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Ways To Activate Your Faith

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

You must activate your faith for it to profit you.

You must activate your faith for it to profit you.

What It Means To Activate Something

Most dictionaries agree on the definition of the word "activate." They define it as follows:

  • to cause something to start working
  • to make active
  • to cause something to function or act
  • to start something off
  • to trigger something to start
  • to set something in motion.
You cannot use a new credit card until it has been activated.

You cannot use a new credit card until it has been activated.

Activation: A Good Illustration

When you receive a new credit card, you cannot use it until it is activated. You could have a $100,000 or higher limit on the card, but you cannot use any of it until the card is activated.

Unless you activate your card, you will be in for a rude awakening at the cashier as you stand there with an armful of merchandise. That's why the instruction on the card is for you to call a specific number to have the card activated. If the card comes to you in the mail already activated, anyone could use it. That's why credit card companies only allow the card to be activated by the rightful owner.

After you activate your own credit card, then it is your responsibility to use it wisely.

Guidelines To Activate Your Faith

Having faith is like having a new credit card. Before you can use it for its intended purpose, you must activate it. Even though you have it, it serves no purpose until you activate it.

Having faith is not enough. God will never bring about the changes in you that's available until your personal faith is activated. If you do not know how to activate your faith, then follow the guidelines Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho gives in his book, The Fourth Dimension. He gives four basic steps to activate your faith.

Dr. Cho knows something about activating faith. After all, he is the well-known pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Central Church in Seoul, Korea. His church is one of the largest in the world with over 730,000 members and more than 25,000 home cell groups.


Activate Your Faith: Step 1

Envision a clear-cut objective. Instead of wishing to get something or for something to happen, envision exactly what you want and what you want to happen. When you pray, do not beat around the bush or pray vague prayers. Yes, God knows and can sort them out, but God wants to hear you say it. Envisioning exactly what you want and saying it are two ways to begin the activation process.

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The fallacy of praying vague prayers is that you will not know when they are answered because you did not tell God exactly what you were praying for.


Activate Your Faith: Step 2

Have a burning desire. God goes all out. He does not like anything lukewarm. That's what He had against the church at Laodicea. The people were neither hot nor cold, according to Revelation 3:15-16.

God specializes in things that are red hot such as a burning desire. Have a red hot burning desire for what you want and have the faith to get it. Then you will be amazed how quickly the things you want will gravitate towards you.


Activate Your Faith: Step 3

Maintain assurance. When you have envisioned a clear goal and a burning desire, go to do what is required for the third step.

Pray for blessed assurance. To have an assurance is the same as having legal papers, a title deed, or a receipt for something. Sometimes one or more of those things could come quickly. At other times, you may have to wait for God to act on your behalf. Maintain that assurance and continue to wait no matter how long it takes.


Activate Your Faith: Step 4

Speak the word. Show evidence of your faith by speaking the word. Remember, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). We have many resources for God's blessings when we speak the word. The opposite also comes to pass when we speak negative things.

God acts according to your own faith. Claim and speak words of faith instead of begging God and doubting Him and His timing. God illustrated this principle when He said to Moses, "Why are you crying to me? Give the command and the Red Sea shall be divided?" (Exodus 14:15-16) God doesn't want us to beg Him. Instead, He wanted us to command those things we want by having faith to receive them.

Use the four steps given to activate your faith. Then begin to see things come to pass after you have taken the following actions in this order:

  1. Envision what you want.
  2. Have a burning desire for what you want.
  3. Maintain assurance that you will get what you want.
  4. Speak the word as if you already have what you want.

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