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What Are the Different Types of Experiences That You May Have at the Time of the Awakening of Kundalini?

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.

What Are the Different Types of Experiences That You May Have at the Time of the Awakening of Kundalini?

What Are the Different Types of Experiences That You May Have at the Time of the Awakening of Kundalini?

The awakening of kundalini comes up like a huge blast that changes a person into a completely different being. Irrespective of what practices you follow, you will ultimately reach this higher self. Your ordinary consciousness is overpowered by the higher consciousness and then, the former no longer exists. In this process, you undergo a massive transformation that completely changes your perspective about your feelings, emotions, as well as past and present experiences.

The thrill of the transformation is somewhat the same for all. You cross the anticipated border between the known and the unknown. It is essential for you to recognize how powerful signals drastically modify your consciousness.

The entire process involves several stages of evolution and also the activation of chakras. Kundalini rises and passes through each of these stages. There’s instability for a while, but everything settles down after some time. If you have a good understanding of what’s happening, then you can manage the transition without any grave difficulties.

The initial awakening gives signals via the Bhrumadhya, the eye center. At this center, you’ll experience a gleam of light. This is mild development occurring gradually over a period of time. Due to this, it doesn’t cause a sudden disturbance. When the awakening is complete and stabilized within you, your hunger for food and sleep diminishes and your mind becomes calmer.

A thrust of unknown experiences

As I mentioned before, during the kundalini awakening you cross the border from the known to the unknown. So the symptoms that appear are certainly difficult to understand. The most common one is the jolting release of energy like a shock that starts from the root of the spinal cord. You may feel burning sensation in the Mooladhara chakra and the energy moves through the Sushumna Nadi. You may also hear melodious tunes of birds, flutes, or a temporary experience of monsoon rain or a sound of thunder.

There are either of the two things that can happen with you. First, you may sense a strong illumination within you. You may feel so light that you can visualize your whole being. Second, all your anger, fear, and suppression may come out at once. This may make you sleepless or addicted to something bad or good for a few days or weeks.

There’s also a chance of possessing psychic consciousness. You may inherit clairvoyance and telepathy talent and also the potential to heal. Though this may give you lots of temptations, this is just a phase and you must not get too much attached to it. Despite your lack of appetite or nervous depression at this stage, your mind becomes dynamic and formless. All these symptoms are the creation of your mind and they vanish after a while.

When the storm settles, you start to live a normal life again. Your external appearance may look the same as everyone else, but your internal awareness is exceptionally greater and infinite.

Possibility of mild symptoms like headaches and insomnia

Some kundalini aspirants have experienced severe headaches during the awakening of kundalini. This is not a common symptom and also, it’s not necessary it’s a sign of spiritual awareness.

One reason why a headache occurs is the lack of sexual interaction. People who never had such experience may suffer headaches during the kundalini awakening. Healthy sexual interaction is said to be strong enough to relieve the body’s muscles and calm the mind.

Another reason is the activation of silent areas of your brain. Most of the people have only one-tenth of the brain working, while rest lies dormant. When these dormant areas receive energy, it is obvious for you to suffer from mild to severe headaches. Many yogis compare this situation to a woman’s experience of labor pain. The way she endures the pain to give birth to a child, you also suffer from pain when giving birth to the spiritual consciousness.

No pain, no gain. You have to live with the pain for some time, then it naturally settles down. You can relieve the pain by modifying your diet and lifestyle, but under no condition, should you consider taking sedatives or pain killers.

On the other hand, a kundalini aspirant may also go through insomnia. Yogis don’t call this a bad symptom, instead of a healthy sign of how you have managed to wake up the sleeping soul within you.

There’s a popular saying, “Yogis don’t sleep”. According to them, this is not a sleeping disorder, but a final awakening and self-realization of how much you are in love with the being who’ve just woken up within you. They say people waste their one-third life in sleeping. You should know that everyone who doesn’t sleep isn’t always a yogi. Yogis are those who lack the desire for sleeping and are wholeheartedly happy about it.

The kundalini awakening gives you a constant and consistent higher consciousness. You no longer wake up, sleep, or dream and you are extraordinarily happy about it. At this level, you are not at all bothered by insomnia. In case, you are upset due to the lack of sleep, you should never consume pills or tranquilizers. Just enjoy this moment, you can practice yoga, meditation, or read a book or a magazine. Don’t get disturbed, just relax and let it happen as it will.

Securing the energy from the three forms of awakening

The three forms of awakening from Nadis, chakras, and Sushumna have their own series of experiences. Keep in mind, if you have psychic experiences, it doesn’t always conclude you are awakening the kundalini.

When you activate your chakras, you don’t experience anything frightening or critical. Indeed, you go through a phase of extraordinary pleasantness. The experience is hallucinating yet comfortable. This, indeed, inspires you to go further.

When you activate your Sushumna Nadi, you can visualize the illumination of your spinal cord. You can see a rod of light. Ancient saints, belonging to different religions, have noted this experience in their songs, poems, and stories. Sadly, this concept is understood by only a few people today.

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The Sushumna awakening may also bring in some kind of confusing mind experiences. You may start to smell pleasant or unpleasant scents, hear screams, pain in different parts of the body, or creeping sensation. There are chances that you may have a fever or a baffling illness.

At this stage, the quality of your mind is changing due to the incoming of new experiences. You’ll start to understand the beauty of the inner essence. You don’t think about the matter now and consider your body to be light enough as it’s made of air. You may also start to observe that you are no longer merely a physical body, but also something else. You feel deeply connected with nature - rivers, flowers, animals, mountains, trees, etc.

You’ll realize you’ve gathered prophetic visions. However, your visions may be unclear and mostly contain evil forewarnings. You might foresee accidents, disasters, and catastrophes. Throughout the process, you might feel leaving your work completely untouched and staying away from everything.

Considering these symptoms, it is recommended to connect with a guru. He/She can help you better understand the reasons for these occurrences, especially at the time of awakening. The process of Sadhaka is not just about mind transformation, but also about the movement of your entire external and internal state. You need to completely trust your guru else it’ll be difficult for you to handle this situation.

Weighing up the experiences and their meaning

As I said earlier, the experience of supernatural fantasies and extraordinary happiness don’t always account for the awakening of kundalini. You need to be vigilant enough to understand - what’s exactly happening within you? It can be because of kundalini uprising or the awakening of chakras or Nadis. This can also be a result of your Samskaras. Your continuous sadhana provides you deep concentration, which allows your inbuilt Samskaras to express themselves.

Sometimes the experiences that you have during the process are, in reality, nothing but only a creation of your mind. Many aspirants claim to see horrifying experiences of the Earth-shattering into the two parts, the whole world being overpowered by the ocean, and so on. These are not the realties, but just your own manifestation of your mind. You shouldn’t mull over these and let them go away as they come.

The actual awakening of kundalini drastically changes the man’s life. In this stage, every experience leaves behind the tangible proof. It can be the activation of extrasensory perceptions, the birth of a specific type of genius, or something else great. You may become philosophically strong enough to influence the people around you. Your magnetic influence can help you gather followers as a politician, saint, writer, musician, or someone else of your choice.

The results are certainly positive and robust. It is impossible for you to prove the awakening of your kundalini because your present mental consciousness is overruled by the transcendence consciousness. Your scope of knowledge reaches far greater heights. You no longer feel the need for others’ approval as your ego dies and you are happy with the way you are.

Indeterminism by the English astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington

Sir Arthur Eddington, the renowned English astronomer, was once examining the determined laws of electrons. He was working on constructing a law, a robust system to demonstrate the working of electrons. He successfully worked on it and produced the law of determinacy.

But his regular evaluation helped him realized something inexplicable. This research changed his views completely. He concluded that the electrons were behaving in quite a funny way. They were functioning without any logic and not based on any specific physics law. He called this new discovery the law of indeterminacy.

When asked, on the basis of which law he discovered this mysterious mathematical pattern of electrons? He answered that the concept is beyond logic and mathematical formulas. He further added, “To understand this, you need to go beyond your present state of mind.”

A quote from the Bhagavad Gita

A quote from the Bhagavad Gita

The state of metamorphism

The only constant thing in a man’s life is change. It is natural that a man’s consciousness has changed and evolved over a series of millions of years. This is a smooth transition. You are born as a child, you grow into a young man, then a middle-aged man, and then, finally into an old man.

Consider yourself as a child of ten years and you instantly transform into an old man. Your black hair has turned grey, your voice and odor have entirely changed, and your walk is clumsy. How do you feel? Clearly, it’d be extremely difficult for you to handle the transformation and connect your present state with the previous one. This is what the awakening of kundalini feels like.

You go through an imbalanced experience and your present state is extremely confusing for you to fully grasp it. Imagine your body turning into a pile of ashes bit by bit as you are standing in flames or your body is under control of a large snake, who keeps crawling around your body. What will be your reaction? Or instead of finding a person standing in front of you, you realize there’s a ghost in front of you. You will start calling yourself insane. Anyway, these are just a few examples of how bizarre the experiences can be, that you may face after the awakening of kundalini.

In conclusion, the most important fact is, with the awakening of kundalini you also develop a sense of detachment i.e. vairagya. When the vairagya fully emerges, all the turbulence ends in the air and the awakening finally becomes soothing and the metamorphism is serene.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 30, 2020:

I thank you for this series. I think I sometimes ignore it. I would think that most people do not get the "effort" it takes when you are "in" the space or the space is in you.

See how I muddle the notions? But you bring clarity, thank you.

Prachi Sharma (author) from Seattle, WA on April 29, 2020:

Yes, you are right, Eric. That's why preparation is important. Not everyone is strong enough to handle this tormented soul.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 29, 2020:

Growth is often torment and a tormented soul is often said to be "mad". I often wonder if it was the torment that caused the growth rather than the other way around. And a warning is in order. Many people have angst and want you to share it. In a sense of serenity this cannot be and we laugh, and must be careful to not hurt another by it.

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