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What Astrology & the Zodiac Taught Me About My God. Part I of II.

First section of my epiphanies, covering some bases on: astrology, zodiac signs, destiny, religion, spirituality, tarot & energy of creation


Open-Minded Experiences and Intelligently Researched Theories

I say that, to say this...if you're closed off to any possibility, you are wrong. Any theory you have about life, or Creation, or our Creator...has to involve every aspect known to exist.

To explain a step further, because this is hard to put into words in the way I need it to be comprehended, you must take everything into account.

Yes, you can (and have to) include all "science" with "religion".

And yes, astrology was imperative to the function & daily lives of past ancient civilizations for a reason, and yes they followed God without fail. (Obviously you can assume I'm speaking of people who worshipped one God, and not many gods; including Semitic speaking tribes of the Middle East and Mediterranean).

These groups are the main ones I'm focusing on because they started and spread the 3 largest religions in the world, and by proxy, the specific doctrines that trickled in over time.

Many groups in Christianity, for instance, assume zodiac and birthcharts are in the same category as spellwork and black magic. This is the doctrine my family knew well, and I felt a serious amount of guilt for even researching the subject.

I still know I'm speaking to God in prayer, and not a fairy moon goddess...or whatever. No offense, just not my higher power...and it's better to serve a fairy than to not have a higher power at all, so there's that. Plus, I'm not judging. Seriously, look at the subject matter here.

Okay, moving on. This little spill of mine will be a radical point of view for many readers, but it will inspire radical enlightenment in many others who were trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Like I said before, you have to see each puzzle piece before you can place the puzzle together. This puzzle will not be "wall-worthy" until the missing pieces are glued up.


Filling Voids

So, what happened? How are so many ancient secrets lost? Why are many of us living lives we don't like?

Many of us still can't find happiness because we aren't satisfied with where we are in our matter what we have or achieve. We still feel empty, or like there's something we have to do.

Want to know why? It's in the stars. God placed it there as your guide to find your life's work.

It is there because many of us aren't slowing down enough, or even try to, long enough to hear God. When He does try to get our attention, we don't listen. Most people pray and just do what they want, then call it faith. No. We are supposed to wait for an answer. God will always speak if you're listening. He has never abandoned me before, and I'm sure He doesn't do that on a normal basis to others.

We just won't meditate on it, we don't sit with the Word.

One thing we can know for sure, and it's a blessing to find, is who we are and what we are on this earth to do. We get this from a birthchart that's based on the positional characteristics of the sky's objects at the exact moment we came into this plane of existence (When we took our first breath outside of the womb).

Makes sense. It's a snapshot of where everything was located when you were born. Seriously, this chart may become one of the most important charts you ever read about yourself.

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We try to fit what we want, or what our parents want for us, into our life as our career. We obtain degrees and families, we travel and make money, yet why aren't we happy? It's because God never intended for us to find peace and joy in the things found on Earth. These things can be taken from us, like we see in the book of Job.

What are you good at? Do you have any unusual or unique talents? These are gifts, virtues are also gifts. Patience is my worst virtue, so I find myself in situations that require me to have a ton of it. God isn't a stiff, and I'm sure it's entertaining to hear my rants, yet, He is teaching me from a loving place.

That's one way in which we are given life's lessons, and we are expected to understand that and defeat our weaknesses. It does mirror the famed saying, "One must admit there is a problem before it can be fixed."

So, what are you absolutely passionate about? What's your "thing"? There's a reason for that as well. It not only has something to do with your genetics, but also with your destiny. I will use my "life" for the example once more, as I'm only certain enough to speak for the research I've done on my own family's genealogy.

I've spent my whole life obsessed with history and the macabre. As I came up in age, I seemed to narrow down the field (or timeframe) of history I wanted to specialize in. By 14, I was taking Latin with an intent to focus on the Classical cultures.

Then I learned about Constantinople, became enchanted with the Old Testament, Turkey and the Byzantine Empire...and decided to settle down in this era.

My fascination with the Middle East and Carthage also emerged as I learned more about the ancient world. As an American with no apparent reason for this enthrallment, I couldn't have told you why I felt drawn to this region. Years later, I decided to study my family lineage, and I also took several DNA tests.

The results blew me away. I have Jewish, Iberian, Balochi, Basque, Balkan, and several others intertwined in there. I started my research in 2019 by using my raw data from the DNA tests to plug into other websites for further evaluation. It broke down each ethnicity further, and I obtained my cousin and brother's DNA to use as well.

I was drawn to that part of the world because deep down, I'm apart of that place. It is the side seldom seen, therefore the side I needed to find and work on. Now, years later, I have a better relationship with God. I attribute this to my genealogical research because I found my local Messianic Synagogue that way.

I wanted to learn about the Jewish ideologies and my ancestors, found the local Synagogue and started listening online one day, and have been listening ever since. That is, by far, the greatest thing that came out of the journey.

Not only did I find my physical place spiritually in that sense, I formally acknowledged the gift I had been given. This gift was hidden, yet known.

I had to accept all of my weird experiences as unique to my life, that most people don't have early memories of things staring at them through their windows...or ghosts at stop-signs located on random back roads....or deja vu...or strangers telling you on multiple occasions that you're a witch, or powerful, or some crap. Kinda weird.

I'd dismiss the notion of witchcraft back then because it was Satanic, and it can very well be. However, I have since learned that we are reading the Bible from a "Western Perspective", and that God knows our heart. Witches, rather good or bad, have to set intentions for a spell or a thought to work. If intentions are pure, it isn't Satanic.

We are more Satanic by placing Christmas trees up, blowing out birthday candles, and Easter egg hunting than for casting a spell of pure love and good intention on another human being. Notice I said pure love, as in casting it with love in your heart, not actually casting love spells.

Those are wrong to do, in my opinion, because the motives are selfish and it can influence another person's life. Not cool. So, now that's out of the way.

To summarize up to this point, which I'm sure you get now...there's a reason we are the way we are. We love what we love because it's who we are, even if we don't know that yet.

Our passions are here for us to indulge in, learn more about, connect the dots, then share that with the world. Somebody without an interest in history won't do well explaining the missing link in terms of pottery between Corded Ware and Bell-beaker people to the general population. Those people will look awkward and unbelievable, even if they are reading the facts off of a piece of paper.

You've seen those types of people on television, or in press conferences. They just seem to be forcing it.

*I haven't even pointed out the other major ways everything can connect yet, so I'm definitely doing a second part to this one. It's astounding me that the more I write, the more I think of to include. I promise, these dots will connect. I just had to make certain my examples and underlying thought process was understood. That will definitely help when I start putting all these seemingly random topics together.


Part II Of This Article

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