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What Do Fahrenheit 451, 1984 & Thx 1138 Have in Common as Regards the Church?

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

A Day When Science Fiction Approaches Science Fact.

 Some people were wise enough to see what was coming and is now being played out within our world.

Some people were wise enough to see what was coming and is now being played out within our world.

What Did the Earthly Prognosticators of Old Envision for Our World Today?

The year 2020 seemed to fulfill the prophetic nature of both books and films of yesteryear as to the path the world is currently upon. Kind of like science fiction becoming science fact but on a much larger scale.

  • Fahrenheit 451 - written by Ray Bradbury as ‘science fiction’ taking a cue from Hitler during WWII and imaging what a world would be like if all books were burned and firemen being the official book burners of all literature; biblical or not. What do we see today? Books being banned from both school and public libraries because of some perceived social ill within them. The Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America being banned from many public, local, state and federal venues. The use of many words are no longer acceptable unless they are foul and profane in nature or acceptable only if one is of a certain racial heritage. The world is busy trying to erase history and all references such as statues, monuments, names associated with schools or sports affiliations and the list goes on. The new textbooks are also being edited to exclude either references to a historical event or to bring defamation upon a historical person or event that is now deemed to be politically incorrect or not expedient.
  • 1984 - written by George Orwell as ‘dystopian science fiction’ in which Big Brother is watching you within a world of mass surveillance, regimented controls over all social activities and all with an iron fist. 1984 was modelled after the novel Stalinist Russia and how his government controlled all truth and facts in order to manipulate the masses and keep them in check. Now add to this the movie THX 1138 - written and directed by George Lucas in 1971, where not only was there a ‘big brother’ but behavior modification was maintained by mandatory drug use to suppress emotions, brainwashing and android police.
  • In recent history, Hitler was at the forefront of creating a dystopian society by basically attempting to do all of the above. He banned books first then came the burnings; he then seized control of all media with its ability to brainwash the populace into thinking all was well in Hitlerville. He created Hitler’s Youth with the initial intent to be the government’s little spies everywhere; many even turning in their own parents for imprisonment or death. He gave the people a public enemy upon which to focus their hate which led to the Final Solution. Then using certain techniques that would desensitize his soldiers to handle the brutal task they would be assigned …they became almost android-like. His blitzkrieg would be fueled by the drug ‘meth’, making the soldiers almost robotic; no need for sleep and a very high pain tolerance. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Some People Cannot Make a Decision Even If Their Life Depended Upon It.

God will always assist us in making the right decision when it comes to His own.

God will always assist us in making the right decision when it comes to His own.

As Society Decays: True Believers Will Have a Decision Made for Them.

The majority of churches today have become worldly on one end of the spectrum to legalistically rote on the other end. There is no middle ground, for both the worldly and legalistic practice form rather than teach substance. What they have in common is that the majority of those attending are not ready for what is coming and sorry, it will not be pretty. In many of these congregations are the Lord’s own that go for several reasons: tradition, family ties, friends, social needs, convenience, children’s programs and the like. Also many, being spiritually immature which leads such a one to being easily deceived for a season, but all under God’s purview.

As the Jews began a mass exodus to Israel after WWII, so shall God roar among the congregations of the earth and call His people ‘out from among them’. God gives us a promise in Hebrews 12:25-29 that a shaking is coming and that which cannot be shaken shall remain: why?, because He is a consuming fire. As Lot was removed from Sodom prior to God’s consuming fire, so shall those who are His be removed. Most of the churches will remain in business until the hammer of persecution drives them to either capitulate to society’s demands or disappear. Fear will be the motivating factor in either case.

The majority of today’s churches have vacated the Gospel [fallen away]. God loving His own will soon remove the true believers from these polluted congregations; those who will desire to be where two or three gather, for Christ will be there. The need of true fellowship with other born-again saints around the Word of God will become their greatest motivation. When this day does come, the Church will finally learn to need each other God’s way as opposed to following the traditions of men.

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When God Makes a Decision For a Soul; They Will Follow Him to the Death.

The few that are called and chosen are for God's glory alone.

The few that are called and chosen are for God's glory alone.

Today Many Have Their Names Written in the Lamb’s Book of Life Without Their Knowledge.

I became aware that my name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life in 1968 but in 1967 I had no clue. There are many in churches today that sit among the called but their time to be among the chosen has not yet come. As God states: ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:’ [Ecclesiastes 3:1] Many may be called to become martyrs when the Devil and his Antichrist seek to destroy all those who worship God during the great tribulation that is coming upon the world.

Hatred of all things godly is growing exponentially and the rise of persecution which will naturally follow will send many into hiding. They will distance themselves and avoid any relationship to a church, let alone a belief in God out of fear. But the power of God will conquer their fears and drive them to the cross for as Revelation 7:9-17 states it will be an uncountable number.

Take heart; as Ecclesiastes 9:4 also adds: ‘For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.’ If one is alive and breathing, there is still hope.

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