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What Is the Mark of the Beast

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I use my pen to fight against social evil. We must stand up together to change this world to be a better place for the next generation.

Genetic Alteration

If there’s an alteration, a genetic alteration that gets us to the point where we are no longer considered to be predominantly human in the image and likeness of God.

If there’s an alteration, a genetic alteration that gets us to the point where we are no longer considered to be predominantly human in the image and likeness of God.

Training Warriors and Duplicating Jesus

Training warriors is an important work for winning the fight. It was in the spirit of David. David was a warrior. His sole assignment was to preserve the throne of the messiah. That’s why Psalms 89 says that I will establish your descendants as kings forever; they will sit on your throne from now until eternity. Because he was assigned to preserve that throne. He had to go out and extinguish all of the hybrids, all the giants. So he trained 30 men to do what he did with Goliath. It says they could hit within a hair’s breadth. Which is a very small margin of error. They could hit a target within a hair's breadth, with a sling.

What David did on the day with Goliath when he slew him. It was not just a supernatural guided missile. That rock, those five stones that he grabbed were not because he was going to miss. He didn’t miss it. Those five stones were the fact that four others were part of the family of Goliath. That including his father and his brothers that are in the bible. David knew that they would probably come after him as soon as he killed Goliath. So he had five stones because there were four other giants that he figured were coming after him.

This is the spirit of David, so the Lord told me to train up people like David did to hit within a hair’s breadth just like he did. Those fighting men they could do exactly what David could do, and that’s what Jesus did. Jesus took 12 disciples and he said how long am I going to be with you. You got to learn how to cast these devils out and heal the sick. So every time they would come to him and say, can you help us, he goes, how long will I be with you. Because he was wanting to replicate himself. So that’s what Jesus said when he sent me back. He said to replicate me in other people so that they can do the work of the ministry. So that there will be many warriors. The sole assignment of David was to extinguish these hybrids that popped up after the flood. I think for clarification when we say hybrids we’re talking genetic alteration here.

Giants and Genetic Alteration, The Mark of the Beast.

It has to do with the flesh and I think it’s important for everybody to be clear on that. This is something that we’re dabbling in now. With the genetics, we’re dabbling in. Why is genetics so threatening? We are made in the image and likeness of God.

If you are homo sapiens, then you are the only one who can be redeemed back. The only person that Yeshua can redeem back is someone that has made in the image and likeness of God exactly. So if there’s an alteration, a genetic alteration that gets us to the point where we are no longer considered to be predominantly human in the image and likeness of God.

We have a very serious problem. Exactly we are in a big-time red danger zone right. Because now we have a person, an individual who is not genetically made in the image and likeness of God. Yet they still have this eternal spirit and it’s trapped in this body that can’t be redeemed. So you’ve got the worst of all worlds for that person. This is why the Lord took out the line of Cain. Because that’s where that line was going to go. This is why the Lord grieved. I mean if you read Genesis chapter 6 he’s grieving. He’s saying that all of the earth has gone corrupt.

I can’t communicate and redeem them back anymore. I mean I love them, but I can’t do anything for them anymore because I can’t legally redeem him back again. So I have to preserve humanity. So that I can redeem them back. When I come on this earth, I have to preserve the human race. I have to then wipe out everybody else and start with somebody who is called righteous or perfect. Noah. He was just genetically okay. He was all right. He was sound still. When you’re moving through all the way to the nation of Israel, when they came back to the promised land these terms came up again. The bible says this Nephilim was here not only now but afterward as well.

Well, where does it say it? Numbers chapter 13:33 the Nephilim Genesis 14 and Deuteronomy 2 I mean Rephaim, Tanzim, Anakim? All of these terms that were associated with these giants were these people who were not normal. Something is going on here with a genetic alteration. I think what happened there with Israel when Moses was leading that first-generation and they rebelled against God. God is saying, I'm up here on Sinai. You heard me speak. I am communicating with Moses. Yet you’re going to build this golden calf. You’re going to do this right in front of me. I'm fed up with you. If you ever get to the holy land, if you ever get to the promised land. You’re never going to be able to withstand what’s going to happen here. The whole thing is going to be a mess again. I've got to start with a new group of people. Otherwise, I'm going to lose the whole thing. I'm going to lose the seed. He was upset, sure he was angry. He was mad, but he knew that he had to do this in order to preserve humanity.

Then again we got the same thing going on later on, and we’re dabbling in it again. We’re doing the same thing again. When you talk about the hybrid, this is one of the questions that I had for you. Does that make sense scripturally that they could have been a group of brilliant people? These people were brilliant people. They lived 900 some odd years. They had all kinds of time to be able to develop these things. Is it possible that they were doing this to thwart God? So that Satan would not allow God to complete the task that he wanted to complete. Which was to redeem us back and to make us one with him. And to allow us to be a part of his family.

You concurred with that. You said that this was something that you saw in the heavenlies. I realized now that the danger in these last days is that that we without our knowledge would be altered. We would be given a choice that if we took this mark in our DNA strand. If we would receive the mark and have that placed into our DNA strand and alter us we could live up to 120. We wouldn’t need health care. We would live, but it alters your DNA which may make you have more chromosomes. Make you more of a certain type of animal rather than a human. At what point do we say I don’t want this. I don’t know what’s in this, but I'm not going to eat it. I'm not going to take this. At what point does this happen. Well, see Jesus said in the last days. It’ll be just like when he returns. It’ll be just like it was right before the flood. In the days of Noah right.

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Before it will be that way before the son of man comes back. What was it like? There was a hybrid race. Everyone on the earth except for Noah and his family was a hybrid. In other words, they were not fully human anymore. It says here right here all flesh was corrupted. Meaning they were not redeemable. God couldn’t redeem them because no messiah would come back as a hybrid to redeem. Jesus was not a hybrid. He would have to come back as a hybrid and be crucified to redeem hybrids. He came back as a full human being to destroy the works of the spirit. He destroyed the works of the devil which had to do with the flesh of man. Which became the problem when we fell. Before we fell we didn’t have a flesh problem. But now we have a flesh problem.

Paul says that we’re more than conquerors in Romans 8. Why because nothing can separate us from the love of God. God comes in with his love. He redeems us by the perfect blood. The perfect DNA. The perfect chromosome. The perfect human being is Jesus Christ. He would always tell people I'm the son of man.

When the devils would say I know who you are. You’re the Son of God. He would say to shut up because he didn’t want people to have a testimony from those evil spirits. They knew who he was. He wanted to be known as the son of man because he came back in a redemption mode, not as God. He came back as a God-man. He came back wrapped in the flesh to fulfill the mission that the Father sent him on. That was to redeem all flesh back. He did it. I'm telling you what it has been. It’s been thousands of years of labor. The Lord has had to; the father God has had to constantly be moving things around. So that Satan would not be able to gain. Now here we are today. We have this thing going on. What if at the end of the age, people were not fully human anymore.

What Could be More Than a Conqueror?

They chose to take something into their DNA. And be promised that they would live longer and are promised that they wouldn’t need health care anymore. Yet it alters your DNA. If you receive that mark you wouldn’t be redeemable. You would lose the ability to be redeemed. That is what happened at the flood. What I'm warning you might be years and years away. Jesus said in the end there will be such a deception that even the very elect could be deceived. If that were possible.

When he said that he was trying to show that there’s something coming, that’s diabolical. So I cannot stay silent any longer. There are a lot of things that need to be addressed. That you cannot do away with the teaching and explaining the demonic. Because if you do away with that then Satan will win. His mode of operation is being cloaked. If you expose him as Jesus did. He made a show of him openly. What did he do? He destroyed his works through the blood. Life is in the blood. The blood is where it’s at.

His blood now is speaking to the father, which caused us to be redeemed. Now every human being can be redeemed if they place their trust in faith and confess Jesus as the messiah. Who was the way for their redemption? However, in the last days, I saw that Satan had one more thing in his back pocket. That he would make human beings deceived to take this on them. This extra mark in their DNA that would cause them to not be fully human. Which would cause them not to be redeemed. Which would make sense at the end that if you received this mark then you couldn’t be saved.

If you receive the mark of the beast, then why is it the mark of the beast? Why is it a mark? We think it’s one thing. What if it’s a package? That it contains this diabolical thing that changes your DNA. This is something that the scientists are doing right now. They’re experimenting right now. They understand a lot more than they say. At what point does someone stand up and say listen these demonic spirits are not in hell. They’re on the earth. Jesus said, I'm giving you authority over serpents and scorpions. Why did he say that? Because those are earth-bound. Those are earthbound devils. He’s given us power over all the enemies. But it’s serpents and scorpions. The serpents and scorpions are under our feet. They’re bound by the earth.

There are other levels of spirits that are much higher and much more powerful than earth-bound devils. I'm just telling you that Paul explained this in Ephesians. He gave the four divisions of them. We have been given authority over those that relate to the earth. Why because they have to do with the flesh. The corruption of the flesh is that these devils work on our will. They get people to kill babies. So that the prophets, and the prophetesses, the deliverers, the mouthpieces for a generation are not born. This is what he did through Pharaoh to try to get to Moses who was a deliverer. Then he did it through Herod to get to Jesus, the messiah tried to extinguish him by killing babies.

Now we have the same thing again. We have babies being killed legally. Even though it’s not legal and they make your tax dollars pay for it. This is the work of Satan. At what point do we say enough’s enough. Then at what point in our lives, do we say I'm not going to take this mark? I'm not going to eat this. I'm not going to take this medicine. I'm not going to do what you say. Then they’re going to say. Well, then you’re not going to be able to buy or sell. You got it. I'm not saying that’s going to even happen in our lifetime. I don’t know because Jesus doesn’t know when he’s coming back. He couldn’t tell me, and I don’t bother asking him. That’s not something that would get an answer. He told me to focus on the harvest of souls.

When you do that, you’ve got to deal with evil spirits. Because evil spirits are trying to entrap people and keep them in a small place. We’ve been given this authority. With that authority to drive out devils, that’s what we should be doing is just driving them out. Just like Lester Sumrall said. He was asked can a Christian have a demon. He said no. The question is there if there’s a devil then you need to drive them out. He doesn’t even argue with these boundaries that people set and of course, we know that an evil spirit can’t inhabit a born-again spirit.

They can harass you in your mind. They can harass you in the flesh. A Christian can be born again and go to heaven. But he can die or she can die sick. Or they could have mental problems and still go to heaven. So there are different domains and dominions. What God was dealing with was the flesh. He’s always dealt with the flesh and the bloodline and the messiah coming. But now that the messiah has come. What we have now is a failure to communicate. Put differently, we need to communicate with people. Knowledge. We need to convey to them an understanding of what’s going on presently. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have said to myself I don’t understand myself. When I went to heaven and I saw Jesus and I saw the kingdom and saw the throne room and the angels worshiping God and I saw all the saints. As far as I could see they were worshiping God. I saw the scenes of heaven and all the different places. What happened was I understood myself. Because I saw the one who created me I understood. I understood that I was created and that it was God’s pleasure to create me the way that I was.

I didn’t understand myself because I was trying to understand myself as I functioned in a broken world and evil spirits will not let you go. The minute that you gain any momentum, there are momentum breakers that come at you to slow you down. Because they know at a certain point, they lose you. They cannot stop you, and that is the absolute truth. I know this because I saw that Jesus had made us more than a conqueror.

What could be more than a conqueror? Jesus told me. He said more than a conqueror is like when David went and did. What he did he was a conqueror. He fought. He was full of fight that God said. Hey, listen I know that through a prophet I told you. You can build a house. But because of the blood that’s on your hands and he said it’s not going to work out. So I'm not going to have you prepare it. It was like he had already been told, but then he reconsidered. What happened? He said because of the blood that you shed that’s on you in your hands I'm going to let your son do it. So David was a friend of God, and he died as a conqueror. He accomplished he extinguished all the giants. All the things that God wanted from him he had accomplished. However, when Solomon came in Solomon never saw war. He never had to work. He didn’t even have calluses on his hands. He never had to wield a sword. His whole kingdom throughout his whole life was peaceful. That’s more than a conqueror. That’s good, and that’s what we are. Do you understand that? Jesus fought. He did it all. He is a warrior that says in Zephaniah 3:17. The Lord is a warrior, and he sings songs of deliverance over us.

Jesus went and conquered for us and then made us more than a conqueror. So we now live in shalom and this is the way it is. This is what Jesus showed me.

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Denise McGill from Fresno CA on October 19, 2020:

These are some interesting ideas about DNA and genetics.



Binoy (author) from Delhi on October 14, 2020:

Dear Jack, Thanks for your comment. This article is the continuation of my previous article: Satan Unmasked, Demons and Nephilims Reveled ( ) Answer of some of your arguments are detailed in that article. The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took as wives whomever they chose. The children born out of those relationship are not purely human. They were destroyed through flood and the disembodied spirit are the demons.

Thanks for the visit and the comment. Blessings

Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on October 13, 2020:


I enjoyed your first two paragraphs because it is and was true but that's where I took a different view from what you're saying in the rest of it and in some ways I think it's a little dangerous as it isn't how I, or anyone could read it according to scripture. And by saying that I mean you no disrespect and I hope what I will say will cause you to re-think some of your ideas - not everything, just some. I tend to agree with you about the scientific world dabbling in human genetics is certainly a dangerous thing and should be rejected.

Firstly, we have to remember man had nothing to do with the creation of the Nephilim in the form of giants - it was the work of Satan and it is Satanic. The reason for the flood - to wipe out all the ungodly before Noah, which included the Nephilim. But that didn't stop sin from continuing from Adam until now.

Everyone from Adam has the sin nature in our DNA. Except Jesus. And if He failed in just one small point it would have negated His work on the cross.

Accepting the mark has nothing to do with your DNA - it is an external, visible mark that shows your allegiance to Satan and there is simply NO FORGIVENES for taking it to survive.

Let's look at Luke 9: 24, which is both an encouragement and a promise - For whosoever will save his life shall lose it [by taking the mark] but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, [by martyrdom] shall save it.

You said, "what if at the end of the age, people were not fully human". That is just supposition that can frighten people.

You also mention, "what I'm warning you might be years and years away" - I think it's strange that you say what you perceive scripture to be yet you have no idea just how close it IS. And I can assure you, it is much closer than you think.

Then you say "At what point in our lives do we say, I'm not going to take this mark?" - Right now if you want salvation - and keep saying it until it arrives. The minute you stop saying it and allow other thoughts to creep in, you are more likely to be lost simply because when it arrives people will be fed a lie and many will believe it - 'it is for your benefit'.

And the worst thing you say that you have no idea about - "Yet they still have this eternal spirit and it's trapped in this body that can't be redeemed". You need to have a very careful think about that because it simply isn't true - even in the context that you put it. It's not our body that is redeemed, it's our spirit There isn't one person who cannot receive salvation if they repent. It's not a big demand is it.


Binoy (author) from Delhi on October 13, 2020:

Thanks Eric for your comment. We have to be more careful about the developments in the scientific world. Thank you for stopping by and comment.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 12, 2020:

This is an important read, thank you. I must look more at this concept.

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