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What Will You Do When 666 Arrives?

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Imagine if you will. It is 2027 (or sooner or later) and you go to the local gas station or grocery store. You electronically buy what you have always done without a problem. There has always been plenty of money in the account. You tap or insert the usual credit or debit card, enter the password, and within seconds a shock sends shivers down your back. It is the simple message of "card refused" or " transaction declined". Forget about the embarrassment and confusion. You try again and again with the same result. You complain to the store to no avail and they just tell you to call your bank. So, you call your bank.

The bank tells you that your account has plenty of cash in it but there is a special mark of some sort indicating that you have not accepted the terms of the bank which in linked to a huge worldwide banking system now controlled by the Antichrist (which could be a person or a country).

Of course, you have long ignored the Public Service announcements and inducements to accept the special mark that seems innocuous in your left hand. The government has been hard trying to convince people that this mark will be a great benefit to you in practical ways and so secure that fraud is impossible! That little chip with your financial information is secure under your skin. You no longer need a credit card that you could lose. Plus, transactions will be super-fast and adding a $200 incentive to get the Mark, most everyone got it and it seems harmless.

Being a believer of Bible Prophecy and in Jesus Christ, this little mark is not just a chip but the Mark of the Beast and indicates that those who have it believe in the Antichrist. You also know that not having it means you cannot buy or sell anything anywhere like you have always done. In fact, you will have to barter or steal to get what you need.

Up to now, you thought it could happen but yet still did not really believe it could. It just sounded like a fantasy. So, you went along with your life as usual buying things in the usual way in a cashless society. Even will all the Public Service announcements about getting the mark, which was presented in a harmless but useful manner, did not really shake you, although, you knew time was short. Many of your workers and friends had got it and wondered why you resisted. You had many logical reasons as to why you did not get it.

None of this matters now. You and your account are flagged as a Christian by authorities. But, what will you do now? You REALLY cannot buy by a damn thing. You cannot even get your cash at an ATM. Luckily, you did stash several hundred away just in cash but how long will that last? How will you get gas for the car? Suddenly, the simple flagging of your account has uprooted your life instantly. Now authorities will pressure you to get the Mark and live happily as before. Your employer will be notified, and you may face get the Mark or there is no job.

Everywhere you turn, the pressure to get the Mark is in your face, is on your mind. How will you survive? How strong is your faith? Are you willing to die by refusing the Mark?

The good news is that before the events happen, there will be plenty of clues of the End Times. The clearest is one where the government will require that this Mark be had, no different than today when they require certain information. If you refuse this information, you won't get the help you seek. At first, there will be a subtle public relations campaign to get everyone to get the Mark voluntarily citing numerous benefits. Many will but those who do not will be eventually mandated by their banks or employers (just like when Covid arrived) as time goes on. Certain states may also resist forcing their citizens to take the Mark at the ire of the government. The state will then become a target for their compliance.

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Think about how you handle the situation now not when it arrives!

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