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We All Can Win

Shawindi is a writer who believes that we are learning throughout our lives. Learning is the way to live!


What Is Life?

We all have our own ways of living. Our lives are different from one another. All of us have goals to be reached with our effort. Life is not easy. We must work and try hard to fulfill our dreams.

It is okay to have a dream. We need a dream to live a meaningful life. If we have a dream our lives will be meaningful in a way. You have a dream means, you have a goal. If there is no goals in our lives, it will be boring and useless. When we achieve our dreams it might give you the biggest happiness you've ever had. However there are still people who believe having a dream is useless and a waste of time. Sometimes we have to agree with them, but not every time! All of the people can not dream in the same way. People live different life styles and they choose their own life paths with their point of view.

What Is a Dream?

The word "Dream" can be defined in two ways.

01. A series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. (Oxford Dictionary)

02. A cherished aspiration ambition or ideal (Oxford Dictionary)


Is It Bad To Dream Or To Have a Dream?

As I have described above, dreams can be defined in two ways. Taking the second explanation of the dream, I believe it is okay to have a dream. From the day of our birth, we learn. Once we are old enough to start learning, we make a goal for ourselves. It is different for one another. Someone dreams of becoming a doctor when anther one is thinking of becoming a pilot. When talking about dreaming that way it can also be called as a goal. It is very important to have a dream. Unless you have a dream, you won't be successful. Why? Actually when we have a dream or a goal, we work harder in order to cherish our goal. If you have a strong determination, although the situations become harder, you won't give up and you will stick to it until the end. Isn't it?

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Why Should We Be Positive?

Life is not happy and colorful every time. Sometimes its dark and sometimes bright. The brightness or the darkness won't last forever. They come to our lives eventually. That's what life is. When its dark, there are ways of making it bright. But according to my opinion, we have to experience both the darkness and the brightness. When its always bright, life might become boring. Don't you think so?

I personally want my life to be busy risky as well as happy. I like having an interesting life. Life is interesting when there is happiness as well as sadness.

Did someone say you are ugly?

In this world no one can judge other's beauty or someones capabilities of doing things. We have our own ways of doing things and most of all different people have different pint of views. So you are the only person who knows about yourself. And we must not fall down for someone else's judgement of us. We must face them and overcome them. That is the only way to overcome and show them who you are.

We all are beautiful and handsome in our own way. If you see beauty in yourself, in a way you are successful. No one can judge you, we must continue our lives as who we are. We must not change for other's needs. We can change the world.

Be positive.

Don't fall down.

Encourage yourself to face the problems. Encourage others.

We all can win!


Be positive, Have a dream, follow your dreams. Don't stop until you reach your dreams and goals. Life is filled with challenges and it's interesting when there are challenges. Face your life bravely and never give up!!!!!

Stay safe!

Stay strong !

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