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What Your Zodiac Sign Say About You


A zodiac sign represents the month in which you were born. There are various characteristics that are associated with each sign. The break down of woman and men personalities can be determined by each zodiac sign. Do you believe in the zodiac?

Today, we will analyze each zodiac sign and how it relates to character and personality. Now let's get started.

Capricorn-December 22-January 19

Capricorns are a mature zodiac sign. They are very traditional and responsible. These individuals often posses a high level of independence. They are the master of getting things done. Capricorns usually take on leadership roles. It is why they're able to make great progress in their personal and professional lives.

They also learn from their mistakes and get to the top based on experience and expertise. These individuals are born under the element of earth which keeps them level headed and grounded.

Their weakness is their inability to accept other people character that is too far from their on values and beliefs. Out of fear they may try to force their values and opinions on others.

Capricorn Women

Capricorn women are bold and have a fierce personality. They love to feel safe and valued. These women are very reliable and trustworthy. It is easy to get them to lend a help in hand since they love to help others. They are very calm and hardworking though they can have various mood swings from time to time.

Capricorn Men

Capricorn men are determined and ambitious. They live in reality and have a rational approach to life. He love to be respected and may be some what judgemental towards others.

Aquarius-January 20- February 18

Aquarius can be shy and quiet and also eccentric and energetic. They are deep thinkers and have a keen since of intelligence. Aquarius value their alone time. They often take a break to relax from daily burdens and work. People born under this sign see the world as a huge place of possibility.

Aquarius is a air sign. They can have a bad temper.

Aquarius Women

A Aquarius woman has a unique sense of humour. They are also mysterious, independent and free spirited. These woman are drawn to people who stand out from the crowd. They love a great conversation and can talk for hours.

Aquarius Men

Aquarius men are unpredictable, intelligent and excellent communicators. Their negative traits can be unreliable, stubborn and inflexible. These men often live in their own mind. They usually value a great personality when getting to know someone.

Pisces February-19-March 20

Pisces are friendly individuals. They often have large groups of friends or find themselves around different kinds of people. Some individuals can be selfless and are always willing to help others. Pisces is a water sign.

Many Pisces are very goal oriented. They are kind and extremely sensitive and carrying individuals. People born under this sign is often known by their wisdom. They are good at saving money and use their keen judgement to make wise decisions.

They're also very fearful. They struggle with their emotions.

Pisces Women

Pisces women tend to be sensitive, compassionate and selfless. They love people who are good listeners and individuals with a keen sense of humour. These woman love lively discussions. Pisces women like to follow their intuition when making difficult decisions. They are also hard working.

Pisces Men

Pisces men love to please those who are close to them like their family, friends or life partner. Pisces men love individuals who are open minded and friendly. They live to please others. They are also kind and sensitive.

Aries -March 21-April19

Aries is a fire sign. Its the symbol of energy and turbulence. People born under this sign struggle with emotions.

Most Aries have a kind heart. They can be stubborn, childish, impatient and short tempered and aggressive at times. It just a way for them to protect themselves because they trust easy and often get hurt. They hate cruelty.

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People born under this sign enjoy art, music, sports and leadership roles.

Aries Women

Aries woman are kind, generous and courageous. They love to help others. It is important for them to feel respected and valued. These woman are nice, sensitive and optimistic. They love to share their talents and gifts with others. They also love people but sometimes they can be very shy and posses a introvert personality.

Aries Men

Aries men are very independent. He likes to make his own decisions. Aries men are fearless and sometimes agressive and controling. These men are also big kids at heart.

They love hanging out with friends and those that they love. They are also overly protective.

Taurus April 20-May 20

A Taurus is practical and grounded. They love routine and hate sudden change. They are family oriented individuals.

Taurus can suffer from different mood swings which can be annoying to others. A Taurus can also be very sensitive and have a terrible temper. It is best to stay on their good side.

Taurus Women

Taurus woman value true love and security. She likes those who are patient and understanding. She loves nature and beautiful things. Taurus woman love to feel secure and comfortable.

Taurus Men

Taurus men also love to feel secure and comfortable. They value stability. It is very important to them. Taurus men are loyal and responsible and is a very good listener. They can have a bad temper so its best to not piss them off.

Gemini-May 21-June 20

A Gemini have two different personalities. It is usually difficult to figure out a Gemini true nature. They are curious, nervous and sometimes violent.

Geminis love a interesting conversation and are usually friendly. They are also highly intelligent. What matters the most to them is happiness. People born under this sign have a very changeable nature that may rub others the wrong way.

Geminis dislike being judged. They also hate routine. Their temper is pretty bad so tread lightly when dealing with them.

Gemini Woman

Gemini women have a dual nature. They are passionate and gentle but may become aloof and distant because they value security. Their nature is witty and enthusiastic. They love to keep their distant sometimes from others they don't like. These women are also out going and talkative. They are also extremely open minded.

Gemini Men

Gemini men tend to judge others. They are extremely hard to understand. They are very curious individuals. It is their nature to pursue and explore the world around them. These men may use irony as way to protect themselves from harm. They are good at making people laugh. They have a great sense of humour.

Cancer-June 21-July 22

Cancers are emotional and sensitive. Family is a priority in their minds. They are very loyal and empathetic. They like to live in a illusion of ambiguity and are often dreamers. People born under this zodiac sign are often high achievers. They also love to read and may enjoy watching a great movie on their day off.

Cancers love their mothers and value spending their time with them. They also don't like making too many new friends.

Cancer Women

Cancer women are home loving and conservative. They can be vulnerable and sentimental. They hate cheating and betrayal.

Cancer Men

Cancer men may hide their feelings and opinions unless they feel safe enough to express themselves. These men can be very shy, sensitive and overprotective of their love ones. He also may love taking care of other people. Cancer men are sometimes moody, pessimistic and clingy but are also creative, talkative and generous.

Leo July 23- August 22

Leos are dramatic, self confident, dominant and extremely difficult to not like. They often have lots of friends because of their cool nature. Leos are good at socializing. They are a fire sign and they are very warmhearted.

Leo Woman

Leo women seek to be loved and admired. They also love to be in a solid relationship. They like those who respect them and treat them well. She enjoys expensive gifts and those who accept her flaws. She expects clarity when in a relationship.

Leo Men

Leo men like to do things big and dramatic. They love to be treated like a king. They often give devotion and attention to those they love. Leo men love compliments. It propels their ego and self esteem. Men born under this sign love to be adored.

Virgo -August 23- September 22

Virgos are very cautious individuals. They tend to over-analyze themselves and others. They have a methodical approach to life. Virgos are often misunderstood and lack the ability to express themselves. People born under this sign is very conservative, and well organized.

Virgo Women

Virgo women value common sense and commitment. They have a high sense of intelligence and are detailed oriented. These woman are practical, realistic and cautious. They love to judge a person character before dealing with someone. She usually puts up a huge defense mechanism to protect herself from harm.

Virgo Men

Virgo men love cleanliness, being admired and order. They also like to put up a cool front and have difficulties expressing their emotions and feelings. They value beauty and intelligence.

Libra -September 23-October 22

Libras are cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, social and fair minded individuals. They dislike injustice, loudmouths and conformity. People born under this sign is very fair minded and peaceful. They often live a balanced life. Libras are a air sign.

Libra Woman

Libra women love a good conversationalist and listener. She love to be taught new ideas and likes shopping for the best clothing. These woman are charming and intelligent.

Libra Men

Libra men are attractive to all that is trustworthy and love their partner to posses this quality. They love good communication and honesty. They also love those with a genuine character or personality.

Scorpio October 23- November21

Scorpios are resourceful, brave and passionate. They can also be distrusting, violent and secretive. Scorpios hate dishonesty and passive people. They have a very calm and cool demeanor. Scorpios have a keen sense of intelligence and also have alot of friends.

Scorpio Women

Scorpio women have a complex and fascinating personality. They are secretive and magnetic. These woman also appear aloof and calm. They also have a kind nature and love to do good to their children. Scorpio women value patience and commitment. Woman born under this sign have a problem forgiving so its best to stay on their good side.

Scorpio Men

Scorpio men also struggle with forgiveness. They love sports. They are confident, intense and very competitive. They may suffer from some compulsive behavior traits and they can get offended easily.

Sagittarius November 21-December 21

Sagittarius are fun loving individuals. They are generous, idealistic and have a great sense of humor. They hate clingy people and being constrained. They value their independence and freedom. They love travel and being outdoors. Most Sagittarius have a extrovert personality. They are curious individuals and some can be violent. People born under this zodiac sign love change. They love adapting to new situations and ideas.

Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius women are wild, independent, fun and friendly. They love to laugh. These women love to speak their mind and is very honest. They love adventure and can't stand to be bored.

Sagittarius Men

Sagittarius men also value freedom. They are travelers and fun loving people. These men love religion, philosophy and the meaning to everything. They are frank, courageous and optimistic.


What do you think about the zodiac signs? Do you read or follow it? Did any of these character traits match your particular zodiac sign? Let me know in the comment section below. As always, I look foward to hearing from you.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 16, 2021:

Interesting read.

I'm a Sagittarius

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