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Weird, Scary, Paranormal Channels of YouTube

After a decade as a journalist, Jennifer Branton is on the path to finding a balance between career and writing.

Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark

As a people, fans of YouTube channels love to be scared and channels devote themselves to Top Ten Lists of haunted places, grainy footage of something going bump in the night, urban exploration of abandoned buildings, and mysterious photos that can not be explained.

While many YouTube channels profit off the mysterious content that continues to be uploaded from around the world, there are videos that seem to make the rounds on every channel making fans and skeptics debate further analysis in the the comments.

With similar types of videos appearing from all over the world, could there be any truth to such videos or are they all elaborate hoaxes spread around the web perpetuated by every click?

Even if they are hoaxes the camera work to create some of these videos featured is beyond the skill of most with basic editing tools.

Whatever is going on in these videos they are unsettling in the least.


Slapped Ham

Slapped Ham presents its content in lists featuring a top five to ten clips of videos or photos to be featured in each compilation. With topics ranging from alien encounters, strange photographs, strange places, ghost and paranormal videos being the majority of the channels content.

While most of the content is worthy of a few views to challenge the mind if what we are seeing is real, the channel always questions the viewer "But what do you think?"

The clips used on Slapped Ham have made their way around the internet many times and are in fact used in many of the their lists on similar topics, being the only thing that is distracting about the channel as you are often fast forwarding through a clip that seemed to be in several uploads on the same topic, sometimes with a slightly altered story of origin.

Over all the content of this channel can get extremely creepy late at night.

Nukes Top 5

Nukes Top 5 has a very similar format to that of other YouTube lists on the paranormal as it gives a quick break down of video clips on a particular theme such as ghosts or demons.

One of the scariest videos I have ever seen was featured on this channel. The story goes that a man had been in the hospital in a coma and his family had talked to a young girl that was also in the hospital who had given him one of her stuffed animals to help him pull through this struggles. Then man overcomes, but now home and giving the stuffed animal to his own children, he suffers horrible nightmares, and strange events began to take place in his house. On camera he films and empty room where the wailing of a child can be heard screaming for their mother as items in the room get tossed around just as he closes the door. He opens it to see the outline of what could be a shadow person just at the corner of the screen.

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While like all the other videos on the lists, the origin story is only what was passed down as the upload changed hands in uses but if this is manufactured video or not the unsettling screaming of the child for their mother is enough to curdle the blood.


Matthew Santoro

Matthew Santoro without going to cheesy gimmicks and extremes, this likable host of the paranormal content list seems a little bit startled by some of the clips he features boosting authenticity on his part of what he is sharing with the internet.

While the same types of clips, and even some of the same clips are used on his channel as well, he seems to delve a little more into giving background on the clips used if there are any.

Old photographs, aliens, vampires, and ghostly sightings are among the favorites of this YouTuber to present.

The face he makes when something is truly terrifying is worth checking out the thumbnails alone.

Trend Crave

While Trend Cave isn't always about the dark and spooky and features pieces on trendy subjects and viral videos, when they do go all sinister like the above footage of spooky things that have happened on live TV, the channel gets more credibility than some that scary is their meat and potatoes.

What the channel gets right is some really horrifying content compiled is top ten format lists.

In the included video of live TV occurrences, without any way these clips could have undergone video editing, can some of the findings really be explained away as just pure coincidence?


Shawindi Silva from Sri lanka on February 08, 2019:

Unbelievable !!!!! It's amazing!!!

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on February 08, 2019:

These are some good channels. :D

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