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What Are Zodiac Decanates? What Do They Mean For Gemini?

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I've always found Astrology intriguing. I'm especially interested in affect the stars, sun, moon, and planets have on who we are.

More Than Meets The Eye

We all know about zodiac signs and how our birthdays dictate what our Sun sign is. We know there are certain traits zodiac signs share (#TeamLeo, am I right?!). Thousands of newspapers, magazines, and entertainment sites publish generalized horoscopes every month. But is that all there is to it?

Do you ever read one of these "generalized" lists of zodiac traits and think, "hmm, this really doesn't sound like me"? Or look at your "zodiac twin" and say "We really don't act that much alike!"?

Lord knows I look at my older sister (who's also a Leo) and think, "it has to be because she was born in August!". And, it turns out, I was right!...Well, sort of.... There are many aspects of an individual's birth chart that factor into who they are! One of these aspects is called a decanate.

A Picture Of The Zodiac

A Picture Of The Zodiac

What Is A Decanate?

Zodiac signs are split into three parts. Each part spans the length of about 10 days. These three parts are known as decanates.

Some History About Decanates

Decanate derives from the Greek word, "dekanoi", which literally means "10 days apart". The Greeks learned from the Egyptians, whose calendar year consisted of 12 months containing 30 days each. They would split each month into three 10-day parts. That has since changed to reflect the 365 (sometimes 366) day calendar year.

What Do Decanates Do?

The 12 signs of the zodiac are split into decanates, each lasting about 10 days. Decanates don't change any of the zodiac traits. They simply cultivate them and make them more unique! Each decanate has it's own planetary ruler, known as a "sub-ruler" and constellation. The sub-ruler helps enhance the decanate's specific characteristics.

This means, zodiac signs born under either of the three decanates will have distinct characteristics that set them apart from each other. We just kicked off Gemini season, so let's see what the decanates mean for them.

The Decanates Of Gemini

Above, we learned that although the current calendar no longer uses this as a method of dividing the months of the year, each sign of the zodiac is split into three decanates. Each decanate has it's own planetary sub-ruler and constellation. The decanates cultivate and individualize zodiac sign traits. Let's take a look at the decanates of Gemini and learn what unique traits each one has.

The First Decanate Of Gemini

Duration: May 21 to May 30

Constellation: Lepus, The Hare

Planetary Sub-Ruler: Mercury

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Geminians born under this decanate have an uncommon capacity for forming close relationships. They enjoy new ideas and lunge at the chance to express themselves. Geminis born during this decanate have a sharp mental awareness. They don't like to muddy issues by thinking with sentiment. Beneath the surface, these Geminis tend to worry and be tense. They are known for their logic and rationality. In love, this sign will usually get involved in their loved one's affairs.

The Second Decanate Of Gemini

Duration: June 1 to June 10

Constellation: Orion, The Giant Hunter

Planetary Sub-Ruler: Venus

Geminis born under this decanate thrive in the social scene. Recognition and approval are important to them. If they want to pursue something, they will give it their all! These Geminians love to travel, as it opens them up to new experiences. They are known for their generosity with their time and possessions. Geminians from this decanate are known to be argumentative, especially when it comes to their own ideas. They also have a TON of sex appeal (thanks, Venus)!

The Third Decanate Of Gemini

Duration: June 11 to June 20

Constellation: Auriga, The Charioteer

Planetary Sub-Ruler: Uranus

These Geminis are known for their thoughtfulness. They prefer to approach life through intellectual, as oppose to emotional outlets. They tend to have a clear and perceptive rationale. Others look to them for advice. Geminians born during this decanate are witty and chatty. They will be brutally honest with their opinions! They expect others to live up to their very high standards, which makes them too demanding at times. You need to engage this Gemini's mind before you can engage in even more exciting endeavors (wink)!

Gemini Zodiac Symbol

Gemini Zodiac Symbol

It's Time To Fly

Ugh, I know! I did it again for this post... In the heading, no-less! I promise, no more "air" puns. Okay, the key takeaways of this post are:

  • Decanate comes from the Greek word, dekanoi, meaning ten days apart.
  • Egyptians used decanates in ancient times to split the months of the calendar into three parts.
  • Astrology uses decanates to split each zodiac sign into three parts.
  • Each decanate enhances the signs' traits and gives them a unique quality.

We went over the decanates of Gemini (#GeminiSeason) and learned how each decanate individualizes the traits of Gaminians born during those specific times. I hope I was able to teach you something new about astrology.

If you're curious to know where I get all this information to bring you such amazing blog posts, the book I use as a reference is called The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, By Joanna Martine Woolfolk. I believe her too. This book is massive! But, I'm still looking to add to my collection! Anyway, if you're not a Gemini, don't worry. I'll be going over all of the zodiac cusps and decanates as the seasons arrive. Stay tuned!

The Book I Use As Reference

The Book I Use As Reference

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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