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Ways to Use Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve Others

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


Everyone Has a Spiritual Gift

Everyone has a spiritual gift because God has given each person at least one gift and some have been given more than one. According to 1 Peter 4:10, "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms."

Not only do you have spiritual gifts, but God has also made a way for you to use them not for selfish reasons but to serve others.


What is a Spiritual Gift?

Perhaps it would help if people knew what a spiritual gift is. A spiritual gift is a special attribute given by the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ. The gift is not one that you can choose on your own. It is one or a combination of gifts given by God's grace. The purpose of the gift is not to be used on one's self, but it is to be used to serve others.

Every believer has at least one gift (1 Corinthians 12:6-7, 11). All believers are to know what their God-given gifts are (Romans 12:3)

A spiritual gift is not a talent or a special trait that one learns to do. While a talent or trait is wonderful to have, they are not spiritual gifts. Unbelievers can have talents, but only believers have spiritual gifts. It is easy to understand that when they take into account that the gifts are from the Holy Spirit. Unbelievers do not have the Holy Spirit working within them.


Different Gifts

God has given different gifts for people to do different things, according to Romans 12:6-8. Therefore, if God has given you the ability to prophesy, then prophecy to serve other.

If God has given you the gift to serve, then do so. If He has given you the gift of teaching, then do that without trying to do something else. See the list in the photo above.


Discover What Your Spiritual Gift Is

Some people say they do not know what their spiritual gift is. Therefore, they conclude that they don't have one. Remember, God has given everyone a gift, and people should be a good steward to find out what it is and then use it.

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Here are some ways to help you discover what your gifts are:

  1. Read a book about spiritual gifts. Attend a spiritual gifts workshop to help you discover your gift or gifts.
  2. Take a free online spiritual gifts inventory. There are several of them available.
  3. Seek God and ask Him what plans He has for your life and what He wants you to do to fulfill your purpose by using your spiritual gift.

You would be amazed at how rapid your church would grow spiritually if everyone would use their spiritual gifts.

When someone gives you a physical gift, you are expected to use it. Since God has given you a spiritual gift, He expects you to use it as well.


Natural Talent or Spiritual Gift?

Natural talents are physical abilities to do special things. Some natural talents might be singing or playing a musical instrument. It could be drawing, painting, or sculpting.

Spiritual gifts are spiritual abilities to do certain things. Natural talents are often the vehicle through which spiritual gifts can be used. For example, a teacher can use his natural talent to teach the Bible and things related to God. A musician can use his natural talent in a spiritual way by singing gospel music and evangelize through his musical talent.


Use Your Spiritual Gifts

After you discover what your gift it, here are some things you should do.

  1. Be thankful for your own gifts God gives you and never resent the gift He has given someone else. He will equip you with the power to use your gifts but not other people's gifts.
  2. God had created you with a certain personality and other characteristics to match the gift He has given you.
  3. Look for opportunities to use your gifts inside and outside of the church.
  4. Pay attention to the area and group of people God wants you to serve. You will satisfy your own needs by helping others meet their needs.
  5. Only you can do what God has gifted you to do. If you do not use your gift in the area He wants you to use it, then you are neglecting what He wants you to do.
  6. Never be afraid to use your gift. If you start out where you are, God will equip you and make it possible for you to go where He wants you to go.
  7. Don't despise small ways to help others. They may be small to you, but to the other person and to God, they are big. Trust God and do what He has gifted you to do. Because you are obedient to the small things, God will give you more things to do. Also, remember, you are the one who says a request is small. Anything God tells you to do has value.
  8. The more you use your gifts, the more opportunities you will get.
  9. Don't think of yourself more highly than anyone else because you have a special gift. After all, everyone in the body of Christ has a gift whether they use it or not.

Use your gifts in ways to help build the Kingdom of God. When you are obedient to God and do what He has commanded you to do, you will hear these words:

"Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord" (Matthew 25:21).


How to Use Your Talents to Help Others

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