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Ways to Develop a Vibrant Personality

Improve yourself!


- Smiling is a characteristic of a positive attitude. The metaphor of smiling is related to how you'll engage yourself with others. When you're out for a walk & meet a friend with a little smile on your face, it means a lot for a person who's in front of you. Smiling practice can make you cheerful, pleasant and a motivational person because it becomes really easy to cope up with anyone while you've a common habit of smiling. A habit which everyone should adopt and accept in a daily routine!


- Earning money is a different thing while having knowledge about money is a different thing! Talking in a language of Mr Kiyosaki ; as he speaks in his book, Rich dad poor dad - Learn how money works and you'll stop working for money. Instead you'll find a way how money can work for you. Financial wisdom is one important thing for everyone who's earning! People understand business but they forget to increase the financial wisdom. Some people may think how we can develop a financial wisdom. We will talk about that in our next topic!


- One of the common habits between every successful person and every billionaire is "reading". Reading is an exercise of your brain. While reading anything, you are actually exploring your brain and inviting the world of wisdom to have a place inside of you! Reading is a characteristic which can make you different from others. Creating a vibrant personality doesn't mean you have to read books only. NO! You can increase your financial wisdom and personal growth by reading articles, research papers, newspapers, blogs as well. Start reading a page at first day. Your tiny habits can make wonderful changes in your life if I speak about the point of views in a language of James clear; The author of a fantastic book "Atomic habits".


- Helping people don't apply to the ones who are in authority. Many people think that we're a small community people. Whom we can help? What we can do? The answer is look around yourself. You will find tons of opportunities to help people around you. Helping people with small amount of money can affect your personality. Helping someone crossing the road will affect your gratitude. Helping someone with education will affect your kindness. Each and every part of human heart can be effected by helping others. One of the key points in Making your personality better and vibrant!

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Communication is a supreme characteristic of a vibrant personality. Learning language is a different thing while learning how to communicate is another. A native English speaker can be a bad communicator while an outsider can be a good communicator. While I am talking about how to learn the communication skills, I remember Dale Carnegie for his immense work in areas of communication development, Creating a personal growth, Influencing people and human psychology! I would love to recommend his book "How to win friends and influence people" to everyone who's willing to increase communication techniques.

There are tons of things you can do to make yourself better everyday. Make 1 percentage improvement daily and see the remarkable results is that I learned from the book ATOMIC HABITS by James clear.

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