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We Guess It Isn’t the Last Article

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We will write on this topic. Here is an interesting quote:

Ravi Zacharias was a friend. While he refused to go public with his secret, a handful of leaders implored him to do so. Even though many of us leaders abhorred his sins, he died with his pride. Let this be a warning to all of us who preach, may God convict us of our “walk” matching the purity of what we preach. Compassion in action recognizes that any of us could be guilty of Ravi’s deplorable acts. Unless we release the Life of Jesus from within – sin will rule. -Dr. Stephen Phinney

This sentiment has always been a possibility even when we have written our defense of Mr. Zacharias. But, with that said, these kinds of comments can be faked and also they provide content that cannot be verified.

Also, the name can be used in any number of sinful ways to make it sound like Mr. Zacharias is guilty. Even as we wrote our defense of the man, we had this thought in the back of our mind and it was never far from our words or point.

However, we are not changing one word we have written nor are we going to apologize for our defense of this godly man. The Bible is very clear that all men and women fall short of the glory of God and we are not seeing ourselves as in a position where we can stand in judgment of Mr. Zacharias.

The Bible also says to ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ We have decided to defend a man who cannot defend himself. The weaknesses, the anti-biblical points, and other arguments still remain weak, unbiblical, and even not mounting to a legitimate legal argument.

We are prepared to condemn and judge every person who has felt that they are righteous enough to judge and condemn Mr. Zacharias. We do not care if you only sinned today, yesterday, last week, last year, or even 10 years ago. be prepared to be handled in the same manner you tackled this man and the issue surrounding him.

There is a reason why so many pastors, church leaders, and missionaries have left their faith in God and joined the atheists. That reason is that the church, in general, considers themselves too holy and righteous to help them overcome their struggles and get them back on track.

Instead, they stand in judgment and kick these men and women even more, making sure they do not return to a holy life. We know this because not only have we read those testimonies we have experienced it ourselves and it is not fun when your supposed Christian family members turn their backs on you and leave you alone.

We wonder how hard that ‘friend’ and other friends of Mr. Zacharias tried to help him overcome any possible sins he was fighting? That quote says it was pride but was it really? We cannot really know what was going on in his mind to know anything for sure.

Yes, we are saddened by the possibility the allegations may be true but we are saddened even more by the wolves and the vultures that have circled his dead body and kicked his carcass even more.

They are without excuse for their actions and words and should take some serious time to examine their own lives to make sure they are truly without sin. If they find that they are not, may they humble themselves and repent like they would have wanted Mr. Zacharias to do.

The Bible does not give permission for people to gang up on believers and kick them when they are down or cannot defend themselves. If you look at the parable of the Good Samaritan, you will see permission to roll up your sleeves, and bind the wounds of those who have been beaten by evil, and take care of them until they are spiritually healthy again.

We are not happy about this whole situation as too many people have brought shame on themselves, on the church, and on God by their failure to obey God’s instructions given in the Bible.

There can be no joy in the church or a believers’ life when a fellow believer falls and cannot rescue themselves. There is also no joy in the myriad of people who gather around and say all manner of negative things about these fallen believers, especially the dead ones.

Then for those people like ZenBanjo and Ms. Roy, they must be so proud of themselves for their ‘courageous and brave’ efforts to take down a man of God especially one who has been dead for almost a year. These people know so little and are so naive when it comes to spiritual matters.

They also cannot look at the Christian lives they are trying to destroy and see if they can do better. They like to criticize and point out the failings of others yet are too afraid to set the example of righteous living themselves.

These people are not doing anything for the kingdom of God and they are not doing anything to ‘save or protect’ the church. At best, they are pariahs who seek to make the church after their own image and ignore what God has said to do.

They also do not have any concept of what Christian love is or that it applies to both saints and sinners, fallen Christians, or healthy ones. They also have no concept of how to communicate any truth in love but seem to find joy in destroying people they are supposed to be helping.

Supposed Christian newspapers do not help as they are not bringing information in a way that will help the church. Instead, the manner in which they publish ‘the news’ does not help the body grow in biblical truth.

Then those Christian organizations and their leaders, like the CMA and RZIM, who throw a man they have known and worked with for up to 40 years under the bus so that they look good to a sinful world are as guilty and as sinful as they claim Mr. Zacharias of being.

They are not acting in a biblical manner but want to retain some credibility to a world that is in need of a savior and has nothing to offer them. We need these people to stand up for God and his ways no matter how bad it looks to the unbeliever.

Being brave and courageous is not attacking a dead man nor pointing out his sins. It is being a light unto a dark world even when a Christian crisis looms and darkens the doorway to salvation.

We have nothing but pity for these people and organizations because God does not get the glory and many unbelievers are turned off of Christ because of their false holiness and self-righteous attitudes and behavior.

As we wrote our articles, we are sure that God gave us the following thought. While it looked like Mr. Zacharias still had a lot more to give to the world and make a positive contribution, his possible lifestyle was going to undermine that contribution and God took him home early.

Mr. Zachrias has been spared the travesty and embarrassment of seeing what his life was going to do and the gospel was spared of further problems. God’s mercy touches so many areas of life that we should be grateful that Mr. Zacharias was taken when he was so that he would not be destroyed completely and the church can heal from all of this conjecture, gossip, and unbiblical behavior.

Then, God has allowed us to learn from this situation so that everyone can be better at following their claimed faith and make a better impact for him. God still uses people even those who falter in their spiritual lives.

The Bible tells us that his word does not return to Him void. That tells us that even Mr. Zacharias’ words still have merit, power and will help Christians mature and grow in their faith.

We mourn because of this situation and hope that this struggle will lead the church to humble itself and pray until it gets back on the right track for God and is united like the early Christians were, following the teaching so of the apostles and learning the truth.

© 2021 David Thiessen

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