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Spiritual Teachings of a Philosopher Poet.

Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist who lives on the Wirral Peninsula in England.


West Cheshire Lad

Known by his closest circle of pupils as Tom, or simply “T”, Thomas Joseph Walton seemed a polite, quietly-spoken and unassuming man. He was the central figure of a small group of spiritual truth seekers based in Liverpool and Wirral, England.

He served in the Merchant Navy. Before retirement, he was employed (as far as I understand) as a diver by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company. He married his childhood sweetheart, Vera, and together they had two daughters and two sons.

Using a mimeograph printer, he self-published a collection of his poetry, West Cheshire Lad, (1973; 1974) plus an earlier collection titled Poems and Prose (1967). Using the pseudonym of West Cheshire Lad, he also self-published a treatise on his philosophy, which he called Divine Will: The Infinite Influence of All and Everything. Only fifty of these were printed for private circulation. However, copies are available for public viewing at the National Library of Scotland and, allegedly, The Athenaeum in Liverpool.

His philosophy was heavily influenced by the teachings of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, though as far as I am aware Tom had never been one of Gurdjieff’s pupils or had even met him. Certainly he had a great deal of respect for Gurdjieff, and often quoted his writings.

Front Cover of "Divine Will" by Thomas Joseph Walton, AKA West Cheshire Lad

Front cover of "Divine Will"

Front cover of "Divine Will"

Tom's Handwriting

Inscription from my copy of "Divine Will"

Inscription from my copy of "Divine Will"

The Sentinel

by Thomas Joseph Walton

AKA West Cheshire Lad or "T"

Hark! ‘Tis for me the stormcock’s striking note!
Sentinel on poplar bough, bugler o’er castle moat!
My carol: - the wild shout of challenging mistle thrush,
Piercing trumpet call shrill o’er hawthorn bush.
Farewell! My heart pangs of a bygone day,
Of many happy hours, years in a flowered bouquet
Embraced in years to the perfumed rose.
Ah, so short the day, my sweet repose.
Call again, O wind on summer plain!
Your whispering byways I will travel again.
Come! Drink again the breath of wild thyme,
Awakened to your peaceful beauty, joy sublime.
Entranced, I gaze on lofty rocky crag,
Silhouette of the battle-scarred old warrior stag.
I’ll take the walk on pastures green again,
To feel the breath, the beating of your rain.
Alas, - the visions that flash before my faded eye
Of birds on wing, as feathery clouds float by.
What bliss I found, my childhood days to roam
Along your leafy lanes, your fields of furrowed loam.
When all around I glimpse my joy, my love; -
Untold glorious melodies, peaceful loving dove.
Many are the days since I heard the talk of quail
Or crake amidst the corn or shy land rail.
Perhaps some early morn I’ll wake to find
That I walk once more amidst the trees so kind,
To kiss the leaf escaped from prison cage,
And leave my bed, with aching body broke with age,
And hear the babbling, musing, silver stream,
Ne’er to wake and find it all a dream.
Come, bonny thrush, gladden my sorrowing heart!
You know, my singing bird, that soon we part.
Each morn I gladly welcome your trumpet song
To ease my aching bones, my day so long.
Cannot I hear the singing lark on high,
Gentle rustling corn, with muffled sigh?
‘Tis not a dream! I see the fields of green, -
Or fevered brow to gaze on all serene?
O, gentle bird! I lie in a field of bliss;
The trumpet blows; I wait your peaceful kiss.
Alive to death I hear your solemn cry
And watch the tears fall gently from your eye.
Singing bird, my life with you was long,
But now ‘tis faint, your mournful loving song.
I leave you now to soar above the cloud,
My body still to drape and wrap in shroud.
Bury me how and where you please;
My soul released, to fly on murmuring breeze.
Play not your dirge for me or sob your throat,
For music from the heart needs not the funeral note.
Shed not your tears for me to ease your loss;
My body laid in earth and creeping moss.
I listen now to the voice of peaceful time
Calling me on to that precious love divine;
Music of the angels playing for me,
To stir my heart and bring back memory
Of meadow grass and perfumed nature’s child,
My feet to sink in turf, the emerald sod;
Again once more I see the works of God.

Map of Wirral and Liverpool, home of Thomas Joseph Walton

Introduction from "Divine Will"

by Thomas Joseph Walton

AKA West Cheshire Lad or "T"

"The Universe is in a perfect harmony of Oneness, vibrating in a perfect rhythm and harmony of timeless movement, perfect in this timeless movement, a sameness in its perfection. This sameness or Oneness is not influenced in the receptor in its Oneness or Sameness, influence occurs in the receptors according to their vibrating energy and nucleus, influenced by the Great Transmitter, all puppets that manifest in the countless diversities.

Oneness of the Universe

"Each receptor is influenced and governed by the vibrating force field from the Universal Law, the Great Transmitter. Brain intelligence has little or no say in this influence. This sense of influence is positively expressed in all creation, influencing evolution, devolution, behaviour pattern etc. It is said some artists can perceive many colours of green etc, in nature’s herbage, an influence far above others in that field; also the smells, odours and aromas are not picked up by the same people. Each receptor is governed in its own influence and state, and yet, the Oneness of the Universe is the same, ever itself, vibrating the same to all Suns, Planets, all Creatures etc. It is not received by the receptors in the same field of expression. Each receptor is influenced and governed in its own limits.

"The Universe is perfect in its own Diverse Movement. Mankind cannot know or be fully Aware of the Oneness. Each atom, leaf, creature, mankind etc, vibrate in this influence, judging by the brain, the manifestations of influence, not aware of the positive influence that governs them, not really aware that people are influenced differently by the Great Transmitter, the same Oneness, the Universal Vibration of Law.

Contrary to the depiction here, "T" often wore the same blue tie and jumper.  He often joked, "When I'm out, the wardrobe is out!"

Contrary to the depiction here, "T" often wore the same blue tie and jumper. He often joked, "When I'm out, the wardrobe is out!"

Sleeper Awake!

"Most people live with their positive buffers and excuses, not aware of this positive influence, Asleep. Brain intelligence, Memory and Forgetting.

"Any alteration of the receptor will also alter the reception of the vibrating energy from the Great Transmitter, which alters the influence in the receptor governed by this Law. All and Everything is governed in this Law of Impression. All physical and metaphysical vibrating energy is influenced by the Great Universal Law.

"Each receptor can only receive the vibrating energy according to its own vibrating harmony, relative to the Oneness. Each in its own place, each in its own influence. The Oneness vibrates Law the same to all, each receptor receives its own influence and behaviour pattern, governed in the vibrating relativity to the Oneness.

"Many live as if their behaviour pattern in their own, Asleep to the Oneness of God, the Infinite Universal Law."

Note: All capitalisations are as Thomas Joseph Walton wrote them.

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Illustration from "Divine Will" by Thomas Joseph Walton

Used with permission of the author.

Used with permission of the author.

Quotes from "Divine Will"

by Thomas Joseph Walton

AKA West Cheshire Lad or "T"

“It is my purpose and desire to bring to your Consciousness a clear view and comprehension of the Great Law of Influence that dominates and drives humanity and all living things, just like mechanical puppets, programmed to play their part upon the face of earth. Also, the possibility (of) developing a positive understanding of the Laws and Mastery of The Self.”

“…The teaching is not an academic study. Many people think that if they memorise all the words, etc., they have accomplished something worthwhile and derive “Knowledge”. This is not so--a pupil in no way is bound to memorise words but to acquire Ability to Do that which is taught in the Teaching. This is… an aural Teaching passed on by word of mouth.”

“Man is unconscious of Divine Law, the direct vibration of the Absolute which vibrates within his body. Man is a vibrating, intelligent organism, part of the whole, labouring through Divine Law. Man exists, not though his own volition, but through Divine Law. Regardless of what man believes or disbelieves, accepts or rejects, Divine Perfection will manifest.”

Awaken the Soul Through Experience

 “All creation has purpose. All creation provides and transmutes vibrating energy which is Needed to feed and construct the potential which strives to manifest in the Universe… All life is farmed by the power of the Universe. All living things feed upon mother earth’s back, scratching like the fleas that we are, often unaware of Eternity, the vastness of Time. Yet, there are some greater fleas than others!”

“The greatest potential of Man is… to awaken the soul through experience.”

“Building up and tearing down are part of a vast plan. All things have their cycle and play their part without knowing it. Each… has its own part to play, limited to its potential.”

“No thing exists, only vibration fluctuating in scales of octaves, ascending and descending, manifesting to man’s limited consciousness in many guises--all within the HARMONIC KEYBOARD of vibration. These octaves manifest to man’s senses as colour, form, sound, taste, touch, smell and feeling. Vibrations are received by animal and man much as a radio receiver picks up the vibrations for which it is constructed. Transmitters, sending out specific vibrations, are attracted to and picked up by receivers tuned-in to the same rate of vibrations, or frequency.”

Front Cover of "Initiates of Maat" by Thomas Joseph Walton

An earlier version of "Divine Will", with a different front cover and title.

An earlier version of "Divine Will", with a different front cover and title.

The Earth is a Living Being

“Man is always influenced. Man is never detached from vibrating energy and its influence, though often to sit behind rose-tinted glasses, to view Illusion, effected, not aware of what is real, that is, that man is subject and fully subordinate to Law.”

“The Earth is a living thing--a Being with a consciousness. The earth must feed itself from vibrations of a frequency which builds the being of the earth. Man, transmuting vibrations… to higher octaves, provides the earth and other planets with higher food for these higher bodies. The earth, assimilating higher, finer vibrations, itself produces even higher vibrations for loftier beings to assimilate for themselves.”

“The earth is the receptacle for vibrations of a rate which benefits man, if he can attune himself to them. When a certain state of mind is achieved, ideas or thoughts, formerly unknown to the person attaining such a state, come into his mind. These higher thoughts are accumulated from the high and positive thoughts of men who have attained (an exalted) level of Being. Such advanced ideas or thoughts can be tapped by those who have the Ability to attune themselves to it. In this sense, man can benefit himself by working with the Laws which govern all things.”


 “Humanity can attune to the mind of the earth. The Life Force is the highest manifestation in the planet. This Creative Power… carries on through the Universe. The Life Force is a vibration which can accrue only when in harmony with organic matter… and its potential alters according to the structure of the organic matter. Man’s physical vehicle is able to attract higher vibrations than the animal through structures which receive higher vibrations, as well as faculties of (the) mind.”

“Man, like all organic life, is here by Law, forced to be born upon the planet, to transmute energy under Influence, similar to the small oyster upon the sea bed opening and closing its shell, vibrating its energy, born to live to supply a need. Man also supplies a need to be used within the structure of the Universe… Man owneth naught but vibrates within the molecule of the earth, asleep to Possibilities; unconscious that all men are also puppets. Man is just as influenced as the atom.”

Note: All capitalisations are the author's own.

Cartoon, dated April 1989,  depiction of some of West Cheshire Lad's pupils. "T" himself is shown in the middle, wearing his habitual blue tie.

Cartoon, dated April 1989, depiction of some of West Cheshire Lad's pupils. "T" himself is shown in the middle, wearing his habitual blue tie.

My Time with "T"

Tom gave me the task of passing on his metaphysical teachings. He asked me to share his writings with, and I quote, “Anyone who may wish to see them; anyone who asks.”

When I expressed concern over any accidental misrepresentation of his work he dismissed this, saying, "You carry the essence of the Teaching within you." Then he added that most people would misunderstand his work anyway, due to their own beliefs or disbeliefs and similar limitations. Besides, he said, these Teachings weren't his, as such; he had not invented one part of them. Any word of his, whether written or spoken, was part of an ancient oral tradition handed down in secret. His written words contained only a fraction of the whole Teaching.

I was nineteen years-old (in 1983) when I first met “T”, though I had corresponded and occasionally met with one of his pupils for two years prior to that.

Within weeks I left my parental home in a quiet Lancashire village, and moved first to St Helens and then to Liverpool so as to more easily attend “T”’s group meetings in the south of Liverpool. I remained a pupil of “T”’s for the next seven years.

Having grown increasingly disillusioned both with “T”’s philosophy and with the endless bickering which such groups always seem to generate, I left determined never to even think about spirituality ever again. However, a person can’t simply ignore a whole segment of their own experience. Any experience, whether useful or useless, becomes a part of who we are.

Three years later, I drifted back--but almost immediately knew that I didn’t need the group meetings anymore. I had changed; grown through experience. Six months later, with “T”’s blessing, I left again.

“T” and I kept in touch until his death on 11th March, 2008.

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