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We Cannot Die: My Intuitive Speculation

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Not "Knowing" -- but "Intuiting" About the Ultimate Truth of Life

I could almost hear you ask: Is this going to be but another round of a wishful thinking of a 77 year old incorrigible optimist?

Along with another question: How could he possibly know?

Well, I don't.

For the simple reason that nobody "knows" anything about anything. Socrates was right when he uttered that pearl of wisdom: "I only know that I know nothing.

The Truth is multilayered and we can't grasp all of it at once, somewhat in the position of those proverbial three blind men describing elephant by touching its different parts.

Thus I can tell you right up front that I don't "know" the truth about what happens after dying; but at this time of writing I merely want to share with anyone willing to read to the end what's coming to me from my intuition. With a hope that at least some of you may be able to "sense the fragrance of truth" in it.

As for those other ones who won't be able to shake their skepticism off -- by the time you will have proven me either right or wrong, we won't be able to communicate it anyway, so at least try to derive some intellectual fun out of everything that follows.


Some Dreams Are Meant to Last Forever

For starters, allow me to make a pretty bold statement about the very nature of that which follows after our body has stopped functioning. Namely, we slip into a dreamlike state, albeit with an altogether different contents.

It is impossible for me to describe it, except for the notion that being free from the body that's loaded with memories of life, we will also become instantly free from them.

In the way that we cannot recall our experiences from the time of our embryonic phase of life, simply because that memory could not serve us at all in the next phase of life outside of the womb.

However, let me make an important point about this after-life dreamlike state.

You will feel very much "at home" in it. You will actually "recognize" your new environment, not with your five senses anymore, but with that new state of "beingness" who you will become -- again.

Now, it's only natural that from this current perspective we cannot imagine that world of strange-unknown as something "familiar".

And even more strange would be an idea that this present state of being is more of a virtual illusion, created by our limited five senses, than that other world where we'll -- a sort of -- know it all.

But, take it as you wish -- the experience of entering that new state of beingness will be beyond any breathtaking one that we are capable of in this present form.

Now try to get into the spirit (pun not intended) of that new realm which will, again, feel like a home much more than any of your earthly homes has ever felt. Look, you won't have any earthly themes on your mind, since they are all a mix of negativities attached to the soap opera of survival.

In that state, you -- or let me introduce the term of the real you -- won't be able to experience anything negative that was a part of the package of being a living human.

Cool, isn't it?

Just don't try to fall in love with it, because it is a sort of a universal law to live our full term on "this side". I have no idea if there is anything like a penalty for cowardly escaping from it, but something tells me that we should treat this life with respect.


Deep Meditation -- A Little Taste of the Other Realm

Back there some decades ago, when I first succeeded to make that meditative trip to the depth of my very essence without falling asleep in process of it, I got startled out of it with a fear that I had died.

I could not feel attached to my body, and nothing was left of my familiar sense of identity -- I was pure consciousness, as if hijacked into another realm of beingness. Then I learned to look forward to drifting into that state, once that I could embrace that "outlandish" unknown.

And even though it didn't mean my death, each time after gently returning I could not verbalize any of that experience -- not that I never tried, including now. While we can pretty well describe our dreams, that's something for which our linear thinking is helpless to grasp with its tools of conceptualizing.

But I can say that the feeling is like I suddenly knew every secret of the universe, just didn't bother cataloging any of it into any familiar mental constructs.

Words work pretty well on this level of processing reality, and it didn't seem like "I" -- whatever "I" was at the time, wanted to process any of it. It didn't require any thinking processes -- it was all just being there in its obviousness.

So that's how I am intuiting about death, as being merely another dreamlike state where we don't need our body to spoil the divinely pristine beauty of it all.

Scientists of all calls have been trying to locate consciousness in our body -- to no avail, and some extremely sophisticated instruments have detected a spooky activity going on few inches above our head. Yogis call it the 8th chakra.

Is that where "we" physically are?


Will We See God?

At this point let's tackle another point having to do with our God.

If you are a religious person, you must be wondering if you will see a celestial embodiment for which you will somehow know it's that God that you've been envisioning for a long time.

Sorry to say it, but -- no, you won't be able to see your Maker.

The reason for it is that, whatever you may be experiencing as a "god" in this earthly dimension, won't mean anything "out there".

You see, due to our living in a realm of time and space, we are wired in our minds for separation which translates into a duality of "me--and--God", as two distinct entities.

With no space in that other realm, you won't have a point of perception from which you would be able to observe God -- you will be He.

While "identifying with God", may sound like something from psychiatric textbooks, we might as well skip that pathological aspect of it while discussing these matters of unity with God in our afterlife.

You will be like a droplet of the ocean called God, having all of His attributes -- and at this time we might freely use that saying: "God created us in His own image."

Earthly dimension is limiting us, as our quantum design got collapsed into a material form which is a subject to space, time, and the rest of Newtonian physics. Now I don't even want to go "down that rabbit hole", just enough to make it mind-twisting enough for a hint about how the world which doesn't meet our five senses is dense with other kind of events for which our brain is not wired to conceptualize.


We Can Make Life a Divine Remainder of Our Journey

Even while in this earthly form, there is that distinct and non-physical form of us that can redefine its journey, once freed from the limitations imposed by material world, and an ego running our show.

And even in this form, we can cultivate, and refine our state of being through meditation, through insisting on high frequency emotions, through allowing the expression of that which is best in us.

Moreover, by exploring the possibilities of living life marked for an inner and outer harmony, we can make our rest of the journey much longer and incredibly rewarding.

Why not tune into our true self to a point where all of us can clearly see that at the end of the rainbow we'll just continue being -- for we cannot die.

© 2021 Val Karas

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