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Western North Carolina Ghosts


Western North Carolina appears to be a hot bed of paranormal activity. If you want to check out some of the scariest ghost stories you will ever hear then you need to check out the ghost stories of western North Carolina.

Rutherford County North Carolina has some of the spookiest ghost stories I have ever heard. From the Caroleen river bridge where two sisters have been trying to get home for the last 50 years or so to the ghost of a car seen and heard at the scene of a tragic accident in the small town of Bostic North Carolina.

The Ghost Of The Red Haired Lady

And then there are the many ghosts that are said to live in the old Bostic Brick Yard and at the old river bridge on the way into Bostic. In the 1950s a woman who had been in the custody of the Forest City police the night before was found nude, dead and strangled under the then old iron bridge that was over the river at that time on the road into Bostic.

Rumors at the time said she had been locked up for being drunk in public and it was said she claimed to be a movie actress from California. There were several investigations into her death but no one was ever able to find out how she ended up under the bridge or who she was. However it was said that she was a very beautiful woman with dark skin and long red hair. Many people who saw her said she was one of the prettiest women they had ever seen.

Now that in its self was quite a story but shortly after her death people began to see her ghost standing nude on the bridge.People would see her at night in the headlights of their car and many people tried to go to her to help her but she would always vanish. Rumors at the time said a police officer was the one who killed her but that was never proved. Over the years she was seen by many people and people would even call the police to report the nude woman on the bridge but when any one got close she would vanish. The old iron bridge was replaced in the mid 1960s but she is still seen. Often on a cloudless  night when the moon is full,  but no one to this day has ever been able to find out who she was or where she came from.

The Ghosts  In The Bostic Brick Yard

If you were around the Bostic North Carolina area 25 to 30 years ago you can remember when you used to be able to drive a vehicle into the old Bostic Brick Yard. Even then there wasn't much left but a lot of people back then used to go there to fish in one of the several lakes there. But most people made sure they were out of the area before dark. Because over the years there were many tales told of a hideous green ghoul that would appear to you after dark in the brick yard and scream at you and chase you. The story was told over and over and no matter who saw it they almost always described it the same. They said it looked like a human who had melted and was dressed in a green gauzy material. Most said it was glowing and you could see through it. Many people said it would simply appear out of nowhere and scream at them. It was also reported that it also could affect vehicles and if the ghoul as it was described was up in the air over the vehicle that nothing on the vehicle would work. When it would move away a few feet you could then crank the vehicle. Many people reported over the years it would only follow you out of the woods as far as the railroad track across the dirt road and then you would hear it scream and it would disappear back towards the direction it had came from. 

Now you can only drive into the brick yard as far as the old railroad track. But many people who have been there in recent times say the Brick Yard Ghoul is still there chasing people and screaming at them. 

Chimney Rock State Park

Chimney Rock State Park

1957 Chevy

1957 Chevy

The Ghost Calvary Above Chimmney Rock

Over the last couple of hundred years people have often claimed to see a ghostly Calvary having a battle in the air up above Chimney Rock State Park. What is it no one really knows. Some people claim to only see the ghostly Calvary while other people claim to hear swords clank against one another and people scream and shout. Sometimes only a very few people see the battle in the sky while other times people all around the area claim to have seen something.

The Ghost Car In Bostic North Carolina

In 1961 three young men were killed when the driver lost control of his car and the car flipped over while he was running from a highway patrol car that had pursued him for several miles. The car was a beautiful red 1957 Chevrolet and it was destroyed in the crash. The three teenage boys were killed instantly. Later the NC Highway Patrol said the car was going 130 miles per hour when the boy who was driving lost control of the car and it flipped over and over.

Now that was a great tragedy and a really sad even but a few days later people started reporting seeing a 1957 red chevrolet driving down the Bostic highway towards Bostic and it would always vanish when it would reach the point where the tragic accident happened.

Even today people report seeing the ghost car. 

Do you know of a western NC ghost story. Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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