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God and the Devil: What If Satan Says He's Sorry?

One Bad Apple

If you live in America, as well as many other civilized nations of the world, you are most likely aware at least to some extent of the story of Lucifer and his fall from grace whether you are a Christian or not. This tale, though Biblical in origin, has been told many times not only in churches and houses of worship, but also in many books, films, and other media.There are many variations and even some disagreement as to whether Lucifer (the fallen angel) and Satan (the Devil) are the same entity, but for the purpose of this hub, let's set those conflicts aside and assume that Satan is indeed Lucifer, God's adversary who in some way brought about his own downfall and as a result has sworn to try to lure away as many souls from God as possible.

So that would make him a pretty bad apple, wouldn't you agree? I mean, here's a guy who is out there constantly tempting anyone and everyone 24/7, always looking for a way to steer that innocent little girl down the road to drugs and prostitution or that faithful husband into the arms of that formerly innocent little girl who now makes her living as a prostitute to support her drug habit. While he is at it, Satan probably tries to get the guy to join the girl in partaking of the crack just to get him hooked on drugs for good measure. Satan spreads the seed of destruction everywhere -- envy, greed , lust, betrayal... Mankind with his flimsy free will barely stands a chance, right?


The Ultimate Do-Over

Well, you say, humankind has free will and can choose which path he follows. Furthermore, since Jesus was kind enough to die for our sins, even when a man makes a mistake, no matter how horrible that mistake, he can simply ask for God's forgiveness and he will be washed clean of his sins. Now when you think about it, that is an awesome deal. Of course, if you simply think you can live life on the wild side and then wipe your slate once the party is over, well, you might want to think again. It probably has something more to do with your intentions and you attitude. You have to put forth the effort to at least try or at the very least truly recognize the errors of your ways and repent.

So sincerity is likely the key to earning your place in Heaven. You have to truly admit your sins and have a real desire to live a good life. You must put forth real effort and feel remorse when you fail. Otherwise you end up in the fiery pit with Ol' Beelzebub doing the Brimstone Shuffle. You have to wonder if Lucifer once sat at God's side and saw all the joy and beauty in the world, wouldn't he at some point just maybe feel a tiny bit of guilt, maybe a little sadness about what he had lost, or maybe just recognize the fact that he is basically not a good being no matter how much power he might have? Despite all his followers and believers, what if he came to understand that he has not lived a good life throughout the eons? What if he wanted to change?


Can a Heartless Being Have a Change of Heart?

Now suppose Satan, just like you and me, has free will. And if you think about it, he almost has to be free to make his own decisions. Otherwise, if he had no choice but to be the complete jerk that he is, would he truly be evil? He would just be a force of nature like the rain, the wind, or Chuck Norris. So in order for him to truly be the Prince of Darkness, he has to have the ability and intelligence to understand who he is, what he does, the results of these actions, and how he can change if he so chooses. Which brings us to our main question...

What if Satan said he is sorry? What if he truly came to see the horror he has caused, the lives he has ruined, the destruction he has left in his wake... and asked God for forgiveness? What if the Devil got down on his knees and begged God to please forgive him, admitting the error of his ways, promising in good faith to change those ways, and truly was willing to make the effort to do so. What would God do? What could He do? You might say Jesus died for everyone's sins so that would include Lucifer, but then Jesus only died so that man might be forgiven and Lucifer is not exactly a man.


Sympathy For The Devil

So where does this leave us? If Lucifer has free will (and did we not decide that he must?) and truly were to repent and ask forgiveness, would God refuse him on the technicality that he is not a man. This does not seem fair. Oh, but you say, perhaps the key is that in God is all knowing, so he knows Satan will never ask for forgiveness. But wouldn't this mean that Ol' Scratch never really had a chance. And if he is destined to fulfill a certain role in this eternal drama, doesn't that negate his supposed free will?

Well, all this has my head spinning like Linda Blair! Of course, we are only speaking hypothetically here because certainly the Devil as represented in the Bible and M. Night Shyamalan movies is not going to change his evil ways. It defines his persona to such an extent that he likely cannot change, free will be... well, damned. It is forever his task to stir the pot, shake the tree, and rattle the cages. But still, you just have to wonder... What if he did? What if he did?


Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on April 09, 2012:


Satan will do anything to deceive the world, and he will do anything to appear to save himself, even use people. He committed the unforgivable, and he is lost. Satan or Lucifer is the opposite of God, and God will not save evil. He will destroy it. God knew Lucifer then, and he knows Satan now. He cannot fool God. It was not unusual for God to change names as the lives of beings changed. Abram was changed to Abraham, just as Lucifer was changed to a name appropriate to his chosen character: Satan.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on April 09, 2012:

A HEARTLESS being cannot change what he does not have. If satan says he is sorry, he is a liar.

tom hellert from home on April 09, 2012:

Thats a question above my paygrade...as such, if it eventually came down to me. i'd put him on not so secret probation whilst I ask around heaven for a way to be sure he is not snowin me... I doubt a lie detector test would work on :uci...


bwmung on January 25, 2012:

According to the 'secret histories of the world' by Mark Booth, Lucifer is not Satan. Satan may have been Lucifer's regent or gofer here on earth, completing his purposeful errand, that was to do the ritual to compel the beast to awaken here on earth. The beast is purely evil, again according to Mark Booth's book. Three Mile Island, Cherenopal may be examples of how this beast operates taking holy land and creating death zones out of it that are long lastingly deadly or evil.

Satan has advocated his earthly throne. I had private knowledge of this event. Satan is no longer a being on Lucifer's side. This occurred in 1999 paving the way for the 'Bush Administration' to be in charge of our nation. this event occurred when Satan repented his original esoteric sin.

Never mind how I know all this or to some it will be obvious. Does he get a second chance? I do not know. Satan being the a lesser of these three evil beings did his duty first but then felt great remorse over all of his evil deeds because satan has retained a consciousness that feels guilt. Therefore repentance was applicable because the divinity knows he is truly sorry and actually was ignorant to what he was doing. But, sorry always comes too late!

The beast may consist of 64,800 components of the anti-Christ, I do know that each component appearing as a man or woman is fighting amongst themselves (itself) to have that seat on this earthly domain evil throne.

Consequently the U.S. has been in its longest war ever and the blood and dust is not going to settle any time soon. The world economics are floundering in this meantime. When this beast finally unifies it will appear as one person Heaven sent. This grandest illusion of all to mankind will be known by all as the restorer to the best times ever here on earth. The earthly environmental kingdom will know this best times as the worst of times as extinction becomes paramount to most intelligent species.

We are living on the cusps of an earthly change. Few of us of the Animal Kingdom will survive this change. We are animals after all and this fact was well recognized in all human scriptures. There will be eventually a great gathering of who are left to preserve this earthly realm of goodness. It will look successful to begin with but it is set up to fail by a cosmic event in the year of the perfection of illusion 2460. This information is now on this physical sphere. You asked and the answer is long. By the way, Up yours Beast and Lucifer. The goodness won't die. It can not die because it the integral part of the good Word, Life.

ilymsvicky from Long Beach on December 14, 2011:

Satan repeating for his sins and asking to be forgotten sounds a great answer to the abolishing of sin. But what about all the people who have already died in their sins without the opportunity to repent. Do they all go to hell and Satan, who can't die, have eternity to decide to repent and then possibly then go to Heaven?

bettybarnesb from Bartlett, TN on December 12, 2010:

Very strong question. However, we must remember that God knows the intents of the heart. Satan wouldn't ever say that he is sorry because something that is consumed with evil as he is can't be sorry. We have a heart because we were made in the image of God. Therefore most of us have the ability to be remorseful. Nothing like this exists in Satan. He was an angel created to glorify God, got beside himself and wanted to be God. He was not made in the image or likeness of God as we are. That is where the difference is.

paterson from scotland on December 12, 2010:

Satan is a created being, God created him and loved him because God loves all of his creation, the world and everything in it is fallen but God still loves it, he will forgive anyone who truly repents, so for that reason I believe God would forgive satan if he truly repented.

Porshadoxus from the straight and narrow way on December 12, 2010:

Just as man's decision has a moment after which it cannot change (we call that moment 'death'), so Satan had a moment when his decision was locked in. Sometime btwn the end of creation (the sixth day) and the fall of man, Satan made his eternal decision. He has no option of repentance. And no, Jesus did not die for the rebellion of angels.

schoolgirlforreal on December 10, 2010:

It's a tough question. I think what it boils down to is that we as humans have life as a test, and God is constantly trying to be our friend but on our death our choice is finally final. We either choose God or not. This was our chance, our test. Basically that's it. We go to Hell, heaven or Purgatory.

In Satan's case, he had free will too. He was favored by God in heaven and his sin of pride man him want to rule heaven and therfore go to war against God who of course satan could not win. He also dragged 1/3 of the angels with him to hell...because of His choice. Once in Hell or Heaven your decision is fixed.

God is mysterious so we don't understand His ways. But, God has allowed satan to tempt us, and he has since the beginning of man, and he continues to...

God is a mystery again, if we understood Him completely we'd be god too.

My final thought as to us being tempted by the devil, God made earth and us so we COULD make a choice to choose God or not...and the devil in hell makes God's invention of mankind , useful in the extent that temptation helps us to choose.

So apparently evil does serve a purpose.

It is said that God brings good out of evil. Out of our sufferings we become stronger and build character.

I've also heard, that God already knows who will and who will not follow him, but even though a huge amount of people will not follow him and will hurt God with their rejection of Him, God created us anyway and died for all of us anyway.

Dave Mathews from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA on December 09, 2010:

The reason I suggested this Hub is, I am not sure that Jesus death and resurrection was JUST for the sins of MAN but for "All Sin" That being said, If satan were to beg forgiveness and repent for all of his sins throughout the eons, even if it were an instant before being cast into the firey pit, Jesus I think, I feel, being a God of mercy and love might absolve satan.