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The Fixed Signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius - Stubborn and Ready to Make Things Happen. Won't Change Easy.

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Imagine Immoveable, Nonresponsive and Hard Plans That Are Personal with Deadlines


Fixity Makes the Four of You Hard Cases

Fixity refers to Hard Reality. Fixed refers to Shape and Form. Think of all the planning, conceiving, action and fire that goes into bringing something into active hard existence. Cardinal references initiatory action, fixity references all of the action it takes NOT to change. Mutable brings on new forms and shapes and modulations.

Fixed Refers to Fixity and Form

People don't tend to think about the fixed hardness and all that it takes to remain in that shape. Fixity is about that hardness, that stubbornness NOT to change.

Taurus - Fixed Earth

The Spring is all new, the Taurus is the powerful substantial bull that munches on the spring time grass. Go up to a bull and slap it on its side. It may just turn and stare at you, but like as not, it does not even budge. Fixed Earth is like a mountain. That which we stand on in the spring is the place from which all will come. But in the spurting start of spring, it is like a cocked gun.

Ideas that remain for hundreds of years. Structures that span generations. Clubs and institutions that write their histories over the centuries. These all speak to the Fixed Earth nature of Taurus. This tends towards continuity and away from chaos. Without these kinds of forces the world and society could become unfixed, dissolute and too flexible.

Leo - Fixed Fire

Now, in Fire is where Fixed gets fascinating. Like a blow torch, or the blazing summer sun, Leo offers humanity and creation the melting, oppressive blast of the sun's focus. The Lion with it's will and it's complete dominance of its hunting field, declares that what it wants it will get. What it brings is utter confidence. Yes, you could say the confidence is overstated, but that is part of its glorious charm. For in the physical realm, (human and animal world), nothing is as valiant as bold and as ferocious as it wants to appear.

Leo offers self belief in spades, and even though Leo itself can be obnoxious and vainglorious and beam away floating on a shard from the Titanic, they are an example to everyone else of what pure blazing self belief can offer. You can check out how many Leos are leaders, pretenders, aspirants and "hoped fors". You must nod and salute at the pure manifestation of celestial power in the human realm. They are Fixed on Glory.

Scorpio - Fixed Water

Scorpio is even hard to come up with an analogy for. It's not a jacuzzi, because there is so much air in a jacuzzi. It's more like a deep, non-splashing hot tub without the bubbles.

What people don't understand about Scorpio is there deep intensity. It is difficult to imagine what they can be caring about so deeply, and they won't tell you what it is anyway. So, the entire rest of the human sphere is in a state of wonder over Scorpio. What could they possibly be caring about so deeply and so intently? The long answer is a "thousand things".

Well, with a Scorpio, they promptly sting you with that automatic "twanger". What they represent to the rest of us is how powerful concentration can be. The Lion focuses on its own glory, the Scorpio focuses upon its will and sense of ultimate conquest. While the Taurus gores, and the Leo roars and threatens to eat you, the Scorpio says, "Forget the gore. Forget the roar. Just come over hear and you will be mortified. And I will win."

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Aquarius - Fixed Air

Aquarius is your odd eccentric. Aquarius is your visionary genius. The "Fixed Air" is truly hard to make an analogy for Air is "unboxable". Hot air can be anywhere, but if you can box it, you have an Aquarius. And yet, the sign is the "waterbearer". There is much contradiction here. The average Aquarian. Hold it. It's hard to say that, because they don't consider themselves "average". Like the Scorpion, they are sure of their distinctive uniqueness. But unlike the Scorpion, they are FIxed on their Ideas, more than themselves.


The most ideal and comprehensible way of describing this is to describe Abraham Lincoln. Now you might say, won't that make the Aquarians "grandiose"? Maybe, but since describing Aquarius is always a challenge, using this image can help everybody who cares. Lincoln had his big humanistic ideas, and his "federalistic" ideas, and his own personal ideas. His whole idea was to keep the union together so the freedom for slaves issue had to fall inside his bigger goal. He was controlling and cold hearted.

The point is, they tend to stay fixed on ideas, like Scorpio stays fixed on their goals, and Leo stays fixed on their glory, and Taurus stays fixed on its determination.

Where Is the Fixity in Your Chart?

After you have read these 4 examples, you can see how fixed stubborn hard-headedness can be in your sun sign, your moon sign, or a prominent house, or obscured by other forces. It is a good idea to figure out where your fixed forces are, if you you wish to know yourself better. If on of these four are you sun signs, then you have probably already identified where your hard head is focused.

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Fixed on Not Changing a Strong Astro Force

© 2010 Christofer French


shabbychicunique on August 10, 2011:

Fixed signs are always the most easily identified of the signs. I can always tell whether I am talking to one or not, even if I can't point out the distinct sun sign right away. I am an Aquarius.

msorensson on September 17, 2010:

True of Scorpios. They do reveal their innermost thoughts to the ones they love..if unappreciated they retract and it would be nearly impossible to get them back.

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