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What Convinced You of life After Death


Having lost a number of loved ones over the years I have to wonder what convinced you of life after death, or if you even believe in it at all. Personally I have had a number of convincing experiences, from Psychic Mediums to Physical Signs, and I now feel 100% confident that after we die there is a place to go, but I wasn't always like this, and used to be pretty scared of death.

Growing up I experienced a number of significant family bereavements. My cousin died in his sleep from an anneurism whilst only in his 20's, my Mum's older Brother died suddenly in his 60's, his younger Brother who lived in a wing attached to our house died within a year of his older Brother from another anneurism, my Father died when I was 16 aged 72 and my Grandmother on my Mum's side, (who also lived with us), died a year or so after her youngest Son. The last four of these deaths all happened within a two year period, and nearly finished my Mum off with the stress of it all.

For many years I guess deep down I was scared of dying. Nothing I had been taught by the early convent schools I had attended had convinced me completely there was any life after death, and it seemed a bit convenient to think there was.

It was a good few years later I was finally given the evidence I needed to convince me that there really was something, and to be convinced to the degree that I willingly state to this day that I now 'know' there is life after death rather than simply claiming 'I believe in life after death'.

It certainly wasn't the Bible that convinced me, or the Church, as in fact by now I had become a Pagan by religion and believed more in a 'Great Spirit' than I did in the teachings of the Bible or the Church. What began to convince me was my first visit to a Psychic Medium. Now I was one of the fortunate people who had an older, more experienced Sister and Husband to recommend a good Medium to me, and to advise me according to what I should and shouldn't tell them. Armed with advice such as, 'Don't give them anything other than your first name', and 'Don't tell them why you are there or anything about yourself', I nervously headed for my first ever sitting, not sure what to expect and being slightly scared, envisioning some darkly lit room with a Gypsy type woman armed with a crystal ball waiting for me.

I was pleasantly surprised to find none of my expectations were correct, and a very normal, slightly mature lady, living in a normal 'Cul de Sac' type housing complex awaited me. I went in, armed with an audiotape so that she could record what happened in case I forgot crucial details later on.

Within seconds she began to bring through dearly departed loved ones of mine, without me even telling her who I had lost or why I was there. In fact it was a cat I had lost, (sad to go to a Medium for this I know, but I did love that cat). I found the hairs standing up on the back of my neck as she began to tell me facts she couldn't possibly have known in advance, nor could she have researched them as not only did she not know my surname, but I also came from an island, and not from the mainland where I was seeing her.

It started with her telling me all about exactly who I had lost, including my Grandmother and my Father. Now it could be argued she might have guessed about my Grandmother being deceased, but at the time she gave me key information that she would never have guessed, and without the "Misses" most sceptics say are offered by Mediums before they get any "Hits".

She went on to tell me all about how my Father had died, and that he was admitting what a difficult man he had been in life to live with. The fact she even knew my Father had died was incredible, as I was still quite young and only in my early twenties, and it was only because my Father had been a much older parent, (56 when I was born), and a very sick man, that he was dead at all.

She went on to tell me my Father was saying that he knew my Mum had now met a new man in her life, and that he truly approved and was happy for her, and that he wanted to send her a red rose as a sign of his love for her. It was true Mum had met a new man, although it was now many years later, and it was very true that my Dad had been a nightmare to live with, partly due to his ill health, and partly due to the personality he already had previously, and that his ill health had exaggerated.

What really got to me though was when she suddenly began to exhibit all the signs of illness that my Dad had shown in his final years, right down to the coughing and spluttering. Her eyes began to bulge just like his had done, and she needed a drink of water to continue. I could see that her eyes by now were streaming with tears, and it was like looking straight into my Father's sickly eyes as they had been prior to his death. I have to admit it did shake me up quite a bit, but in a good way, and I left a changed, and convinced person, although I never did get the cat, (she later told me she was never any good with animals, and it is true many Mediums aren't).

It was a number of years before I went to a Medium again, but when I did it was preceded by a number of other key events.

Firstly my Husband Dave and I were in the lounge watching TV one afternoon when I accidentally flicked on to the programme, "Crossing Over with John Edward". Seeing immediately it was a Psychic Medium Show I left it on, and before you knew it we were both hooked completely. It became a daily event, and if my Husband was at work I would video it for him to watch when he got home. I even videoed it for my family back in Guernsey, filling up tape after tape and posting them back to them to watch as they didn't have Sky.

What convinced me about John Edward were a number of factors such as:

1) The fact he frequently offered information that could never have been researched, or picked up by hidden microphones, as often even the individuals didn't know the information until they phoned relatives from the set, or at a later date.

2) He would quickly tell people to shut up if they tried to offer information to him, as he said it would invalidate what he said to them if they felt they may have inadvertently given him the information earlier.

3) That quite often it wasn't the audience who got the reading, it could just as easily be a camera man, a studio technician or someone in the production team not even on set. There was even instances where those people said they had lost someone, but deliberately not mentioned it in case John ever got a message for them. They needed to know it was genuine too.

4) The fact he did 'blind' readings for people hidden behind screens, and was still amazingly accurate not even knowing who he was reading.

5) That on occasion he brought through animals, including a llama, not to mention people's personal pets, offering great detail as to how they died and where they were now. On one occasion he even told a woman he had a "small white, virtually hairless dog, blind in one eye, and with a name similar to a breakfast cereal". To say she looked confused was an understatement, but when she later phoned her Mum it turned out her Grandmother had owned a dog, perfectly fitting this description and called 'Popsicle'. This woman hadn't even known about this dog until she saw John Edward.

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6) I read all of John Edward's books, and quickly felt a sense of comfortable belief in his abilites. Call it an instinct, but when you read his books you simply 'know' he is the 'real deal' and not some faker after a quick buck. I highly recommend any recently bereaved person to buy his books, as they were rivetting reading for me, and all of them I read in no more than two sittings.

7) Then there was the time after 9/11 when the producers wanted him to do readings for the people who had lost loved ones in the Twin Towers. John refused as he felt it was too traumatic and in bad taste for this to be used as a TV episode. The production team went behind his back and organised a studio audience full of people who had lost loved ones in the 9/11 tragedy. John walked into the studio, and said he was overwhelmed instantly with a sense of terrible grief and misery, not to mention the knowledge of why these peole were there, and he refused to do the show, plus being furious with the team for setting him up after his refusal to do such an episode. He has since done individual readings on his shows for 9/11 families, but only because their family member has come through on one of his regular shows.

It was only around six months after we began watching John Edward that my Husband Dave was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. To this day I believe we were guided to watch John Edward for a reason, and that reason was to prepare us for what was to come in the near future, and so we would both cope with it better.

When Dave was in the hospital for the two weeks after his diagnosis, and shortly before his death, my only comfort was coming home for a few hours during the day, and watching the latest episode of 'Crossing Over with John Edward'. This is mostly what kept me strong and allowed me to keep going. I am certain it helped Dave to deal with being told he only had weeks to live, as his first words when told were, 'Well, when your time's up, it's up'.

After Dave died, I used to sit in the lounge in the dark by my Wiccan Altar with candles lit, and ask him to send me a sign he was okay. It was only a few days after he died that I first did this, and in spite of the fact my candle was in a glass sided, draft proof lantern, the flame immediately stretched up from being an inch or so high, to being about 4 inches high. Excited I said, 'If that is you Dave make the flame go smaller' at which point it shrunk back to normal size. I spent the next ten minutes asking Dave to make the flame go 'taller' and 'shorter', and each time it did exactly as I asked. I was so relieved I woke up my sister who was staying with me to tell her that I had received the sign I needed to know Dave was okay.

Now Dave's family never approved of Psychic Mediums, in fact they were very religious, and even when I tried to tell them why I watched John Edward they had said it was still 'evil'. My argument was that 'what on earth does any evil devil etc get out of people who have lost loved ones being comforted?' There seemed little for evil to gain, plus the well known change made to the Bible by King James that reworded the text from, 'Thou shalt not consort with evil spirits', to being, 'Thou shalt not consort with spirits', a change that to the best of my knowledge has never been corrected yet. I never did convince them!

Some weeks later my kindly sister offered to pay for me to have a telephone reading with a well renowned Psychic called 'Marjorie Kite', (sadly recently deceased). She didn't tell her why she was booking me in for the reading, or who I had lost, or what relation if any, I was to her. The reading totally amazed me and left me emotional and tearful in a great way.

Marjorie told me all about my late Husband, and how he had limp on his right leg, (absolutely correct as he had broken his ankle badly in a car accident a year before he died, leaving him with a permanent limp). She told me all about how he a large bi-coloured dog with him, around the size of a German Shepherd. This was especially interesting as we had lost our Doberman about 18 months earlier, and I had once said to Dave, 'If ever you die before me please come back through a medium and let me know Odin is with you'. I believe he did this.

She gave me the name of 'Steve', which turned out to be the next man I lived with and got engaged to, although it didn't work out (thank goodness! See my Hub ).

Marjorie even mentioned a relative of my Mum's called 'Edie', which is a pretty unusual name today.

In addition to this she mentioned that I had resized my Husband's picture for some reason. This too was true, as I had used an excellent picture of him for the front of the funeral brochure, and had shrunk it down using my computer, by about 75% to allow it to fit on the front of the brochure.

She even mentioned how I talked to his picture, and how he liked that. This was accurate, and I still do it to this day.

Her description of our farmhouse kitchen was mindblowingly accurate, and she even told me that not only was it 'L' shaped, but that we had a piece of furniture over to the right as you entered the kitchen. She said there were papers in this piece of furniture that Dave wanted me to look at. After the call I went and emptied the cupboard in the sideboard we had in the kitchen, and I found the original copy of the newspaper with a photo of our wedding in it and details of where we had gone on our honeymoon.

There was lots of other information she gave me, with very few things that were hard to place. I came off the phone with a huge sense of comfort and relief.

It was some time later that I was living in Tenerife and I got my next message from Dave, albeit brief.

I was in a bar where my much older boyfriend at the time was singing. Whilst waiting for him to come off stage I got talking to a youngish couple. It was whilst her boyfriend was at the bar buying a round of drinks I mentioned to his girlfriend that I was widowed, that was it, no details, no names, no other information at all. The bar was quite noisy, what with the music and all, but as soon as her boyfriend returned with the drinks, he said to me, 'Who's Dave?' Needless to say I nearly fell over with shock, and told him Dave had been my late Husband. He went on to tell me Dave knew I had been through a hard time and his family had treated me badly, (this too was very true as his elder Son had stolen a car and a camcorder from me after his Dad died, claiming his Dad would be proud of him for his actions). This chap told me Dave was always around me. The girlfriend told me not to be shocked, as apparently this happened to her boyfriend regularly. They never asked for, or expected, payment of any kind, in fact they bought me a drink. My boyfriend at the time, (a true cynic), was not impressed as I had been chatting whilst he was singing, apparently when I should have been gazing adoringly at him in true groupie fashion as he expected. He told me they were simply con artists, although never could explain how they gained out of what they had told me.

Much later, after I split up with the psycho ex-boyfriend, I used to see signs Dave was around me. These usually took the form of his original taxi call number '51'. Whenever I was down or depressed, or needed to make an important decision, inevitably I would see a car number plate, or a reference on TV that had the number '51' included in it. When I met my current Husband and was unsure if he was right for me, I saw a car number plate that said '51 GO' as part of the number. I found this a sure sign Dave wanted me to 'go for it'. This plate was particularly unusual for Guernsey as we don't have letters on our plates at all, only numerals. This car was English, and this made it doubly amazing. I must emphasise this is only one of many examples I could use of when the number '51' has appeared in appropriate circumstances.

One of the more recent events that I found comforting, was when my Sister went to a Psychic Medium in the UK herself, ironically the very same Medium I had gone to years earlier upon hers and my late Husband's recommendations. She didn't say anything about me as she was there for her own personal reasons, but who came through as a part of her reading was my late Husband Dave. He said that he was truly ashamed of how his Son had treated me after he had died, and that I had been wonderful to him and he loved me very much. My Sister has all of this reading on tape, and she never told this lady that her Sister had been widowed or any surnames, and even if she had, our surnames are of course now different.

And so, I am now completely convinced of "Life After Death", I am no longer scared of dying, and I cope far better with losing loved ones and pets than I ever could have done previously.

To those who feel Psychic Mediums are 'evil', please explain to me what any 'evil' power such as the 'so called Devil', can gain from the bereaved being comforted. I still feel the Church is threatened by the power of Mediums, as they offer the proof of everlasting life that the Church cannot, (other than quoting from a book). I also find it totally abhorrent that the Church appears to teach that animals have no souls, and therefore do not move on to any afterlife. Why not I have to ask? After all, most animals appear to be far more moral than most people, and certainly show far more respect for the planet they inhabit.

To those who doubt the authenticity of Mediums, agreed, there are many frauds out there making money from the bereaved, but explain to me how the 'good mediums', in circumstances as I have quoted, give the facts they do with few mistakes and no clues.

A good Medium has a gift, given by some higher power. If they use this gift to help people they should be appreciated. If they get paid for this service, well why not? After all, anyone with a skill they use for their work gets paid for it, and they have bills to pay just like the rest of us. If they had to do a full time job as well, they would have less time to help the people who need them.


Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 14, 2014:

Thanks for your comment romper20, it is full of interesting thoughts and ideas. I have faith we go on somewhere better and that we are here to learn lessons and spiritually advance in the process.

romper20 from California on April 14, 2014:

you know what. this is a topic i hold dear to hear for obvious reasons :] I believe its important to not overlook death as something bad. When you pass on your body goes in the same place it started. The earth. From there only God can decide what the the next step is. You might become the nutrients to foster a redwood tree in 1200 years. You might reincarnate into an animal, or even have the very soil you lay in amerced in the ocean water after heavy flooding in the coming thousands of years. This earth has been around along time and i will put my faith in it to the very end. Thanks for sharing i love these sorts of questions.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 14, 2014:

Thanks Anna, me too. Death is not the end and there is no reason for our lost loved ones not to want to contact us after they have gone. Medium's have a gift (a genuine one does) and they were given it for a reason.

Thanks Minnetonka Twin, John Edward is my favourite medium, Lisa Williams is another. Their gift is wonderful and so comforting for the relatives left behind.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on April 14, 2014:

What a captivating hub Misty. My twin sister and I are big fans of John Edward's. That show was one of our favorites. I do believe many of us have the gift or healing and doing readings. It is comforting to know that there is life after death. I enjoyed your story and reading all these incredible comments of what others have experienced.

Anna Haven from Scotland on April 13, 2014:

I read your hub when it was shared by Skye2day. I am also a total believer in life after death and the continuation of the spirit. Some bonds can't be broken and some people definitely do connect with those who have passed over. Death is not the end. Very interesting hub.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on August 11, 2012:

Thank you Moonlight Princess, I started off my beliefs largely after reading Doris Stokes, and whilst I was a little saddened when she admitted that on occasion she had 'faked' certain public readings when nothing else was 'coming through', although I do admire the fact she did own up to this. I am far more impressed by John Edward and Lisa Williams though, and they are on a whole new level in themselves. I used to visit a spiritualist church weekly some years back, and never saw anything that impressed me (even though they brought in 'guest' mediums every week). It takes a huge amount to impress me, and I am always healthily skeptical until I am told something that 'makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end'. Sadly too many cynics assume those who believe in mediums are gullible fools, dishing out personal information to the 'medium' with no thought for how easy it makes it for the medium to fake spiritual knowledge of the departed etc etc. Very frustrating for those of us who are not stupid and know that to even give the tiniest clue ,e.g. our surname or who we have lost, to a medium would essentially invalidate any info they then gave to us.

MoonlightPrincess on August 11, 2012:

Pedro - I agree with mistyhorizon2003. Stuff that only close family and one or two intimate friends would have known was told to me. Nobody else could have possibly known any of the details.

I defy you to read the books by the late Doris Stokes, starting with "Voices in My Ear" and then follow on. If you are not a believer after that then there is no hope!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on July 18, 2012:

Interesting opinion Pedro, of course it doesn't explain how a medium (for example) could not only describe my late Husband and how he had a limp on his right leg, or how she could know about our large bi-coloured Doberman dog that had died and I had asked him to let me know was with him if ever he passed before me. It also doesn't explain how she even knew about my Husband having died in the first place, (especially as I am extraordinarily careful to literally give my first name only, and that is it). I don't answer questions, and a good medium doesn't ask them!

On a different scale it doesn't explain sightings of ghosts, actual interactions with them and even conversations, messages etc. If you don't believe now, then you clearly haven't watched or been to the right Mediums. Look out for John Edward and/or Lisa Williams on sky, they are the best of the best and I defy anyone to watch a few episodes of theirs or visit them and not end up believing in their abilities to prove a life after death.

Pedro on July 17, 2012:

People who believe in the after life are great examples of how the brain can be self deluded into believing ideas which have no basis in reality. There is no after life, it is wishful thinking - enjoy your time here and now.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 07, 2012:

No worries stressily, don't worry, I got what you meant and no 'pain' inflicted :)

stessily on January 07, 2012:

mistyhorizon, My apologies for mistyping your husband's name! I hope that it did not cause you any pain. I did remember that Richard is your current husband's name; I felt that I should have proofread my comment before posting but the computer was already having conniptions, so a quick skim was all I felt I could do.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 07, 2012:

Thanks for commenting stessily, yes it is lovely that Dave has his own special way of staying in touch, and it still happens today. I must add that I never married Steve (he was the evil psychopath I lived in Tenerife with, I have hubbed on this too if you are interested). I married my current Husband Richard, who is a lovely man and who I am still with 6 years later :)

stessily on January 07, 2012:

mistyhorizon, Dave's contacts with you are touching and show that love does not end with death because this earthly existence is not all that there is in the universe of infinite possibilities.

I am sure that you could devote an entire hub to appearances of Dave's call number, 51, in your life. I love the car number plate that had '51 GO' in its number as a sign to marry Steve! Such is the power of love!

Thank you for sharing these interesting experiences.

MoonlightPrincess on September 21, 2010:

I have had the pleasure of having readings from both Marjorie Kite and some of her aquaintances - when I had attended the monthly spiritual meetings in the Town Hall at Royston in Hertfordshire, which was about two miles from Marjorie's home, and when I had private sittings. The most memorable one was in 1991, it started in the Town Hall and finished a couple of nights later in Marjorie's home. I was divorced and had since been in a relationship with a wonderful man for three years. Unfortunately he died suddenly. About two weeks later I went to the meeting at the Town Hall. Marje was reading that night. I was sitting in the "audience" and was chosen by spirit for a reading. I didn't know Marje at that time so there is no way she could have known any of the details she then proceeded to tell me. Firstly one of my father's brothers came through. He said about my ex-husband's terrible car accident and how his foot had not been fixed straight, about my youngest son (he gave his name) who I had been having a lot of trouble with, about when I went to visit another uncle in hospital on my brother's wedding day, wearing my bridesmaid's dress, and several other things, none of which anybody apart from family would have known about. Then he left and my wonderful man came through. I wasn't expecting it because it was so soon after his passing, which I had so wrongly blamed myself for. He mentioned a couple of things that were happening at that time and started to say something else but for some reason, all of a sudden he was gone. I was both saddened by his quick departure that night but happy because he had managed to come to visit albeit for just a short while. But it didn't end there. About three days later Marje came into the shop where I worked and asked me if I had a couple of minutes spare. She had found out where I worked and "had to deliver the rest of my reading"! Luckily I was the manager there and took a few minutes out. What she then told me was - that because my wonderful man had been cut short that night, he was most insistent that she get the full message to me. He had "pestered" her for two nights running until she agreed to come to me. The message was "Thank you for the red rose". She told me she obviously knew what it was about and knew the story behind it but could I just confirm it for her. So I told her.

His family did not agree with our relationship. I was 14 years younger than him. For the three days that his body was in the chapel of rest I could not go to see him. I did not get the chance to say "Goodbye" and say the things that I needed to say, like "I'm sorry" and "I love you". I was so upset that I was being physically sick. I decided to take the risk of ringing the funeral director and asking if I could go out of hours. I think that he took pity on me when I told him the situation and could hardly speak for crying and he could hear the distress in my voice because, against all the rules, he allowed me to go that evening, after dark. When I was there with my wonderful man I held his hand, I stroked his hair and I talked to him for a little while and when it was time for me to leave I gently kissed him on the lips and placed a single red rose in his hands. Nobody else visited after me. Nobody else could have known about the red rose apart from my wonderful man.

Marje then told me that it was the same story that she had been told by him. He wanted me to know that I wasn't to blame myself because it wasn't my fault and the strange little things that had been happening in my house were his way of showing me that he was still around. I cried and thanked her and then she made me laugh by saying "Thank goodness for that! At least I'll be able to sleep tonight now!" He had a cute little way of stroking the hair at the base of my neck when I was worried about anything. It's nineteen years ago now and I have since remarried but I still get "the stroke" at the base of my neck when I'm worried about anything. Even after all that time I know he's still around.

ChristianLiberal from Folsom, CA on July 11, 2009:

I was working as a nurse at a Kaiser hospital, in the cardiac unit. People there were scared - usually just recovering from a heart attack or cardiac surgery. This one fellow was just bubbly and animated, and I asked him what was up. He told me he had a near-death experience during his heart attack. You cannot imagine the joy in his face! I had just finished reading Life After Life, by Raymond Moody. I later joined the Int'l Assn. for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).

I had one worked as a statistician - market research surveys.

I found out that IANDS had thousands of cases in their database, but had never tabulated them. So I volunteered to tabulate NDE data - wrote a white paper on the subjece (, and just now finished on book on the same subject (insert here the idea of shameless self-promotion).

The book is "A Measure of Heaven" and is now available on Quite frankly, I'm proud of that work, as NDEs open up the promise, especially for people who were skeptics like me, the possiblity that indeed God's promises of eternal life are REAL!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 07, 2009:

Lovely comments from all of you, C.C, G'Ma and LG, thank you all, as this is a important message to share, especially with those who have doubts. I for one believe each and every one of you had genuine experiences, and know for sure I am not scared of death because my belief in your kinds of experiences is so firm.

Debra Allen from West By God on April 07, 2009:

Misty, this had to be hard to publish that here with all those who think tis a thing of Satan. We have spoke on many of these things and I believe you in everything that you say.

Although I have not been pronounced dead or anything like that I had an Out Of Body Experience that showed me there was another place we go. There are very kind people there. Maybe I had two of those experiences because the first one was when something horible was happening to me and I was "pulled" out of my phyiscal body. I wasn't even aware that one could do that or have that happen to them. I was pulled to the top of my window that faced the front of my house. I was in the bedroom when this happened and was in a yellow haze. There was someone there with me and I watched what was happening to me there on the bed in my bedroom. I didn't have any emotions and the surrounding area around me and the Jesus was like outerspace. It wasn't dark but I could have left if I really wanted to, but Jesus told me that everything was going to be OK. He had his arm around me.

This other place that I went to must have been when I had my breakdown of sorts. I was going through some very bad times and I sat down in my comfy chari one day and didn't get up fromthat chair for 3 days. I mean didn't go to the bathroom, eat, drink or anything. I remember seeing a yellow bright light coming towards me then. I wasn't afraid of it and I kind of kew it like I had always known it. This must have been the time wehere I found my room and a small stream that I walked along and there were many others there as well. Each person was doig whatever it was they were doing. The colors were so vivid, nothing like here. The love was like nothing here on earth and it was the same kind that I felt when I met Jesus when he pulled me out of my physical body. There is nothing likeit here on earht.

The thing that I rememberd most was that I was never asked what religion I beleved in nor even if I believed in him or God. No questions were asked at all, but the love was so wonderful. I am a bit scared to leave this earth but at the same time I am not because I know of that Unconditional love that is there and it is here too if we want it. Many years later I became a Universal Life Minister. Lots of peole have a problem with that, but it is the UNconditional love that it shows that I also received that I was guided to be a speaker for the Christ-consiousness.

Sorry this rambled on.

I also had a lovely walk and talk down a Yellow blossumed, tree lined, road AFTER my Grandmother's death. Her younger son and I had her visit, but he doesn't remember or chose to foget it. I have not because it was beautiful and we talked about all the thing she wanted to do with me and couldn't.

Merle Ann Johnson from NW in the land of the Free on April 06, 2009:

Well I wasn't sure one way or the other...but am now closer to believing all this...i was one breath away from death not even a year ago...the doctors told my daughter it was over and to call the family in...they all were there...but I am here now too...can't say i had any outer experiences but a whole new outlook on life now....G-Ma :O) Hugs

C. C. Riter on April 06, 2009:

I believe you Misty, sure do. If there will be no animals or creatures in heaven, then where will Christ get his horse from tho return on it along with a whole host following? I came close to death more than twice and was introduced to old Scottish relatives that I never knew, I saw wonderous creatures, I was on no drugs. I've seen angels, and demons, and have been visited by ghosts.

My ancient Scottish relatives told me to be a highlander and fight for life and live. I did, and I do. This before I knew my ancestry

C. C. Riter on April 06, 2009:

I believe you Misty, sure do. If there will be no animals or creatures in heaven, then where will Christ get his horse from tho return on it along with a whole host following? I came close to death more than twice and was introduced to old Scottish relatives that I never knew, I saw wonderous creatures, I was on no drugs. I've seen angels, and demons, and have been visited by ghosts.

My ancient Scottish relatives told me to be a highlander and fight for life and live. I did, and I do. This before I knew my ancestry

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 06, 2009:

LOL Pest, well whatever works for you I guess!! :)

Pest from A couch, Ionia, MI on April 06, 2009:

"Poltergeist' the movie...and my trailer is pearched on an ancient Indi...Native American burial ground.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 06, 2009:

Thank you for this Pastor Lonnie, I found your description of your own experience of death rivetting, and at the same time inspiring. I shall definitely be reading your site.

PastorLonnie from Mobile, Alabama on April 06, 2009:


You ask the question "What Convinced You of Life After Death?"

My answer is that I actually died on February 16, 2008 (just over a year ago) and was translated into Heaven.

Now, my own death was preceded by treatment for Stage IV oropharyngeal cancer which consisted of chemo and radiation therapies for months. Then, on February 16th I died of a drug overdose caused from my treatments. When I say that I died I really mean that I DIED -- in at least 3 ways.

First, I suffered from respiratory arrest (death), then, due to the respiratory arrest I suffered cardiac arrest (heart attack that led to death), and, finally I was formally pronounced dead due to the fact that when they did an EEG (brain wave scan) on me I showed no brain actvity (caused by cerebral hypoxia/anoxia -- death).

My wife was told by the on-call physician as well as several nurses that, prior to my dying of brain death, the best case scenario was that if I woke up it wouldn't be for a minimum of 3 weeks and, due to the fact that I'd also suffered from a major stroke, she could expect to spoon feed me and change my diapers for the rest of my life. Then, later that evening she was told in no uncertain terms that I was DEAD (brain dead) and that she should go ahead and sign the DNR forms so they could harvest my organs to help other people live.

Needless to say, since I am personally writing this comment, while I was dead, I got better. In fact, I was immediately healed of several physical disorders the day I was resurrected and I've not suffered any physical brain damage from the stroke. Plus, while I wasn't supposed to wake-up for at least 3 weeks I was in and out of the hospital in 10 days!!!

In short, while I was dead here on Earth I was very much alive in Heaven. I was immediately transported onto a road of translucent gold (see through gold) and was flanked by three angels. While on the road I was able to see what was going on back on Earth. Further, I saw that two of my relatives were in Hell. I also experienced some incredible things -- such as a peace that literally goes beyond all human understanding, the scent, smell and breeze of Heaven, and I saw hundreds of people who met me there. Further, my experience in Heaven was later confirmed by at least two different sources; 1) The experience of a Southern Baptist Minister by the name of Don Piper who wrote the book "90 Minutes In Heaven." His experience and my own so mimic each others that I will be eternally grateful that I'd not read his book prior to my own death. The reason is because if I had I would be convinced that most of what I had experienced in Heaven was simply a hallucination based on his book. As it is, I read his book AFTER I died and so it was confirmation of what I had seen while in Heaven. 2) I met a woman in Heaven whom I'd never met on Earth. In fact, she died nearly 30 years prior to my own death in 2008. The woman is my mother-in-law (my wife's mom -- June) and she was wearing a blue dress with puffy blue sleeves. The reason I note the type of dress she was wearing is because it served as a second confirmation in that one of my wife's cousins (Thea) remembered telling her aunt June not to wear the dress because it made her look too small. I recount this testimony of the dress for two reasons; 1) The type of dress June was wearing simply isn't in my 'wardrobe vocabulary' -- in other words while I'd never seen a dress like it, even if I had, I wouldn't have imagined anyone wearing one. 2) Since I've returned from Heaven I've searched through every picture that anyone has of June and not one of them shows her wearing a dress that remotely resembles the one that I saw her in and that Thea remembers her wearing (by the way, Thea was told my story by her mom and dad -- not me -- which means there's no way I could have influenced her).

In any case, THIS is why I believe in Life After Death (I experienced it). If you'd like to learn more about my experience you can visit my web site at:

In Christ,

Lonnie HoneycuttAuthor: Death, Heaven and Back (The True Story of One Man's Death and Resurrection) -- Available on

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on September 23, 2008:

I will have to look into Harold Klemp as he sounds kind of interesting.

Rik Rodriguez from Hawaii on September 23, 2008:

Great Hub I would say for me the one author that hashelped me gain more insite in the spiritual realm is Harold Klemp a farmer from Wisconsin. The psysic realm is lets say where the spiritual aspect can begin as it did for me many years ago.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on September 23, 2008:

Thanks agvulpes, fancy you having a 51 call sign too, spooky coincidence don't you think!

Peter from Australia on September 23, 2008:

You sure tell a good tale. Fair sent shivers up me back ya did. brrrrr.

My taxi call sign when I was driving 40 yrs ago was Don51 go figure!

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