakening through herbs is a powerful method but it is not suitable for everyone. In fact, only a few people are aware of this method.

These herbs can help you transform the nature of your body, which brings either partial or full awakening. But never try this without the guidance of a guru. Some herbs are effective in awakening the Nadis and chakras, while some can destroy your mental health and throw you into an asylum. That’s why this method is very risky and highly unreliable.

In the ancient Indian texts of Vedas, there’s a mention of a special drink called soma. This is a juice obtained from a creeper. The creeper is picked on the days of the dark lunar fortnight. There’s a strict method used for the extraction of this juice. It is said this drink can help in the awakening as well as in the improvement of psychic visions.

Similar drinks were used in different parts of the world at different periods of time considered to be a shortcut in spiritual awakening. Through the use of the right herbs, some people were able to visualize cosmos that include holy rivers, divine beings, mountains, sacred places, and so on. In this method, the sexual desire was entirely removed and ultimately turned the aspirants into saintly beings. That’s why many aspirants have been trying to discover suitable herbs for so many centuries.

With herbs awakening, your body becomes calm and attentive, your metabolism slows down and the body temperature drops. This makes nerve reflexes work differently and in most cases, the awakening is permanent. Unfortunately, this method is no longer in use, due to the misuse of herbs by people who were unprepared and unqualified. Due to this, the knowledge of the herbs is a guided secret now.

Everyone wishes for the highest awakening, but only a few have a strict discipline and are prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. Also, they need to have strong nerves to prevent any damage to their brain and tissues. The knowledge of herbs is passed from generation to generation through the master to student tradition. Hopefully, when we’ll all be mentally, physically, and intellectually strong, we might be able to use this science again.

Raja yoga

Raja yoga

5. Raja yoga

Raja yoga is a self-discipline method for the development of an equipollence mind. This practice elevates the individual consciousness to the superconsciousness. In this, you need to sequentially practice yoga, meditation, and communion.

Starting with hatha yoga, raja yoga practices bring very long-lasting experiences, but they may also cause stagnation, where you don’t feel the need to do anything. The raja yoga method is effective but difficult. You need to manage your time, have patience, follow discipline, and stay perseverant. For today’s flock, putting their mind to deep concentration is a very difficult task.

The practice should start after your mind is stable and your emotions are refined with bhakti and karma yogas. It is natural for the mind to stay active all the time, though this causes problems during meditation as you struggle with your thoughts. That’s why it is important to put your mind to focus only on a certain period at a time.

The continuous practice of raja yoga helps you rise above your hunger. Your every addictions and habit become worthless. The sensual experience is no longer appealing, your sexual urge minimizes, and a phase of detachment starts. The yoga slowly transforms the consciousness and helps you enter into a disciplined sublime life.



6. Pranayama

Pranayama is a very powerful exercise. It improves your health by boosting your immune system. The regular practice of pranayama also helps you awake your kundalini. If you follow a strict discipline and practice it in a quiet and cool environment, the awakening can be so fast that it may reach the Sahasrara in an instant. It is more like an explosion. Also, make sure to intake only the required amount of food to maintain life.

Pranayama is such a powerful breathing exercise that it helps create a yogic fire within you to heat up the kundalini and awake it. However, in case you are not strict with your routine, this won’t happen as the produced heat won’t reach the energy centers. The right practice will itself conquer your mind and the resulting extra heat needs to be managed effectively so it directly targets the sleeping centers of your brain.

Kriya yoga

Kriya yoga

7. Kriya yoga

Kriya yoga is the most achievable method of all. It is easy and practical since it doesn’t ask for conflict with your mind. People with sattva guna can achieve kundalini awakening through raja yoga, but those with rajas guna can’t. They’ll only fall into more complexity and tension and may even start to show the symptoms of schizophrenic. For these people, kriya yoga is the best option.

With kriya yoga, kundalini doesn’t arouse like an explosion. It’s gradual, first, it arouses for a while, then goes back to sleep. Then, it again comes into action, lives within you for a small duration, then again shuts down. This occurs from time to time.

Sometimes you feel very great and at another, you feel quite low. Sometimes you are highly attentive to everything around you and sometimes you feel everything is worthless. Sometimes you eat wholeheartedly and sometimes you don’t feel hungry for days. Sometimes you have sound sleep and sometimes you face difficulty falling asleep. These signs of awakening and sleeping back keep on striking you every now and then. That awakening is through kriya yoga.

This method doesn’t produce an explosive awakening. It only brings temporary visions and controlled experiences.

Tantra Meditation

Tantra Meditation

8. Tantric techniques

Awakening through tantric is quite a misunderstood topic. Some people even connect tantras to black magic, but that’s not true. Tantra is an ancient Indian tradition, in which people practiced meditation, various rituals, and exercise to develop psychic powers. These powers were meant to make them aware of their highest self and also to help others in their self-development.

Due to the misuse of this technique, tantra is a very secret topic now. This awakening method is exclusively meant for those who have an infinite spiritual passion and deeply understand the concept of Shiva-Shakti. This is not for you if you have high materialistic desires or thrive for any extreme sensual experience. With the help of a guru, this method is the fastest possible step for kundalini awakening.

The journey in this technique doesn’t give you any extraordinary experiences. Everything will look normal to you and without your knowledge, a powerful awakening will be taking place within you. It happens so quickly that it melts with your natural behavior before you know it. But who is eligible for this technique? Only those who have no sexual urges and have surpassed their desires.

Ancient illustration of Shaktipat

Ancient illustration of Shaktipat

9. Shaktipat

This method is possible only in the presence of a spiritual guru. In this, you encounter a glimpse of awakening, but not a permanent one. A guru, who has experienced kundalini awakening, helps you transform your physical body immediately. Through this, you can practice all the yogic techniques comfortably as well as mantras recitation.

Your eligibility for this method depends on the level of evolution you are at right now and also the evaluation of your strength by your guru. It is improper to evaluate your capability by judging you on the basis of your diet, behavior, and lifestyle. Since it can be due to the way you’ve been brought up or educated, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mahatma Gandhi's quote on Self-surrender

Mahatma Gandhi's quote on Self-surrender

10. Self-surrender

While the nine methods above ask you to practice certain rituals or yoga to achieve awakening, in this tenth one, you need to completely forget about it. Yes, just forget it. Stop your aspirations for the awakening and forget it. As someone said, “What you are looking for comes when you are not looking for it at all.”

Make yourself flow with nature. You are not in charge of the awakening, nature is carrying out everything by itself and you accept what comes your way. This is called a self-surrender.

What are the impacts of different methods of awakening?

According to scientific study, the awakening of kundalini has different effects.

  • People with awakened kundalini since birth show no mental, physical, or emotional changes.
  • Those who practice pranayama generate massive amounts of electrical charges within the spinal cord and the whole body.
  • Those who practice karma and bhakti yogas sense mild awakening.
  • Those who practice tantra enters into the higher consciousness in significantly lesser time.

The reason why tantra is the most powerful method is when you practice this technique, you can’t sense the awakening as it starts to come naturally. But when you practice non-tantric methods, you feel the changes that occur every second, this makes your mind split in two. One asks you to let it flow naturally, while others ask you to suppress the tremendous energy.

In conclusion, to experience something so tremendously powerful, you need to bring strict discipline in your life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prachi Sharma


CHATRA RAM from BARMER INDIA on July 08, 2020:

Beautifully written hub.

These are very complete information.

I like it. There is also a my hub like you can read.

Prachi Sharma (author) from Seattle, WA on July 02, 2020:

Because it's an English website, Rushabh. Content in other languages is not allowed.

Rushabh on July 02, 2020:

Why u r not putting these all in Hindi. ?

Prachi Sharma (author) from Seattle, WA on April 20, 2020:

Hi Eric. Yes, lots of stuff, but not really a religion. As per my gurus, almost every religion is inclusive of most of these methods. When you do it, it becomes more of a lifestyle and it's really great.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 20, 2020:

Really interesting. Seems like a lot of rules though. Kind of more like religion than spiritual.

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