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Wearing Black Should Be Avoided - Teachings of Sadhguru


Black is one thing you should never wear.
This will decide how your energy works as well as your psychological equilibrium. Adiyogi is classified in several respects, but one of them is that he is a vairagi, also known as a bhairagi. Raag means colour, and vairagya means to go beyond colour, because colour as we know it, as our sensory apparatus knows it, is just a specific breakdown of white light.


Something seems to be red. Not because it is red, but because of the full continuum of colours present in white light, it refuses everything and represents only red; in other words, what it rejects becomes its colour. That implies that the interpretation is absolutely incorrect. You think everything is red, but it's all except red because you think it's red. After all, it just reflects red light, while the rest is blocked. As a result, everything is white and it reflects everything.

So, if you're moving around in places, spaces, and circumstances where you have no say of what happens around you, always go for white.

If you left because you don't know what's going on, you don't know what's going on in the world around you, you don't know what's going on in whose head, what feelings, what emotions people are carrying.

So, white provides some defence because it reflects anything, not just light, but also energy. All is absorbed by black. Wear black if you want to absorb anything around you. However, if you wear black in a position that you don't want to absorb but wear because it makes you look slimmer, you will begin to accumulate all sorts of stuff.

I will attribute at least 20-25 per cent of psychological challenges that people face to wearing black clothing for extended periods in environments where they need not be. However, black is regarded as negative; it is regarded as less spiritual, and it is regarded as devilish. When the demon appears, he would almost definitely be dressed in black. People are wearing black for mourning as a result of this. When anyone is deceased, you can never wear black. If there is death nearby, you can still wear white because you do not want to absorb that kind of radiation. But I note that when there is death, everybody wears black. Existence is completely misunderstood, and there is little awareness at all.

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You've just learned intellectually that black is synonymous with death. And, yeah, it does; I'm not going to deny it. Yet you want to be that; otherwise, you want to be miles away from that. is the question. Many that have died have died. We respect that, but those who are alive should remain alive; they should not become half-dead from consuming such substances. So, if there's something you don't want to absorb, you should wear white.

Most of the other contrasting colours are in play, but it's between black and white – white means total reflection, black means no reflection, and in between is partial reflection. However, where we want to digest everything, we wear black. You wear white where we want to mirror. As a result, the opposite is being executed over a long time. You don't wear this on the highway, and you don't wear it to work. All are being jumbled.


You don't wear black to areas where you don't want the aura to reach you because it will affect the way your energy behaves, the social equilibrium you have inside you, and a variety of other factors. Colour has its own tricks, don't you think?

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