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What Are Shadow People

Have You Ever Seen Shadow People?

Have you ever seen shadow people? If so, please post a comment below.

Have you ever seen shadow people? If so, please post a comment below.

Shadow people are said to move quickly and often vanish when you look at them. Many times, you only catch their movement out of the corner of your eye. Some people say shadow people wear clothing while others say they see only a black shape without details. Some claim to see shadow people wearing hats, and others have even claimed to see fiery red eyes.

One public place where shadow people are often seen is Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. Several photos and even a video of shadow people have been taken there. It is interesting to note that in some locations, shadow people have been seen by many different people for a hundred years or more. This vast history makes it clear that these people have to be seeing something.

Trauma seems to play an important part in the shadow people's visibility. In almost every case where shadow people are seen, it can be proved that a person died in the area, usually in a violent manner.

So have you ever seen a shadow person? What do you think about shadow people? Post your thoughts below.

What Are Shadow People? A Video.

Shadow People

Shadow people have been seen all over the world by many different people. You see them discussed on the TV ghost shows. They appear to be ghosts but are different from residual or intelligent hauntings.

I have witnessed shadow people on many different occasions over the years. In my mother's house, there was and is a shadow person or entity that has been there for quite a few years now. It appears to dwell in her bedroom, and many different visitors have seen it. It looks like the shadow of a man, and you usually see him walking back and forth in front of the dresser in the bedroom. Sometimes, you can clearly hear the sound of walking while at other times, you will only see the shadow man.

The shadow man in Mom's bedroom appears to be about 6 feet tall, and wearing clothes and a hat. Several people (including myself) have tried to talk to him, but he has never spoken or made any sound other than the sound of him walking.

Some people think that shadow people are the spirits of a deceased people trapped here on earth and unable to move on. If you are bothered by one, encourage it to look for and move into the light. However, I tried that with the shadow man in my mom's bedroom and he's still there. It is interesting to note that on the hilltop across from my mom's house is an American Indian graveyard.

Other strange things also happen in Mom's house: Items will move on their own, the lights in the bedroom will turn on and off, and you hear a loud motor running that is not there. Sometimes you will feel as if something or someone has brushed past you.

Where information was available, it has often been found that the shadow person died a violent death. Maybe they were killed so fast that they don't realize they are dead. They are quite often seen where lots of people were killed—like on the

Graves of Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury, and Tom McLaury in Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona.

Graves of Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury, and Tom McLaury in Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona.

Shadow people: Not a picture of one, but this is how most people describe them.

Shadow people: Not a picture of one, but this is how most people describe them.

Is Your House Haunted?

Notice the shadow people circled in the photo above.

Notice the shadow people circled in the photo above.

Shadow People

In my friend's yard and house, you can often catch a glimpse of a shadow person. You can only see a dark shape, but it is clearly a female. I see her all the time darting from one tree to another like she is trying to hide from someone.

This is the most active shadow person I have ever seen, and it acts differently from any other shadow person I have ever seen. I have tried to talk to it, but as soon as it sees me, it runs away and vanishes.

I have tried several times to get a photo of it, but so far, I have had no luck. I will keep trying.

What Are Shadow People?

Shadow People are dark humanoid shadow-like beings that have been seen way back in history, but they are now being seen by more and more people. What they are exactly is open to debate. They are often seen moving about with jerky movements, and when you notice them, they quickly vanish into the ceiling or a wall. Some people think they are all evil, but I have my doubts. I have seen some that appeared to be anything but evil (though I have seen some with bright glowing red eyes that did seem menacing).

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It's interesting to note that shadow people have been seen in America all the way back to the early times of the Cherokee Indian Native Americans. There are rocky outcroppings in the North Carolina mountains where they have been seen for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Shadow Man In Location Where I Just Moved

I moved into a new location back on August 17th, 2010, and since then, I've seen a shadow person I'm sure is a male, several times in the house and a few times in the yard.

My Friendly Female Ghost

There is also a female ghost here in the house but she is a regular ghost and not a shadow person. I hear her at times operating an old-time pedal sewing machine although there is no pedal sewing machine in the house.

About eleven years ago, a lady who drank beer all the time fell dead outside the back door with a heart attack. While alive, the woman had sewn for people, and she did have an old-time pedal sewing machine. She died quickly and for some reason I think she may not even realize she is dead. In the middle of the night and almost until dawn, you can hear her sewing.

The Story of the Shadow Man in the Home I Just Moved In

The man I see moves about very quickly though I have seen him several times standing perfectly still. One evening, just before dark when the stars were just visible above, I saw him walk across my backyard, up the back steps, and right through the backdoor. I came into the house almost at once, but I did not see him inside that day. Though I have seen him in the house several times including just a couple of minutes ago. When I saw him just a few minutes ago, he was standing in the hallway near the bathroom door, perfectly still. When he noticed me watching, he left almost at once.

What The Shadow Man Looks Like

He's about 6 feet, 6 inches tall, and you can tell he is wearing clothes and shoes. He is not wearing a hat. He has regular eyes. He appears not to want you to stare at him, and if you do, he quickly vanishes.

I have seen him travel quickly from the living room area over into the kitchen area. When he moves, it's like he's just a blur. It is, however, very easy to see him when he stops. As of October 1, 2012, I've not been able to take a photo of him. If he sees me reach for the camera, he vanishes.

I am interested in shadow people, and I've done extensive research over the years trying to discover what they are. I think they are some form of ghosts while others think they are something else.

Do You Have A Story?

If you or someone you know has a shadow person story, I would like to hear from you. Please send me an email to with "Shadow People" in the subject line.

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Andrea Croucher on December 17, 2018:

Several years ago I was in bed relaxing & trying to sleep, not long after going to bed.

Im a night owl & my husband the opposite, and he'd been in bed asleep (snoring) for quite some time.

A buzzing noise occured near my bedroom door....a cracking, fizzing kind of noise, like electricity with popping sounds, lots of buzzing movement.

A black shadow appeared at the doorway (but more than was like a squiggle of black lines moving, buzzing, electrified), it moved from the doorway, on the right hand side of the bed & along the front of the bed, to me, where I was lying on the left hand side.

This fizzing and cracking noise continued as it came around the bed towards me.....I didnt mean to but I cowered (freeked out) in the bed and brought the sheets up to my chin then over my face. My husband was back facing me at the time and snoring...oblivious to what horror was unfolding before my eyes....

This entity came right up beside my bed and started to lean down towards me....I cant say that I saw this but I felt it with every inch of my being.....Imagine my total surprise & horror when my husband (from backfacing me) suddenly twisted around and put one arm over me and said in this demonic voice (inches from when it stood) "GO AWAY" in a voice I'd never ever heard from him ever.. I can only describe it as a demonic voice, rough, gravely & from the soul??.....then he fell back into the position he was just seconds earlier & commenced snoring almost instantly again! with no memory of this occuring!

This entity completely vanished after my husband did this....I was unable to speak & totally dumbstruck with what had happened...

I sat up, turned the light on and spent a few minutes in contemplation about what had happened before I woke my husband and explained what he had done...

He comforted me but had no idea of the horror he helped me to avoid!

Can anyone please enlightened me further on what happened? This is the kind of stuff you see in movies and not real life?

J on September 24, 2018:

What if you see them in day time, just passing by like they dont care if you see them? About 3 pm. Solid form all black featureless, what are they and what they want do you know

mike on April 28, 2016:

started to see shadow people in the last fue days sat at my pc looked over sholder to see some standing there as see them they vanish also things keep catching the corner of my eye

monthati on August 14, 2015:

wow very interesting i thought i was the only person seeing shadow people

Paul Vu on July 28, 2015:

On the night after my mom died when I was 11 years old a shadow appeared when I was sleeping along with my brother and sister. It wasn't a small house but, we only have one bedroom at the time where everyone slept. I believe it might of been sleep paralysis because when I saw the shadow figure I could not move or knew what to make of it until it approached me and appeared to give me a hug. My heart began racing and I had this undesirable fear. Then everything blacked out and It was like i was asleep again. When I woke up I clearly remembered the moment but, could not seem to make out weather I was awake or asleep during the encounter with "The Shadow Figure".

The same exact thing happened the night after, but I never mentioned it to anyone until about 3 years later during a confession in which I asked a Priest what the shadow might of meant. He only responded with an answer that said ,"The Shadow Figure is just your imagination"

My beliefs and faith reached a turning point...

Now 8 years later I have come to the assumption that the visit was from my Mom, since I always been the "Trouble Child". I never made good grades in school compared to my siblings and cousins. Also I was told that she loved and worried about me the most..hence the reason for the visit.

This is one thing science cannot prove nor disprove.

Shadow Figures seem to be connected to something...and in my case I believe it was my Mom attachment to me. She loved me too much to let go and was somehow stuck in between worlds.

Justine brooks on July 20, 2015:

Ok so like 10 minutes ago i was at the entrence of my hallway and i was frozen in fear as i looked forward and saw a 7ft figure all black basically a black silhouette of a ma, no features, stich its whole head out of the laundry room and it stood there for like 2 minutes then disappear

Joe on July 09, 2015:

This is weird, but I woke up and saw a black mass on the ceiling. If my eyes were squinted it would move closer and closer to me, the longer I held the squint the closer it would move towards me. If I opened my eyes fully the black shadow would immediately retreat and look like a normal shadow on the wall, could have been my eyes playing tricks on me.

Joe on July 09, 2015:

I got major goose bumps when I saw the picture of the shadow with a hat, I have seen that close to me.

Chase on May 27, 2015:

Ok so there is a shadowy figure that follows me. When I was little I remember I was in my bed at night and got a strange feeling. So I woke up. I could see something in front of my door. I thought it was my mom checking on me so I rubbed my eyes to make sure but it was not what I thought it would be. It was a figure of a person looking at me! I didn't know what to do so I sat still looking at it. Then it moved slowly towards me and stopped at the edge of my bed. The figure then bent down a crawled under my bed where I then felt it bump the bed softly twice from underneath. I yelled at the top of my lungs and when my parents heard what I told them they thought I just had a bad dream but it wasn't and they didn't believe me. And ever since I would always see the shadowy figure in a corner or hallway or closet or outside my window but when I looked at it. It would run or dart around the corner and disappear.

The last time I saw it I was at school at a high school football game warming up with the rest of the drumline just before halftime and I could see the figure in the freshman academy building staring at us through a window in a dark classroom. I nudged my friend and asked if he beloved me about the figure. He said no. I then pointed to the figure in the window and said what about now. He looked and saw it too. He said he could see it and it made me feel better. Cause I at least knew I wasn't crazy. But then the figure vanished and the shades moved and I would only see every now and then. It followed me every where for years. It even followed me through three houses. I don't know what it is or what it wants but I had a feeling it wasn't evil.

scott on May 20, 2015:

Back when I was about 19 years old(over 20 years ago now),we lived in a house with the back garden backing onto a graveyard.

I am not religious,and don't believe in ghosts/spirits etc.. but I am at a loss to explain this.

It started with hearing a voice calling my name as I would walk from our house on the outskirts of a coastal town in Scotland,this went on maybe once or twice a week for around 3 months,I put it down to my imagination at the time.

Around 1 week after the last time I heard my name called I was sitting in the living room with our 7 year old dog who never barked or growled at anything or anyone.

I was watching TV when my dog turned to the living room door with her hair up and growling,I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a shadow on the other size of a full sized glass door,so I turned around to see what she was growling at,a perfectly shaped pitch black shadow in the form of a 6'4" man was walking past the door but stopped and turned to look at me for about 3 seconds before walking on.

The figure had no eyes,no hat,no cloak,or hood,just looked like a perfectly shaped black cutout of a person,it was so strange to see,the only fear I felt was that someone had got into my house somehow.

I ran out the room into my bedroom and grabbed my machete and checked the entire house,every room,every door,every window,all were locked and there was no sign of anyone entering the house,my parents were at work,my brother was out,and it was around 2pm on a summer afternoon.

I never saw anything like that again,never heard the voice again,but my dog did look at the corner of the room with her hair up and growling a few times over the next few months,then it just stopped.

Again I do not believe in ghosts/spirits/gods/demons etc.. but am at a complete loss as to what to call this or put it down do.

Amanda on February 28, 2015:

Today I was laying in bed and started seeing things about the size of barbie dolls dressed in black hiding there faces but they never said anything and then I dot the camera and tried taking a pic but it didn't come out and they dissapeared..a fee seconds later a mini cowboy family sitting on the food of my bed I couldn't make them out much and they seemed scared I tried eating erthing to let them no theywere safe I reached and touched them but they were not solid. I even tried telling them I will never harm but I did try a picture and they Diasapeared. I want them to know if I scared them that I truly am sorry I hope they come back soon it was a wonderful experience

Brittney on February 23, 2015:

I see shadow people all the time! It started when i was 10 and has been following me ever since. I have moved all over phoenix over the years and no matter where im at (if im there long enough) it will always appear in my room, next to my side of the bed, while im asleep. Its like i sense something watching me because i always wake up out of a dead sleep to notice it. Once i notice it, it comes closer, unless i wake up my husband to turn on the light. I have also noticed it watching my children sleep when they were younger and slept inside their cribs.

Whats really odd is when i used to notice its presence, it would disapear, but now it comes closer which is very scary!! I havent seen the hatman but have seen a very dark human like figure, man like with long arms. I have also had a friend see it aswell during a sleep over, she happened to walk into my room to see it watching me sleep! So i know its not just in my head.

I have also seen ghosts that were very detailed but transparent. One tried to talk to me but i couldnt hear her, all i saw was her mouth moving. Later i found out the older woman who owned the place previously had died inside.

Mary Raffaele on February 14, 2015:

For the past month I have been seeing a black figure walking past on our decking out the back. For some reason am not scared but prefer not to see them. This figure also appears to wear a hat?? Is it bad to see this?

Royce on January 23, 2015:

Scary. I have actually seen a shadow person before. But when I seen it, it seemed to run away, not disappear. It seemed to have very human like reflexes, but it moved very unusual. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "this looks like a demon."

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN on January 19, 2015:

Very informtive article and it seems to havre a lot of feedback. Great Work! Weactually write about the same topic if you'd like to check it out sometime. Thanks, Thumbs up, Interesting and Sharing this great article!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 31, 2014:

Your very welcome. Thanks for a great story. It is appreciated.

Honesty on December 30, 2014:

I'm giving you the short version. On two separate accounts i have had very clear contact.

First time i was on the beach. My boyfriend was in the car rolling a joint. I walked to the water. For 2 hours he walked up and down the beach, screaming my name. He was about to dial 911 with tears in his eyes. He said he was afraid i drowned. I felt like no time passed but walked up the beach and had a driftwood in my hand. Walking stick. I looked around me and saw people. They were so many on the beach dressed in black. One was a customer of mine. I repeated his name several times. The people smiled and kept walking the beach. I then looked up the beach and saw my boyfriend. I could not explain the stick but it was bone dry. Vinny was crazy with worry. I told him i just walked away from the car few minutes ago, why was he do stressed out. He said no you were gone 2 hours. There are Couple more odd things that happened to us after that.

Another time i had to move from a home i rented. Bad things were happening to 6 families. It was a 6 family home. I went back in the evening to get more stuff. My two children were clung to my legs as i yelled at a large black shadow in the kitchen corner. I thought someone was hiding as it was dusk and it was the only thing i could think of. I said if you just leave i won't call the police.i was frozen because as my eyes adjusted i saw it was a very dark tall glob. Shaped like a person. Something drew me to it. I put my hand into the corner right into the shadow. To this day i will never forget my fear. I now have a white streak in my hair. I'm thinking from fear.i grabbed the children and ran. There were to many bad things going on and houses all around our house being burned down and all accidents. I actually left all my belongings. Left my frig side by side and furniture. Everything. I'm told since i was young i was sensitive. I am very intuitive. There are many stories since i was a child but these two stood out about shadow people.

Thank you for allowing me to share.


Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 08, 2014:

First of all try to get your brother professional help. Then try to get a member of clergy in to bless the house as soon as possible.

Dimplez on December 06, 2014:

So okay i have been staying in the same house with my parents for years i am the youngest of three children...when i was a kid between the ages of 3 to 8 i too have seen dark shadows entering in my brothers room, I've seen dolls moving in me and my sister's room, i have also heard voices etc. I still sometimes sense things and may see a dark shadow move very quickly out of my my peripheral vision. Both brother and sister no longer live here with my parents and i my brother has been on his own for 11 years and my sister for about 4 in half 5 years now, but see the thing is that my brother in the past abused crack and currently has started abusing alcohol unfortunately so recently he did something very irresponsible and landed himself in jail he got out, lost his place, and now lives back here with my parents and I. As a kid i knew that people who are not pleasant and that do deceitful wicked things to people can carry bad spirits unknowingly and my brother seems to have done that and sometimes these bad spirits can follow you where ever you go such as someone's else home,your place of business, even your own home this is why its good to pray at all times and ask GOD to cleanse you of all sins evil and wicked things that may have come upon you. My brother is lost he think he has it together but he doesn't he refuses to accept any wrong he's done as far as the drug use he thinks he can use the drug and stop for a little while and start back using we have tried to him help several times but he has denied our help sadly i don't want to watch my brother kill himself.... i know my brother is a great guy but he doesn't have the proper surroundings as in friends even his girlfriend smh we have prayed and we keep praying because we know GOD might not come when you want him to but he comes on time so i say that to say this since my brother has moved back in two weeks ago things have been strange. A few months back i had a dream that a man with a white face with feathers around his head was very very close standing in my face just looking at me then i blinked and suddenly he was at a further distance looking at me with a smirk on his face he didn't hurt me in my dream he wasn't the meanest but he was the nicest either.....but just 3 days ago my 3 year old son was crying and screaming loudly which concerned me deeply and startled me he had said that he seen a ghost downstairs in the corner so i quckly then began to pray....but shortly after that on December 6, 2014 i was messing around with my phone so i decided to take a few pictures because i was bored and on one of the pictures i noticed a little man about 5'8 slim figure with a WHITE FACE and red and black sweater on standing behind me i almost freaked out i showed a friend of mine he noticed it my mom noticed it and So did my dad so i knew i wasn't crazy! I don't know what's going on who it is or what it wants but i will pray pray pray until GOD casts it away in the name of JESUS! Give me some feed back please everyone

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 03, 2014:

I have had shadow people play games with me to so I know it happens. Thanks for the comment.

Nina on December 03, 2014:

I seem to see Shadow People a lot when I was a young mom in my twenties living by myself. Some were small and some were like 6 feet tall always fully clothes with a hat and a long trench coat on. Like if he had a suit on. He maybe could have been dressed like back in the 40's or to the 60's in suit wise. Never was evil or did me anything , but was very quick and did not want you to ever fully look at it. I became really good with looking at it in the corner of my eyes. The little ones were tricksters and played mine games with you. For example, I'm watching television and sits the remote right next to me, a few seconds later its not there. I spoke and said to it or them to replaceit back. Right now! And I looked back down and there it was placed right next to me. Shadow People also have followed me from one residence to another. So they do follow you. I live in a new state and have not seen it or the Shaodws anymore. I live in Kentucky by the way.

Marie on December 02, 2014:

I have had shadow people in my house for years. Usually going from the bathroom to my daughters room or fr the kitchen down the hallway.and outside going past the sun window as if it wants to be seem.y son even admitted it one day that he saw it go by the kitchen. Lately it is mostly outside but now it followse when I dropy husband off at work 17 miles away. He thinks I'm nuts. And also just recently shadow animals.

Jojo666 on October 30, 2014:

When I was walking home I saw a dark solid figure he was very tall and skinny but he had round hands like balls on the end of his arms and he was right in front of me but then walked right into the darkness towards a bus behind a van I walked past afterwards but couldn't see me but then next day I was walking to my bf's with him he's seen dead people all his life tho but he saw the head of the same person that I saw pop his head over a car bonnet this only started this week but as a kid I used to have terrormares and see bad ghosts in my room so I admit I do fear this one please can anyone email is they think they've seen the same thing at need to know

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on October 27, 2014:

Thanks for the wonderful comment. It is appreciated.

Eddie on October 27, 2014:

Coming home from my daughters house one nighti saw something. I didn't know exactly what it was until I read about it on the internet. I thought I was losing my mind for a while. Picture this,driving alone on a long straight road giant corn fields on both sides of the road just total darkness in front and behind. I was worried about a deer crossing in front of my car when I saw the shadow. It came at my car from the drivers side finder and crossed through entering my car (suv) and exiting out the back passengers side like where the back door is. I felt a cold mist like as it passed through. I have heard of such things like this but till then never had I seen it.

The first time I felt something of this nature I was working in a coal mines in eastern Ky. It was like something was behind me and I could feel the cold damp air on me,it was like running me away. That was the scariest I had ever been in my life.....but I saw nothing. I would love to know what it was I felt both times....and I truly promise this is totally true.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on August 24, 2014:

Thanks for your comment. I have seen shadow cats and dogs.

Frischy from Kentucky, USA on August 24, 2014:

There is a shadow cat in the house where I am living now. He doesn't seem to do anything except run past; although, sometimes we hear a crashing sound in another room, as if a cat has knocked something over. When we go to check, nothing has been disturbed. I suppose this could be related to the shadow cat.

I may have seen a shadow man once, although I could have been dreaming. I was staying at an old hotel in St. Louis with some friends. I woke up during the night and saw a shadowy man in a hat standing by the wall. I was frozen in fear. Then I screamed and he retreated into the wall, as if he backed into the wall. My friends were not happy with me, but he was quite vivid. This happened about 30 years ago and the memory is still fresh.

Kimatnz on March 12, 2014:

I'm reading people's comments on shadow people..well mine is different to everyone else's..because I was fully awake and mine was all white not tall and dark or with red eyes. I was sitting up watching tv and something caught my vision ..a reflection of my lounge side window mirrored onto sliding door. Anyhow I looked at the reflected window to see someone in all white walk passed the reflected side window..freckled me out terribly and then suddenly my two dogs outside went bells tic crazy. They only do that if someone is on our property, so I ran around and locked all the doors terrified and went to bed. When I told everyone about this they think I'm crazy. I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since because a terrible tragic accident killed our friends 7 year old son at lunchtime next morning about 12 hours later. I don't know if they are linked or not but very very scary. Within the week prior to that ghost or shadow person in window, we have had strange things happen inside my house like things moving from one place to another in a different area and can't figure how it got off a shelf and into a dog bed etc.....puzzled and

parag on February 27, 2014:

I have felt a ghost sitting on my legs and have seen a shadow figure with lion eyes walking in my house at 3 am so I believe in ghost, i have lived alone most of my adult life losing my parents at an early age,

so I want you people to revert on this,

Rose Loviatar on January 14, 2014:

Hello I’ve had many encounters from shadow people even animals and I’d like to tell you about them.

My first encounters were growing up in my grandma’s house I would see cat figures in or near my closet.

Again in this same house, I had a desk facing a large mirror. I was working on an art project and looked in to the mirror that reflects to my doorway and there was a black figure in my door way, I turned to talk to my grandmother whom I thought it was… nothing was there.

I was driving home from my boyfriends house in downtown, as i drove late at night between the street lights i would see people walk from one side of the road to the other despite cars in their path and a few even appeared in front of me.If they had been physical people i would have hit them, usually it was a sigh of relief to know that it was a black mass the shape of a man rather than a real physical man. other occasions on this road i saw dogs and a large male lion the shape was very distinctive i could even make out the head mane and tail. I still see shadow people on the road sometimes.

Later on and a different boyfriend I was driving to his home in base housing. I came around this corner that i travel by almost every day if not twice a day it was late at night and mid turn i see a small boy standing by a thin tree he is black in color but shape of a boy with short hair. i was in awe after this encounter, I was not scared at all. soon after in the house i was in the living room with my boyfriend i felt two spirits in my minds eye located on the stairs. i felt they were Benin so i wasn’t worried. i go to leave and we walk out and were talking longer than usual because it had been an emotional day. suddenly my boyfriend hugged me tightly almost a death grip and i could hear a small sob out of him - I was clueless as to what had caused this. suddenly i had a horrible pain in my forehead so bad i was sobbing clutched up in a ball grabbing my head and not being able to have a coherent thought. it fades after 30 minutes of this and i begin to walk and talk and I’m still in a small amount of pain so i took some pain killers and went home. i walked in the door and the pain came again just as fierce my grandmother was freaking out handed me a wet rag and sat there with me finally it ended. My grandmother almost had me hospitalized. I never found an explanation for this event and it has never happened again. Although my boyfriend later claimed that one of the spirits spoke to him in his mind that if he doesn’t make me leave I would be hurt (this is when he clinged to me).

halloween night 2010

I was at a friends party we got very bored and the girls mom that was hosting the party was one of those “cool moms.” A guest of the party was a young male who’s mother had just died in a trucking accident just a few weeks before. The “cool mom” decided we needed to go to the guys house and see if his dead mother left him any clues or messages. I was the one who drove the four of us to his house, the cool mom, her daughter, the son of the dead woman and myself. I looked to the lot next to the house and was filled with garbage, I could see shadow figures running through the stacked up trash and metal I took it as a bad sign, the air just felt icky, and it was a full moon.

We approached the house and I stopped the group and asked that someone say a protection prayer. We walk through the door and the others go to the right to the bed rooms, i went to the left where the living room ad the kitchen was around the corner. I took two steps and in a split second i saw a figure of a man come from around where the kitchen was and down the hall way towards me and went through me. i felt as though some one had pressed all the air out of my lungs like you do a beach ball, i fell to the floor on my knees in tears over come with emotions of pain and sadness that came from the entity, i also knew he was angry at what i do not know. it took me almost five minutes to recover and breath normally, when i got up i went to the mothers bedroom to see the “cool mom” throwing possessions around the dead mothers room and being nosey in the worst of ways with the way things looked at the room it was very disrespectful and hurtful for the son because the “cool mom” had given him this illusion and this hope that was not solidified at all. They were not harmed in any way wile in the house and they passed off my encounter as nothing.

i have a few other stories if you want to hear them let me know

my name is Rose Loviatar i am 21 and from new mexico

I am a pagan witch of 7 years

Brittany Crawford from Ashland, Kentucky on January 08, 2014:

Hello. I have seen multiple shadow people at one time. I have not seen one since I was about 9 years old. I was living with my mom in an apartment in Frankfort , Kentucky. I had never seen anything like this before. I had never seen ghosts or spirits or shadow people. Nothing. Nobody can make me believe that shadow people are not real. Some people who do not believe in spirits or ghosts, would like to believe that they are not real. However, if you have ever been in contact with one you know they are very real. I will explain to you how that night went now. I was laying in my bedroom. I do not remember if I was awake already or if something woke me. All I know is that when I looked up I saw 5 large shadow figures. There was a heating stove in my bedroom. I distinctly remember where they all were. One was standing in the doorway of the bathroom directly at the end of my bed, two were standing in front of my bed, one was sitting on top of the heating stove, and the other one was sitting on my bed. They were all staring down at me. Even the one who was on my bed was big enough to be sitting down and still looking down at me. I have never felt so much fear in my life. There was so much pressure and I swear I felt like they wanted me to die. They wanted to do me harm. After looking at them for a second or 2, I got really scared. I was trying to look at them to see if I could tell who it was. I never could make out a face. I never saw eyes at all. There were no red or yellow eyes like other people have said that they have seen. I took one last look and burrowed my head into the covers and prayed to God to take them away. A couple minutes later, when the fear subsided I looked out of the covers to see if they were still there. They were gone.. I have told people this story throughout my life. I do not know how to explain what I saw that night, but I know it was real. Since that time I have not seen any more shadow people. I have however heard someone screaming my name, footsteps, and I have a very uneasy feeling in my house now. I really think sometimes that certain people have an energy that ghosts or shadows are attracted to. A lot of people who have never experienced any form of the paranormal look at you like your crazy. I don't care if they think I am crazy. I am trying to figure out why I experience these things. I had read something about a theory of shadow people being attracted to those with addictions. When I was little, in the apartment that I saw the shadow figures, my mom was really addicted to drugs. I also have a small percentage of Cherokee Indian. I do not know if I am more prone to seeing spirits because of that... I just want some answers...

Dee Perry from Claremore, Oklahoma on December 24, 2013:

I live in Oklahoma and am a Cherokee indian. I have seen shadow people since I was preschool age. no matter where we lived (we moved a lot) eventually one would show up. I still see them today and I am almost 60 years old. my children also see them, as well as my siblings, and mother did too. which makes me think it's hereditary. a lot of things I experienced as a child terrified me, but not anymore. I had a medicine man tell me that no matter where I moved to, spirits would always follow because they were comfortable with me. and it has held true all my life. and I've lived in a lot of different houses. usually they start showing up within a six month period. I've had to cleanse many houses. but I don't bother anymore as neither I or my kids are scared if spirits

janice on October 26, 2013:

I have been exposed all my life to seeing things that others don't realize are in the same room with them.That makes you different.The problem is only a few persons,animals and childrens minds are open enough to accept what the eye has captured .I have shadow people now,an unknown heavy booted walker while Im watching,lights cuttings,thumps on the roof etc.The one who would stand and watch you and make the lights flicker left when I cleansed the house too many here.The only time Ive been scared was for 3 days don't knowhat it was,knew it was coming never slept Bibles open each corner of home animals went crazy when it neared I knew it was evil from a 120 yr old frame given to me.So I trapped it in a mirror ,forever rid of it and re cleaned homer.Key of my lesson watch what you bring into your home,from yard sales,grandmas attic,evil has to be invited in but it can be carried in also.

marlene keller on October 05, 2013:

I saw shadow people when I was three when it was dark where I slept. My mother turned off the lights and there were three cloaked figures and a big black slobbering mean looking dog. I never saw faces of the men in the black cloaks. They and their dog felt menacing as they surrounded my bed. Because my parents thought I was just afraid of the dark they began leaving a light on and the visits stopped. I didn't see another shadow person for decades, until about 10 years ago when I began to see them. I often see them on streets at night when I'm driving. They will be suddenly in my path on a freeway at 60mph, for example, and I feel certain that they are trying to startle me and cause me to slam on the brakes and lose control of my vehicle. They want to harm me. I have almost fallen into this trap but something stopped me from doing so. It made me angry enough that when I saw them after the first few times I would hit the gas rather than the brakes as they disappeared into thin air. That scenario ceased, but I have seen them darting around town fairly occasionally for years. They don't bother coming to my home -- as a result of their early visits to my room I have slept with lights on ever since. I never see them in daylight, either. They seem to exist in darkness and avoid light like the plague. Their presences here cannot be a good thing for any of us, in my opinion. I do feel that they are evil entities. Perhaps they want to scare us out of our bodies in order to take them over; I don't know for sure what their purpose might be here but that's how it appears to me.

Lisa on September 17, 2013:

My 23 yr. old son sees spirits all the time and has since he was little, and just a few days ago he saw a shadow person. He was asleep and heard his name, twice in a whisper, and when he woke up, there was a figure standing by the side of his bed with his hand outreached at his face. My son says he was so startled that he jumped and pulled his head away from the hand and blinked a couple of times. The figure was then at his bedroom door instead and in a few seconds, just flickered then vanished. I think he's been sleeping with the lights on lately.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 12, 2013:

I have been doing research for over fifty years in the paranormal field and I do not believe they are demons. I am also a retired Catholic priest. I do not deny that there are demons here on earth. I have met them. But all shadow people and ghosts are not demons. Some human spirits are trapped here on earth for one reason or another. I think shadow people are some form of a former living human. I can't explain it to you but I don't think they are all demons. Some maybe. But not all.

Stephanie812 on September 12, 2013:

I posted a comment some time ago but it never showed up. I felt it was highly important. Please allow this one, if not , email me and tell me why so I can revise it to show. I wrote a lot before for it to never make it to others eyes.

I spoke to a shadow being and can promised you all these are demons from hell.

I am Christian but only after being attacked by one did I see the truth behind it all. The Bible tells a story about Manasseh, his son Amon, and his son Josiah. Manasseh made idolatry.Amon carried it farther. Josiah ended it. If you study about the book of Enock, it speaks about these people who are now shadows because of their sins. They were the original fallen angels, and their hybrid children. They were the rulers and royalty of our ancient world. Hell was made for the fallen, not us. They want to drag us down there with them. I called one into my life when I was a child by being Wiccan. "Amon" was the one who answered. I lived poor, blind, and sickly. He watched. When I slept. When I showered. When I cleaned. He was always watching me.

Soon you all will see. More and more will surface and many more will see them. Please. Read the ancient books. Read about Enoch, the fallen and about the Bible.

Those who walked in the shadow of death, have seen the light.

georgiypotulov on September 11, 2013:

Crazyhorse, I agree with you, I am not sure if it was a shadow entity or what, but back in middle school, I was smacked by an unseen force in a middle of a field while playing flashlight tag during one weekend. ( Went to a private boarding school in Princeton NJ.) The campus was over 100 years old, and I have had some of my classmates as a joke sometimes smack me on the back of my head when something 'stupid' would come out of my mouth. I can tell you that my first initial reaction was that it was Devon, because of how hard he usually does it but upon turning around, I saw nothing and ran like a little girl. (The smack felt like someone was using their open hand palm to smack me) I wore a hoodie over my shirt since it got pretty chilly up there that night. I will tell you that logically, it was not a bird, because I would of heard the flapping of the wings rub against my the fabric of the hoodie; it was NOT my imagination either, it was very physical. I have also experienced these shadow people ever since I was 19 years of age, with the first one being in my lucid dream choking the daylights out of me. The whole experience in my dream felt scarier than any movie I have watched. I woke up in my dream and found myself back in the middle school, in the history class room, all the lights were turned off and it all felt so real. I remember getting the feeling of something watching me and about to attack me like an animal. I all the sudden sensed it up above me and through the cealing a huge blob pops out and knocks me off my feet. It was on top of me choking me out.. ( Felt like it was mentally draining me and my soul) I screamed off the top of my lungs and luckily my father heard me from the other room to wake me up. He said I had just a bad dream. And few years later, I spoke to my dad and he told me right after waking me up, he has been experiencing the same thing ever since, and he said he has never experienced anything like it before in his 52 years.. After having my first shadow people experience, I can usually feel the onset of me going into sleep paralysis and try to fight it and wake myself up, and if it is too late, than I lay there staring at these things and try to relax as much as possible. But a few times I feel like I had to move as much as possible to get out, and they all have there own personalities, very unpredictable.. I agree with you and do not believe that all cases are in our heads because I can tell you with my first supernatural experience, that was the last thing that I would of thought about at that age and when it happened to me, it freaked me out.. The fact that I was not laying down relaxing, I was running around playing an adrenalin game and am pretty convinced that I felt what I felt to be real.

Chloe on August 31, 2013:

I live in salt lick ky and a month after I moved into my apt I saw a shadow figure circling my living room. I said hi to it and it paused and looked at me like its interested in me. I've herd misterious voices at night and when I go to sleep I hear the name Daire often then I wake up and one night right before I went to sleep it said my name is Daire this is so creepy. Has anyone had experiences of shadow people communicating with them? I live along a hwy were people have been hit by cars and killed. I don't Know if the shadow person I saw was Daire.

Bonnie on August 28, 2013:

I and boyfriend were sitting in car 330 am and something crackled radio shadow went thru car thru the car and a black cloud floated in front of us .it wasn't anything that I could have a logical understanding it was unexplainable on earth

kassie on August 23, 2013:

i live in a small town in alabama which has been here sense the 1800's. i have been seeing this tall black figure in my apt for almost a yr now, my 10yr old daughter has seen it too. at 1st it seemed to just wander around our apt and watch us sleeping but within the last few months i have been going thru some crazy shit. just 3days ago all 4 my kids were gone to school my husband at work and i was home alone i was layn on the couch watching TV and then it was like i was asleep dreaming now i know i wasn't asleep and i kept telling myself just get up your not even asleep but i couldn't move at all my phone was ringing off the hook and i could do nuthing my eyes were slightly open and i cold feel my right foot felt like someone was stabbing me when i look down at my feet this tall black figure was holding my right foot, it didn't have hands but the black mist was wraped around my foot then i hear my front door open and my oldest daughter(10) said very loud in my left ear MOMMA GET UP NOW YOU HAVE TO GET UP NOW MOMMA and i sat up, now she was at school i was so freaked out i didn't know what to do so i gathered myself and looked down at my foot that was still hurting and it was bright red. i was so afraid to go to sleep and only got 3hr sleep the next night so that next day my kids are at school but my husband was home so i went and laid down to get some sleep thinkin im safe cuz my husband is home as soon as my head hit the pillow it happens again only this time the tall black figure has ahold of my right arm i once again cannot move at all and im tryn to yell out to my husband but cannot speak, it has ahold of my right arm dragging me and it goes into this black hole in the floor im still trying to yell out for help before it pulls me into the black hole and then i wake up crying in my husbands arms i asked him why are you holding me he said you were screaming my name at the top of your lungs and you sounded like you were being murdered. the next night my husband and i go to bed around 12am he fell right to sleep i did as i do everynight and was praying i asked god to make whatever was negative in my house to leave and at that exact moment my husband starts making these terrifying noises like someone or something was terrifying him i jumped up and woke him up he was so freaked out he said he couldn't see what it was but it was dark and he could see this light so he starts moving to the light and the closer he got the darker it got he could feel something was there and then the light went out and as soon as the light went out i woke him up.. over the past few months this has happened to him only twice as for me this has happened over 6 times. every time it happens i know im not asleep i know im awake but im paralyzed i have woke up(but never was asleep) with hand prints around my throat, hand prints on my arms.. i have smoged my home and about to do it again today. how do you get this tall back shadow man to leave us alone??????????

Maria on August 06, 2013:

I recently moved back home and live with my parents in their attic where I have lived for 10+ years without any trouble. Last week I went to use the restroom in the middle of the night and when I returned to bed I was fixing my pillow and looked up and saw a blury family of four next to my bed and I could not believe what I saw, I was awake so I shut my eyes and they went away. Last night I went to bed at 9:30pm and at 10:15pm I opened my eyes and saw men sitting at a round table? I was so scard I screamed because it was very close almost on top of me. I am afraid and have never been before of other things that have happened to me. What should I do I cannot control these appearences.

Karielle on July 26, 2013:

I've seen something that is a shadow person but it was clear as day, it looked real and had color. It was all dark in a robe, but the eyes were red and a hand points to me and it was just thin and bony but had a grayish, whitish, and purplish color to it. The finger on that one hand pointed at me and it freaked me out and i hid under my blanket til it was gone. I was younger and I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that. It was at the end of my bed and was there til i moved the blanket and it was gone. I told anybody but nobody believed me, i think about it all the time because i can't explain it.

Danni on July 04, 2013:

About four years ago, my brother and I were racing up my stairs. I had tripped at the top and we had collapsed on the floor, ending it with a tie.

We happened to both look up towards my parents' room, where in the dresser mirror, we saw a black figure (portraying a man) near the bathroom. The door to the bathroom we couldn't see, but through the mirror we could, and that's how we saw the man.

I found this yesterday, and that event instantly came to mind. Yesterday I told my mom about shadow people, just to somehow relieve the burden of the knowledge. However, at dinner today, my mother brought it up. My brother was like "Oh, what are they?" And I brought the event up.

My brother said that he saw the figure in front of the mirror, while I saw the figure by the door through the mirror. He had also said that he was going to brush it off, thinking it was a trick of the eyes, until I had asked if he saw it too. My mother, only finding out about this today, freaked out. My brother and I now think it was a shadow person.

My brother also revealed to me (in secret, since my mother was too afraid to listen) that he has been hearing voices, calling out his name. But since Valentine's Day of last year, the day my grandfather passed, the voices seem to sound like our grandfather's voice.

We haven't seen the figure since, and the voices (only heard by my brother) are the only recent activity, if it's actually happening. The shadow person was the only thing seen since my parents bought our house eleven years ago.

Anon on June 26, 2013:

Added freaky fact, while reading the stories on this site to make sense of my "sightings" the tv froze, the lights went out and the window went black (just for about 2 seconds). Scared the crap out of me. but explanations are TV: weather Lights:Weather (always does it when weather is murky) Outside becoming dark : A high sided vehicle must have gone past

Anon on June 26, 2013:

again for the benefit of discussion a quick qualifyer for my use of the word s "quite often" i was kind of encompassing all my experiences, not all of which were SP but all equally terrifying

Anon on June 26, 2013:

for the benefit of discussion, 3 hooded, 1 hatted

Anon on June 26, 2013:

Id like to engage in debate on this as having recently found these pages while finally googling what i was experiencing the topic interests me. i have had 4 such experiences in total and would like to explore it a bit. Unfortunately im not brave enough to add an email address or anything through fear of being identified by friends

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on June 25, 2013:

No I and others see them when we are very much awake. I have had as many as 17 people see the same exact thing. Some of them may well be sleep paralysis but not all of them are.

Anon on June 25, 2013:

Seen one, as recently as a month ago... see them quite often. Its just an optical illusion caused by sleep paralysis

marlena on April 06, 2013:

i was outside going on a walk and game inside to get something on the table. and was still looking at the table on my way in. and in the left corner of my eye i swear i saw a black shadow the size of a teenager boy. i saw his left shoulder and the other half was blurry. then i looked at it and it was gone...just like that. i kinda scared me and kinda didn't. i was home alone i was kind of scared because i did not no what it was and i wasn't really scared because i thought (still think) it was like the sun because i was looking at something too lone that the sun's light was captured. (like when your getting your picture taken and you see the flash. that thing but it was at the corner of my eye) so i think that was it. but i don't know because it was nearly sunset. and nearly dark in my house.

Guest on April 03, 2013:

The other day my 26 year-old daughter saw a shadow man going toward the sink in the kitchen. A couple of days later she saw the figure in the bathroom. This figure has never been seen before; however, my mother is living with me at this time and she is dying of cancer. It's just a matter of time before she passes. I wonder if it's my father waiting for her to join him.

kweaver on March 24, 2013:

As a child, I woke up a couple of times to a tall black figure wearing a long coat and a hat. I remember being startled at first but always would find myself at peace as he stood beside my bed.

RachealDanielle on March 04, 2013:

Back in 2005, I was around 14 years old and I was laying in my bed one night, trying to fall asleep. As I lay on my left side, I could feel my bed beginning to vibrate, and hear a low buzzing or crackling sound, it sort of sounded like static electricity. I could even feel the static moving on my skin. I rolled over to look behind me, now facing the right side of my bed, when I saw the figure of a hooded man, moving towards me. It appeared to be reaching out to me, so I laid down flat on my back and closed my eyes, pretended that I hadn't seen anything, that I was asleep. My heart was racing at that time, but I was trying to keep my fear under control because I had heard that fear makes them stronger. When I felt it lightly touch my forehead, I couldn't take any more, and I bolted out of my bed. Turning my lamp on, I spun around to face it in the light, but it was no longer there.

Z on February 24, 2013:

I think I've been seeing these "shadow people". I am not too religious, but I am fairly open minded - which I believe may be a bit of the case with some people. My experiences happen almost everyday, or every other day. Although, it is either in the middle of the night or in midday, rarely ever when I wake up. I know I am not dreaming - because normally I cannot go back to sleep. But I have never seen anything like it when I was younger, so I believe. Tall, (male) dark figures, sometimes shadows, walking past or floating beside my bed. Now the creepiest has to be when they aren't close to your bed - when they are at a doorway or beside the bathroom hall. It creeps the hell out of me! But, I normally do not do anything about them. I stare until it becomes unbearable or simply close my eyes for a minute. Sometimes it lasts , sometimes it lasts but seconds. It all seems so vague and difficult to describe. But I feel as if it is the same male figure, and it doesn't seem 3 dimensional, only when I see it outside of home. There is another dark figure, one of which I can feel sadness ad yet a peacefulness from. A young boy who doesn't seem to leave me alone. It has been a year almost since my first encounter, and nonetheless it creeps me out. Although my mother has seen the young child before as well. So I feel almost better because of that. He is dark, but seems to be forming more of a figure as time passes. Overall, I've been seeing them for 5 years and I sometimes feel as if it's with me often. But I am almost 17 now.

flowers00 from london on January 19, 2013:

I had a dream one many years ago when i still lived with my p In the dream it was a smokey grey shadow (monster looking) it was dragging me out of my bed i was very scared once i woke up but i came to realise it was just a dream because in the dream my bed was in a different position to how it was in real life , i had moved the furniture around a few days before if i hadn't i would have thought it was really happening. What's weird as well that it was grey and like smoke which years later in my own home i had an experience some call sleep paralysis as to which a grey thing strangled me i wont go on about it in this hub as i have written hubs about it already. i believe in the supernatural and have never gone looking for it but it finds me .

Edyn Toussainte on January 19, 2013:

Very often- a few days a week- I seem to draw shadow beings and Light beings- to me.Sometimes- when they fall from sight but i feel them brush against me like a breeze , My mind races with images and memories I suppose of their lives and emotions, little details or scents or feelings I can't quite explain in non abstract terms how surreal it is.But almost never feel threatened or frightened.Sometimes intrusive as they seem to long to be acknowledged and just know that you're aware of them- but usually not in an irritated or restless way.Very hard to explain -

natalie on January 17, 2013:

I've seen a shadow person twice. Once, about five months ago, i woke up around 4am because i felt the presence of someone there, like someone watching me. I looked above me and there was shadow man right above me, watching me sleep. I was immediately in shock and the only thing i knew to do was to cover my head. It didn't feel right to look at it. About five minutes later, i started screaming for my brother to turn on my light.

Last night i saw it again. I'm sick with a sinus infection, and i woke up. I don't know whether i woke up because i felt a presence or because i seriously had to wipe my nose (lol) but i turn over towards the tissues and i saw it right above my bed, in the exact same place.I could make out a long coat and some shoes. My room was darker this time so i looked for a couple seconds longer before once again covering my head and calling for my brother. I wasn't afraid at all this time. I felt calm but lonely. I don't think it means any harm but i just want to know why it's here and why it's interested in me.

Ashtin on December 15, 2012:

I've seen a shadow person when I was little.. Like 8 years old and I went into the kitchen and the light was off but the light from the window was shining in and there was a black figure standing and it was reaching its hand out to me..I ran through the house to get my pawpaw and he went in there to look and it was gone! It scared me pretty bad...I seen the figure again a few years later ,I never knew what it was but I never seen it again.....

decemberborn12 on December 15, 2012:

I have been adamantly researching every possible bit of information about shadow people for months now. I, myself, am not sensitive enough to see what is being described by all above ^. I firmly believe that every one of you are not hallucinating and have a gift that sees more of 'reality' than average eyes like mine. After longs hours and months of research, I've come to a theory of sorts.

I already entertained the idea that there it might be aliens, ghosts, interdimensional beings, humans having OBE's while sleeping, and possibly time travelers. But the common theme amongst all research strongly suggests that these 'beings' are the manifestations of negative energy. Energy that is so concentrated that it takes an actual form, with a higher vibration than us humans, but too low to be a spirit or ghost.

Why do I say this? Due to the ying and yang of everything on Earth, there is good and there is bad. The law of attraction in which we project positive energy, positive comes back. And vice versa. Whereas we have angels, and some folks have claimed throughout history to have seen them, we also have the shadow people, or jinn. Ying and yang? I suppose.

These entities seem to observe and many of you have experienced them thriving off of your fear. If your fear of what you are experiencing terrifies you enough, they seem to get more terrifying and grow stronger... and you weaker. Kind of like the law of attraction. The more you give it, the more it manifests. Many of you have stated that you have seen it in times of stress or some other not positive feelings. Maybe not in all cases, but regardless I am convinced they are there to create stronger negativity in our lives. Some feel completely drained and/or depressed after a sighting. But not all, yes, but still.

I'm starting to believe they are not harmful to the point of ruining lives. But they are the manifestation of negative energy throughout the entire universe. Waiting and watching and when there is an opportunity, like being seen and they know it, they either flee or become stronger once the person begins to feel sheer terror from it.

There are angels and shadow people amongst us at all times. Like I said, I believe you all and think you see more to life than the average. I enjoy reading your stories because it educates me and opens my mind to know there is so much more going on, and I try to teach the people in my life to not dismiss anyone who claims to have paranormal activity in their lives!

colette on December 13, 2012:

hi goodkarmaspirit , i feel that these shadows have always been around ,i don't think it's a knew thing .with people being more accepting and open to things and talking about their experiences its more common than we think . i don't believe as some do that the sightings are on the increase, we are just less embarrased about ridicule and due to the internet we can talk about these things anonamously and the more we do ,we realise we are not alone and less likely to put it down to imagination or mental illness due to the fact that so many people have the same experience . i definitely believe there is a connection with the way we are feeling at the time of these sightings as each time i had seen them i was either worried , stressed or just generally having a bad day. i have also been on my own and have heard them call my name even to the point where i have either turned the tv ,radio ,dishwasher off to hear better . there is always something electrical going on when iv heard my name being called and it sounds as though its from far away and has a tinny sound to it . iv got to the stage where if i catch it watching me ,i acnowledge its presence and tell it i know its there . i don't think they are spirits ,demons or any such thing , but another life form entirely.when im home alone i never feel entirely alone . but my experiences are always of the same shadow ,male ,broad shoulders no features and well over six foot tall and always with his arms folded and head tilted as though observing me . as humans we are all afraid of the unknown and i think thats where the initial fear comes from , i now just accept its presence as im so used to it as its never felt threatening .

Lourdes on November 28, 2012:

I usualy sleep with a light on because I saw a black inked being once when I was fighting ti fall asleep. I saw two hands moving in my direction. They

Amavalise on October 27, 2012:

I saw a shadow creature three times when I was a child before the age of 10. The first time I saw it run across the room in a hunched back manner it was only about 3.5 to four feet tall. The second time it ran from the foot of my bed to head of my brother's bed. The fourth time it was a black hand that was not contected to a body that touched by hand as it lay off the matress at night.

There is no way in heaven this is an angel. It definitely was an evil energy that left me petrefied and praying to God to help me each time as I lay in my bed with my heart pounding. Not wanting to tell my parents because I was afraid they would think I was crazy.

My brother saw it a couple times also even when he was older. My younger brother also had a sleep over one night and it was stormy outside. He said he never saw it but he felt it desperately trying to get in and mad that he was not inside.

A spiratual native american leader suggested to me that it could have been the unsettled sould of child, I don't know but I hope I never see it again. TO this day I won't sleep with my hand off the bed.

goodkarmaspirit on October 23, 2012:

Hi Colette, I too was very happy to find this blog because I saw that there were many others that have also seen the same thing that I had seen and that made me feel a whole lot better. I've only seen it once in my life also and it was also just before some terrible things had happened in my life as well which has left me wondering if maybe the shadow person is some sort of warning to us, who knows. I do know that it's been many years and I can still remember how absolutely frozen with fear I was when I stared at this being standing at the end of my bed in the middle of the night. I also felt it was a male and he was very tall at least 6 foot tall or more and very slender and I could see no definitions but he was as clear and solid as anyone. Now that there are so many different shows on tv about this and have heard so many stories like my own about shadow people that I have no doubt they are real. I think if one appeared to me today I would not be as afraid as I was the first time one had appeared to me.

rhonda on October 21, 2012:

I have had a couple different experiences with shadow people over the years but one stands out. About two years ago I gained consciousness in my dream after hearing a males voice call out my name. The figure in my dream told me to wake up. I quickly sat up and left my room for the kitchen (I had a feeling that something was wrong and was checking my cell phone for messages). When I opened my bedroom door I found a shadow figure kneeling on one knee about 12 feet in front of me. When I entered the room he looked up and stood. I would guess his height to be over 6 ft tall. He had no visual face or clothing but I had a feeling he was a man. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever and then after I turned on the light and he was gone. I them checked my phone and of course no messages where found. I concluded that the shadow figure was the cause of my ill feelings. I have not seen him directly but have seen the side glances and of course another figure in my near sleep state. Thanks for letting me vent. I was not or am not scared of this figure, just want to know why he woke me up and if he was trying to tell me something.

colette on October 18, 2012:

i have seen these numerous times and many accounts iv read on this site sound the same , ive also had sleep paralysis which also seems so alike to many on here , do you think that they may be connected at all .

Kairah on October 15, 2012:

I've only seen what you describe as a shadow person once. I was only 12 when my grandpa died of a massive heart attack December 14, 2003, upstairs in his room. Not even a week later i was sleeping in my mother's room--she was away, and its warmer in there in the winter, since its literally 6 feet underground. Anyway, I suddenly woke in the middle of the night, looking over at the lit doorway I saw a tall dark outline of a man, his head almost touching the ceiling, just standing there...I remember not being afraid of said figure, just simply finding it odd for him to be standing there, since none of my family that was present was that tall. (I have one uncle who literally has to bend his head to walk through our house cause the entire first floor of the house is just over 6 feet in height, but he lives down in Ohio--did live in Pennsylvania at the time though...and most certainly was not present during that December) But when I blinked, he was gone, to this day I have yet to see him again. Though apparently the same night my grandma, who was sleeping in my sister's room (also underground--both rooms were in the back of the house..) told us the next day that she had felt someone with roughened hands touch her feet and smelling grandpa's musk, apparently grandpa knew she hated her feet being touched--so she claims that was his way of telling her he was still here. I'm not entirely sure if the shadow man was my grandpa or not cause, grandpa was definitely shorter than me and I stand at 5'3'' even at 12...but every now and then we'll hear his old breathing machine in the hall near the stairs hum, or hear him coughing on the stairs, even rarer is when we can smell the smoke of a cigarette when no-one but you was home or at least not my uncle--who lived upstairs with him, (grandpa was a big smoker, actually used to have one even while he had the machine hooked up and those tube-things up his nose)

It was actually my grandpa and his mother who built our house back in the 1960s so the house does have some age, but he always said that if he were to die that the house would fall apart, and within the 2 years after his death, we had our washer machine go--soon followed by the dryer; the deep freezer in my sister's room (which had run since they had got it back in the 70's) suddenly up and die the week we bought round $300 worth of meat and put it in there, replaced the sink after it flooded the kitchen, my mom's room got flooded and ended up having to be gutted and remodeled cause they found asbestos and black mold in the walls, when they went to remodel the bathroom and laundry room, they found that the concrete floor beneath bout 5-6 layers of old linoleum, had rotted and had to chuck it up and re-do it as well, the old wiring is acting up (but it needs to be replaced anyways--the only 2 sections still with it are my room and the kitchen), had to re-patch/re-tin the roof at least 3 times for water-damage and air pockets/bad insulation...I could go on but I believe I have moved away from the subject at hand so I shall take my leave now. Thank You for listening, Kairah.

Laura on October 14, 2012:

This has happened a few times, but not recently. Me and my mom were home alone, and out of the corner of my eye, I'd see her walk past my room. I'd call to her, but then hear her respond from the opposite end of the house.

Another time, I was falling asleep in my basement, and sometimes, I go into like a sleep paralysis type state. I did then, and I opened my eyes, because that's the only think I can do then, and saw the shape of a man standing at the foot of the couch I was sleeping on. The overhead lights were on, and there was nothing that would have made a shadow.

mimi on September 10, 2012:

I'm not sure what it is that i see, but if it has to be called shadow people, then so be it. I live a couple provinces away from my friends, so in this day we use skype to communicate and chit chat. There has been three experiences that i know of, but the weird thing is, is that i haven't seen it directly. I only see it in my skype window. When it does happen, i get very warm all over my body. This warmth happens no less then two seconds before my friend tells me that they have seen something go behind me.

I haven't lived in my place long, maybe two years. Im not scared when it happens, there is no evil that i sense. This also happens when my kids are not home and it is only me here. It's very quick, goes from my bedroom door to the kitchen....but through the wall and not the doorway.

I work in long term care and have also seen them there as well. Passing across the hallway from one room to the other. At first i thought it was an actual shadow from a person, but no one is there. Again, no evil presence but no warmth passing through me either.

I have had experiences with other presences.....being dragged across my bed and lifted up to the ceiling, having food randomly placed where food would not be found, objects (my plunger) being stolen and not returned. Never anything bad or evil and im not scared, but happening when it's just me in the house. on September 04, 2012:

In late 1983 or early 1984 expierenced something that woke me up from a sleep my 13 month old son was beside me in bed and I have never been so scared in my entire life my family said it was a dream I knew it wasn't so was reluctant to tell anyone about my expierennce. I awoke to something putting its hand over my mouth I bit down as hard as I could and when I opened my eyes I seen something disappearing into the walls wearing a robe with a dark hood laughing as it disappeared. I know it was no dream don't know what it was and don't telll many people about it for fear of being ridiculed. That night I fought because thought it would hurt my son was trying to protect him.

scared on August 25, 2012:

They have been showing up in my pictures as ll my li fe and it

Sage Fear from Clearwater, FL on August 20, 2012:

At my old house I remember seeing a tall shadow man that kept peeking at me and my friends from around corners. He would also walk swiftly past the doorway to the kitchen. At times it looked like he was wearing a hat, like a top-hat or fedora. It was very freaky to see him around the house like he owned the place. I ended up moving out recently and have yet to see him ever again.

Anon on August 13, 2012:

I am an 18 year old female that lives in Australia. I am psychologically okay and I have never seen a ghost in my life until this moment. I must also point out that I was christian for 1 year of my life a year ago, but now believe in New Age religion.

I was drawing in bed before I decided to go to sleep at my Grandparents place on a Sunday night around 12am. I was only visiting them for 1 night on a holiday. I turned off the light and was looking at the roof tall wardrobes in front of me. I could also see the bedroom door which I had closed. I just thought that it was my eyes adjusting to the darkness, but it definitely was not that at all. This mist of black started to evolve from the bedroom door in front of me and lingered there for a few seconds before spreading across the wardrobes to the side of my bed. It was then that a darker figure of a man appeared, wearing heavy clothing. He stared at me for a few seconds, pointed, then kept bending over to the bedside table next to my bed. He did that twice before staring at me again and moderately disappearing across the wardrobes again and into the black mist at the door. The mist then disappeared and everything went back to normal.

He did not want to be interacted with and he seemed to be looking for something. My grandfather is sick with cancer and I am not sure if this is a sign of something to come but it has made me very afraid and confused.

I think I will see a palm reader or psychic soon to see if someone can clarify my sighting. on August 09, 2012:

I was 13 or 14 when i first seen a shadow person. The first time i seen him was in my bedroom i use to fall asleep with my tv on and i use to be a really heavy sleeper. Well the night i seen him i just woke up and it was dark because my tv wasn't on like it was supost to be and there he was standing over me staring at me he had red eyes and was really tall. I laid there and watched him watch me for a long time cuz i was to scared to move or make a sound and when i got the nerve to sit up to look at him he disapeared. I didn't thank much of it and laid back down. The next day i told my mom and she said i had dreamed it up i didn't beleave her because it was real but she never beleaved me till after are next door nabougher said she seen a shadow figure come from are house and go over to theres and into her daughers room (we lived in a duplex appaetment.) for anyone who dosent know what that is its two houses put together separated by a wall. Anyway every time i had seen it after that it was eather out the courner of my eye or he would walk from the right side of the road to the left side of the road and every time i seen him i stood there in fear holding my breath. Now that im older i don't see it as much but i do know that all the woman in my family have seen a shadow man. my mom and aunt gave theres names i was always to afrade of the man i saw to give him a name. decription of shadow man i saw: tall, red eyes only when he was looking at you directly could you see them, wide shoders, no hat, and he stayed so far away from me never got closer or farther away.

Unknown on August 06, 2012:

My grandson (age 4) has seen what he described as a dark shadow that moves back and forth like a wave. He has seen it in the kitchen and in the living room by the stairs. I believe it is a deceased male person. This person has pushed my grandson and caused a picture to fall off the wall just above his head. This individual obviously died in an unpleasant state. People remain in the state in which they were when they died. I have started to pray regularly in the apartment and I read Bible scriptures (Psalms 23 & 91). I also place salt (sea salt or some other strong salt) in the corners of every room. This is done to diminish any influence they might have on the living. Sometimes they don't leave, but it's important to diminish their threat.

Celina on August 03, 2012:

I'm not sure if this is a "shadow person" or not but I have had two experiences in which two different family members have seen a "shadow" sitting next to me on my bed while I sleep.

The first time i heard this is I was seriously creeped out, since i myself have never seen or heard of a shadow person.

My cousin was sleeping over at my house and i slept on the edge of the bed while she slept by the wall. She told me she woke up at about 2 or 3 in the morning and saw something sitting by me on the bed, like a dark figure. She disregarded it since she thought it was my mother, and went back to sleep.

Then the second time my sister slept with me and she too woke up at about 2 or 3 in the morning and said she saw something sitting by me while i was sleeping. Again I slept by the edge while my sister slept by the wall.

The first time this happened was about two years ago and the second happened a few months back this year. I have never seen this shadow or anything like it. I'm prone to sleep paralysis, during sleep paralysis i have had many lucid and realistic things happen to me, though i have read that it is all a dream so i disregard it, but i have never seen any shadows. I would really like to know what this thing is if its a shadow person or a ghost or something and also if it could do any harm.

Thank You

Serena on July 27, 2012:

I have a red eyed shadow person [Demon] that has followed me for about 5 years now. It stays outside of my house, peeks through our windows, and follows me on outings and vacation. I thought I was crazy at first but then others that are close to me have seen it as well.

I could tell many stories of experiences, however, two occasions are more scary than others.

Me and my husband went to New Orleans for a weekend trip. We were visiting many of the shops and retail stores on Bourbon st. when a little clothing boutique caught my eye. There were several other people in the store looking at things. We had only been there a couple of minutes when I heard loud foot steps walking on the hard wood floor coming towards us. A woman walked up to me frantic! She grabbed my arm and told me that I was to leave her store immediately! Very confused as to what I had done I asked her why I was being escorted out. She explained that she was a psychic/tarot card reader and was in the middle of a reading when I came into the store. As soon as I walked through the door, she lost her [sight] and was no longer able to continue the reading. She told me that I had a very dark, very evil shadow person with red eyes following me and until I unbound it from me I was no longer welcome in her store! She explained that I needed to contact a priest or a demonologist to "try" and take care of my problem, she walked back in the store and closed the door.

The other, more serious story involved a friend of mine.

He was at my house visiting me and my husband when it started to rain. Wanting to head home before any storms hit he decided to go home. It was about 10:30pm when he left. Only a couple minutes after leaving he called me screaming frantically into the phone. He said, "I have never really believed you about your shadow person..however when I went to get into my car, it was standing next to my car! From now on, I will be staying the night if I ever have to leave again at night!" I just kinda laughed and said "I told ya!" and never thought anything more about it, until my phone rang again 20 minutes later. It was my friend again explaining that an 18 wheeler just ran over his car. He was in a Honda Accord and in the heavy rain the truck driver couldn't see his car. He was in the ambulance heading to the hospital. He told me that when the police pulled him from the car my shadow person was standing on the roof of his car. He was in the hospital for a week, in a coma for 2 days and in ICU for a total of 3 days.

I continue to have this shadow person follow me, and ones close to me after being in contact with me. If someone knows if ways that I may be able to rid myself of this, I would appreciate the advise!

Thank you for reading my story.

Aaron Lucas on July 20, 2012:

My father and a cousin walked to a nearby railway tressel. From the middle of the bridge they saw below them on the river bank a featurless human form sitting on a rock. It had no face and reflected no light. It turned its head toward them menacingly and my father ran home leaving our fat cousin behind. Our cousin screamed, "Jule! You @$$h0Ie!"

I hope I never encounter such nor be left with one.

liz on July 01, 2012:

does any one in ireland experience theese shadow people

chris fatels on June 27, 2012:

I saw a woman shadow men in my dream once after I killed shadow people with my will and being rid of the nightmares for once after all

all this happened when I saw 2 pitch black shapes come out of my wall towards me

kalia on June 25, 2012:

there is a house on my street i believe it to be hounted. and my friend saw a bloody midle finger in the window. a lianting was sharterd never was before there is a rock in it comeing from the house.we herd crys of a baby plus a boy yelling kalia. if u are untings somjething like thats please emaill me at thanks

Jereman on June 22, 2012:

I have had two experiences with this personally. I remember them vividly as if they happened a minute ago. In 2009 I remember waking up and I was sleeping on my right side facing the clock in my room and the time was 2:22am to be exact. I remember having the feeling that someone was in my apartment and looked over my shoulder and saw a large black human shaped figure standing at the end of my bed, I couldn't see any facial features I could only make out a body-shape with arms and a head. It was so dark that I could see this figure darker then the open closet I had in my room. Once I saw the figure I became paralyzed, I couldn't move anything not even my mouth even though I tried to scream for help I couldn't get anything to audibly come out. I was completely terrified and felt the feeling that this thing was going to do something terrible to me. I had never felt that before of being intimidated. I had tears that started to come from my eyes. I was 25 at the time this happened. The entire ordeal lasted about three minutes. After the thing left I woke up again as if I was drained or put back to sleep when it left, I knew what happened to me real, I know I woke up and was concious when I saw this thing. I had never had an experience before this. The most recent or last episode of this happened just this week on monday. I live in a different place now by the way. I woke up, was facing the wall and had the same feeling that I had from the first incident, the only thing that was different was I didn't shed tears this time but still had the intimidation that I felt the first time.

Karen Smith on June 06, 2012:

I see shadow ghosts in my back yard. They're the size of children. They don't scare me. Too bad nobody believes me!!

jeanihess from Cape Town South Africa on June 06, 2012:

Very interesting. I have had my own varied experiences; as had other people that I know, with the paranormal. As one comment raises: Sometimes it is not good to pursue the subject- to want to investigate and to find answers for me the simple reason is that just because you are aware of nuclear power you do not go off and mess with it because you know that you are not equipped to do so. Once you open up the door into your private and personal space you hardly have control of what will enter. So look through the window; marvel at the glimpses, enjoy the stories and stay safe in your own realm:)

Ken on June 05, 2012:

Suprisingly enough i had a similar experience to moonfairy but in a somewhat different manner. I used to hear sounds and voices as a kid, more distinctly this slow evil laugh that increased in frequency. There was a gap in my life thereafter until i was 16, where nothing out of the ordinary happened until one night, a few nights before Christmas, i woke up to see a female shadow figure in the corner of my room. Let me say it was the scariest moment of my life. A sharp jolt and i couldn't move at all.

The next day i woke, same time, but no figure, my initial instinct was to hide under my covers. Surely enough a voice echo'd in my head: "I can hear you."

Followed by this laugh that plagued my mind as a child.

It was absolutely sinister. I knew i was awake since i was moving, no paralysis, and at that moment my heart clutched hard and i couldn't breathe for what seemed like forever.

I was hesistant to tell my parents, my mother who believed in ghosts said i was imagining things, my father who was skeptical of many things kept quiet and sat me down and told me of his encounters at his age.

I was pretty shocked, the frequency of shadow people increased varying from female to male, and different size, some of which had red eyes.

It died out after a few months but started again just yesterday, I'm nearly 19 by the way. And this shadow person was by my bed, standing and watching me, i was scared for half a second, but felt at ease for the next few, i kept staring, and she kept staring, and it became evident that this one wasn't going to hurt me. Surely enough it disappeared from sight.

I've seen my fair share of shadow people, and it scares the hell out of me, but maybe they're not all so bad as i thought in the beginning.

moonfairy on June 02, 2012:

I'm compelled to add my own story.

Very long ago, when I was a teenager, I was watching a movie with my mom and when it ended I ran up to my room on the second floor. Mind you, it was a scary movie so my feet barely hit the stairs on the way up. I had this habit of jumping onto my bed from the doorway so that whatever was under my bed wouldn't grab my ankles and drag me under with it. This night was no different. I clambored up towards the pillows and pulled the covers up to my neck. When I settled in and looked up towards the doorway, it was filled with a shadow person. More specifically, a shadow man. His form filled the doorway and I could see faint light from behind him so that I could definitely see his shape. He stood silent. I was hoping it was my mom, so in a quiet voice I called out to her..."mom???" There was no answer. I called out again, "mom??? is that you?" There was a response this time and scared me to death. The shadow man laughed a very deep,low evil laugh. I froze and then pulled the covers over my head. The next morning I told my mom what happened and asked if she had played a prank. She looked a little confused and then laughed it off and owned up to I didn't give it any more thought. Years later we talked about it again and she told me that it was NOT her..that she would never do something like that to scare me, but lied to calm my nerves.

Mind you, we had many strange things happen in this house. One day I was waiting for a friend to pick me up and my dog, who was laying at the foot of the stairs that led up to my room, suddenly jumped to her feet. Her hackles went up and she bared her teeth. Very slowly she climbed the first stair and began to shake and growl. And then she climbed the second stair. She was staring up the stairs and I know she saw or sensed something. I was terrified and ran out to the driveway to wait for my ride. Both of what I just wrote are completely true...and to this day I can still picture the shadow man in my bedroom doorway and I'll never forget his laugh. It still makes the small hairs at the back of neck stand up.

Danny Lopez on May 30, 2012:

Hello, I'm 25 years old, I used to live at the Dominican Republic. There, at my family's house I used to see a shadow human form walking back and for in the house. It would go to my room, exit the room, and go to the rest of the house and then go back into my room, doing the something for the entire night and almost everyday.

One time I did happened to wake up like at around 2am and set on the bed, and guest what? the shadow was just passing by. The shadow was right in front of me. It actually tap me in the face and then follow too continue its routing and walk thru the closed door like nothing. I was not the only one that saw this shadow at my house at the D.R. my family and friends also experienced it. And there were sometimes where you can hear rocks being thrown over the house, and I mean inside the house, but of course there was nothing, no rocks, no nothing. My self, my brother, and a lady that was taking care of us a night heard the rock as well, we started looking for the noise but every time we use to go to the place where the noise was coming from the noise would transfer to another room. Kreepy, but by time I got used to this things...

Schmuck on May 09, 2012:

To Ross, I like the way you rationalize your experience. That is the way we must look at these. I have a little inside info on these shadow people. I don't want anyone thinking I am a nut job and not take me serious so I wont explain. Shadow people visiting us all over the world is not what we have to worry about. It's when they stop.

Ross on May 06, 2012:

The things people have to say always fascinate me. People speak with such conviction about things, quite sure they know the truth of the matter and that everyone should listen to them. It can be at once disheartening and intriguing... While some claim these things are guardian angels, others swear they are agents of demonic purpose and intent on evil of some sort.

I hope people will learn to keep in mind that we do not know much of anything, particularly on the subject of things we cannot fully observe or quantify in any definite sense as yet. What you believe to be good or evil may be the opposite, or may have no real intentions whatsoever. It may, in a twist of irony, be your own intentions manifest in a way to affect you... We have yet to know much of anything about this.

Now, on a more personal note: my own story, should it be so desirable as to be read.

About a year and a half or two years ago, I was staying in an odd apartment with my girlfriend. My bedroom was quite dark, being without windows, for some reason. With the lights off, the only bit of visibility came from the slivers of light peeking through around the door - very faintly, even during the day. On one occasion, I woke up to see a figure standing over me, bent over to where its face was an inch or two in front of mine. It was very definitely solid, the silhouette completely interrupting the lines of light around the door. I could not make out any features at all, except that I could see a humanoid form to it - head, arms, chest, hips, top of the legs. At the time, I thought it was my girlfriend rather creepily staring at me in my sleep, so I decided to offer an unenthusiastic 'hey'. A second or two after I said this, I watched as the silhouette quickly faded into nothing, with no movement whatsoever. It actually didn't bother me, really - my only real response was to say to myself that 'well, that was weird'.

What made this whole experience especially significant, in my mind, were a few different things:

1)I had completely awoken by the time I could see it. I was fully aware of my surroundings and I was able to move my arms and legs a bit as I stared at it prior to saying anything. This tells me that it was not sleep paralysis, so it's very unlikely this was any sort of dream - though I won't rule out hallucination just because that's bad form. It also tells me that if the thing was real, it did not realize that I was looking right back at it.

2)Whether it really was or not, I do not know, but its posture and how close it was to my face suggested, at the very least, that it was VERY curious about me for some reason. Almost like it was examining me - visually, that is. Though, with it not noticing my eyes opening and looking right at it, that does seem strange.

3)It being as solid as it was, I really did believe that it was my girlfriend. I could see the shape of the thing very well, and I could NOT see through it at all - I COULD see the light in the door frame broken by the thing blocking it. It was as though it was a person right there with me. Until it faded out, that is - at which point I watched the light in the door frame fade INTO visibility where it had been blocked.

4)The period where I was staring back at the thing gave me time to take in a lot of this detail and significantly reinforced my impression that it was unaware I was looking back at it. Particularly, the sudden fade-out as soon as I said something, suggested that it was startled by me.

I cannot say what the reality of the situation was, other than very, VERY unusual. But that's how it went.

cheyenne on April 25, 2012:

My little brother (3 years old) told me this morning that he saw a night night shadow last night in his room, i asked him who was the night night shadow he told me that it was on the ceiling and it scared him so he ran to mommy but it chased him. So i called my mom and told her what he had told me and she said that last night he came running out of his room terryfied and told her something was on the ceiling she thought he had seen a spider or something so she insured him that there wasnt there but he still wouldn't go back into his room by his self so i don't know if he actually did see this "night night shadow" but after reading these im starting to think he really did.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on April 23, 2012:

Helen send the photos to thomasbyers at and I will post them here on the site for you.

I really appreciate all the great comments. Shadow People are very real and I see them often. Thanks everyone.

Helen on April 23, 2012:

What a fascinating page I kind of stumbled on as I didn't even know what I was looking for, I wonder if there is a link I can send my photos for all your viewing pleasure and debates etc, I have never seen any shadow beings but believe I have captured 1 on camera and 2 on video camera. I have other photos I cannot explain but they are not of shadow people.

Eric on April 21, 2012:

I have seen something in my dreams that is terrifying. It looks like a shadow of a man but has a weird shaped head with eyes that are glowing a very bright whitish color i usually see him during night terrors but every time it seems like its that same figure im not sure if its a shadow person but thats the closest thing i can compare it to i don't know where to look for more information on it

david m. on April 17, 2012:

In our moms house, both my brother and i have seen a strange brown furry apparition running sideways on the walls out of the corner of our eyes. The apparition is apparently so fast that one time i had to run up the stairs and into my moms room just to catch a glimpse of it. It also had some kind of green and brown outfit on and what looked like a small diamond plate box on its side hooked to its belt. The box had a red square lens of some sort on it too. The creature had brown fur and looked kinda like a kangaroo human mix. Im not sure if its from another dimension, time or what. All i know is its really really fast and sometimes my brothers and my stuff turns up missing for a few days and appears somewhere else. That is one reason why i moved out of my moms house.

goodkarmaspirit on April 16, 2012:

kittykat2272 I will be the first one to tell you this is absolutely very real I've seen it myself with my own eyes. I know it's terrifying when you see something like this. I woke up and saw a tall dark figure standing at the foot of my bed and when I turned on the light there was nothing there. I know what I saw and I know I wasn't sleeping it was real. There are some things you can do. First if you have a Catholic church nearby you can get some holy water and sprinkle it around your house saying the Lord's prayer after that you can get a sage stick (you can find these in specialty shops) and burn it and walk around your house and repeat the prayer. Generally these things don't mean any harm in fact they may not even know they're dead. Remember bad spirits or angry spirits feed off our fears so if you maintain the position of being the boss in your house or the authority that should help just don't be afraid of them.

kittykat2272 on April 16, 2012:

It was a relief to find this page. At first I thought I was insane, or my eyes was playing tricks on me, and I didn't tell anyone about it....then the other night a friend of mine was over here and he was looking down my hallway and he ask me who else was in the was just me and him with my 2 dogs. I looked and seen what appeared to be a solid dark mass at the end of my hallway. I was frightened , but relieved that someone else seen it...and I wasn't nuts....I have seen this same thing many times over the past 4 years. It seems to follow me wherever I move, and even on vacation....It hasn't tried to harm me or speak....does anyone know how to get rid of it?

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on April 14, 2012:

Really great on topic comments. I enjoy reading them.

colette on April 14, 2012:

hi sheila what exactly is it that you see ,im really interested as iv been seeing these for years

Sheila on April 12, 2012:

I am a strong believer in shadow people too....I have woken up by shadow people standing over me, wearing black cloak staring at me with his orange eyes.. I see things what not supposed to be seen ever since I was a little girl... I don't afraid of them, never have actually I am looking forward to my night after dark when they appear ....I would love to talk to someone about all this, but someone who is real and not just a joke...

colette on April 11, 2012:

hi gina , are you afraid when you have seen the shadow or is just that jumpy feeling you get when something unexpected happens . i myself felt jumpy to start with but never afraid .

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