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Energy Update for Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius, Aries. Tarot Cards and/or Pendulum

Reading the energy for the sign of Gemini. I'm using tarot, a 5-card spread.



Current Energy as the Emperor is usually a good thing, indicating you took action to sit on your throne. So, I'd say in this moment, you are content and reveling in the things you overcame to get here.

Past Energy is the 2 of Pentacles meaning that sometime in your past you (perhaps recent past), you made a decision regarding your home, finances, career...anything along those lines. Or, you had a choice of some sort in one of those areas.

Present Issue is 6 of Cups which is coming from a place of warmth, but you are giving too much to others and not focusing on yourself in this present moment. You can't pour from an empty cup. Remember that.

Future Energy As It Stands is the Hermit and while it's a great card for showing you're learning a can mean you're going to be facing some inner-conflict if things continue on the way they're going. You can change it, but you got to focus more on yourself. If you keep giving and giving to a job, or any employer....even out of love, you will get hurt when your expectations of them aren't met, and appreciation of your work isn't reciprocated.



Current Energy is the Death Card. Don't freak! This doesn't indicate a literal death in the sense you're thinking. This can actually be a good card. This tells me that you've completed some type of cycle, or something around you has ended. Death can also represent Scorpio energy, and is significant to the planet of Pluto. Pluto rules the 12th house, which is the house of the otherworldly. You could be going through an internal conflict, possibly in regards to religion or spirituality.

Knight of Cups is your Past Energy and that is a card of movement and messages. Cups represent love, and emotionally charged love interests...not necessarily a spouse, though most of the time cups do refer to our partner or hopeful partner.

This is telling me you received a message or some important information in the recent past... it was delivered to you by mouth, mail, or even text very well may have had something to do with your relationship or family.

Presently, you're reflecting as the Justice card. This card represents karma...and it carries Libra energy. The message you received may have created a need in you to find justice for yourself in the situation, or closure. Whatever was done or said to you, just know that the wheel is turning and you will have the justice you seek. If you are facing any legal issues, you will be successful.

In the Future, your energy is like the High Priestess. This is my favorite card. You are using your intuition, and in the future, lovers won't be able to hide their intentions from you. You are going to confirm or deny the message brought to you by the knight, bc right now you aren't sure what to believe. Be patient, let the scales weight out, and you will have the knowledge you seek.

Now, the fliphand of this is you are the one relaying a message, then receiving justice.

This is a general reading so multiple energies can show up.

If you still need guidance, please let me know, or meditate with God, and pray. He will guide you, and never lead you astray.

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Current Energy is the Queen of Cups and it represents your sign, Pisces', and Scorpio (water signs).

Currently, you are feeling restless, however, you're coming from a place of love. You finally feel love for yourself, and you've worked hard to maintain it. Now you're able to give love to another wholeheartedly.

You're learning you may have skills as a medium, or channel...or, you are very in tune with your intuition.

(The Queen of Cups card represents the most love one person can have for another).

Past Energy is the Ace of Wands. This card shows that you recently started something on your own in the recent past...or either on the DL. This is a Fire Energy card...could be Leo or Sagittarius energy, or an actual person with these traits in their chart. (Or you)



Current Energy is the Queen of Cups. This represents the most love one can have for another. I would say you are currently in your "feels" over somebody...possibly a water sign.

Past is Justice. Something significant took place in the past that involves your love interest. It has you seeking closure, or some sort of explanation. I feel you got an answer that gave you a false sense of security, I say this because they only told you what you wanted to hear.

Present is X of Cups. This is the current circumstance. You are full of fulfillment and peace because of the message that you received from your love interest. As of now, you don't know it was only bs, and they told you what you wanted to hear. Remember? That information has you in a spot where your energy shows the end of that stupid cycle of fighting and mistrust...

Future is Queen of Swords. This energy is indicative of the moment you become aware of the false information you were told. You become colder, more aware of the lie, and you hold your ground. This energy usually reflects somebody who is level headed and once they make their mind up, they stick with it. Don't let your guard down but don't be so rigid either.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Bri Smith

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