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Water Striders vs Miners aka Converts vs Disciples

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Water striders are not designed to swim, so they walk on water.

The small air bubbles on each leg keep them afloat, otherwise they would drown.

The small air bubbles on each leg keep them afloat, otherwise they would drown.

Converts Skim the Surface Only; Avoiding the Depths

Those who have converted to a religious lifestyle in an attempt to abate their fears concerning eternity as to whether it will be heaven or hell, live solely upon the surface of the Word. They hear what they want to hear whether the Word means what they may think it does or not. That is of no importance as their association to God is fully geared to their emotions. They will seek out fellowships that avoid doctrinal issues that are offensive to their self-perceived esteem.

The water strider seemingly walks upon water, but in actuality is borne by small air bubbles at the end of each leg which keep it from sinking and death. So goes those who cling to small snippets of religious words, enough to keep them from drowning in the fear of death. These have no real peace but heavily rely upon the pep rallies, mostly known as churches, to keep them going. Interestingly, when the churches were closed, some realized there was no real difference in their everyday lives and have given up the church scene to seek other refuges from their fears.

On the other hand, many who want to hold on tenaciously to their beliefs, cultic or not, require the gatherings to refuel their dependence upon bad or shallow theology. They care not about the original languages and extant historical evidence, but the wording in their bibles alone. Some claim they have the only reliable version, to which they may be correct, while the rest choose a bible version that best fits their personal beliefs. The one thing they have in common is the lack of desire to dive beneath the surface and examine the infinite depths of the Word of God. Should they venture more deeply, many of their beloved doctrines would suffer a death blow. That is a fear they do not wish to confront for they are comfortable living on the surface.

Mining the Word of God for His Treasure

Every time one diligently delves into God's Word, the disciple finds a piece of eternal treasure.

Every time one diligently delves into God's Word, the disciple finds a piece of eternal treasure.

Disciples are Driven to Explore the Depths of the Word

Why is that in the majority of today’s churches “Sunday school” classes, are attended by only a few of the adult members? Even those who do attend are for the most part looking for some adult fellowship with other members of their choosing, should there be more than one class available. If classes are topical, they may select the topic to which they are interested to base their decision. The classes which center upon the Word alone, very often are avoided by the majority for it supersedes the fellowship aspect. When a church leadership dictates the topics, it is time to move on for the mature disciple. The babes in Christ or future disciples, need a lot of elementary education but at a time ordained by God, the hunger to know our Lord in a much deeper sense will drive them below the surface of His written word into a great knowledge of the Word; our blessed Savior.

Paul’s letters to the churches were deemed weighty and powerful [2 Corinthians 10:10] to which Peter added about his beloved brother’s writings, that they contained some things “hard to be understood” which the unlearned and unstable fight against to their own destruction. [2 Peter 3:15-16] Paul’s encouragement to Timothy [2 Timothy 2:15] uses the word ‘study’ which in Greek is “spoudazo’, meaning to promptly or in all haste give diligence to “rightly dividing the Word of truth.” I capitalized ‘Word’, for it is the Greek word ‘logos’; a direct reference to Christ.

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The mine in which the disciple digs leads to eternal treasures and the deeper one goes the greater the prize awaits. A disciple will constantly be amazed by the riches of God’s words that can only be found below the surface. Also they will find that the deeper they go, two things will happen; 1) the desire to keep going increases, and 2) the greater their love will become for all things godly as the Word of God becomes a necessary labor of love as a permanent part of their lives. Not everyone is called to be a teacher, but every disciple will discover that which is needed from the Word for living in these turbulent last days. What is exciting is to fellowship with other miners of the Word and examine their gems of discovery. The mystery of sharing one’s new found wisdom with others of like minds is that all receive the blessing of another’s find.

A Word of Warning


Faithfulness to the Word demands a word of warning

As a good ‘minister’, teacher of Jesus Christ [1 Timothy 4:1-6] I will sound the alarm that appears to be coming from within our ranks, that not all who profess to know the Word of God, have a personal knowledge of Christ. Telltale traits are those who are like a broken record, stuck on a single issue. They love to cast doubts about others’ relationships to God by emphasizing procedure over substance, limited scriptural evidence with little or no exegesis of the written word, and the biggie: it is their way or hell to pay. This creates two very serious problems: almost no one is going to heaven and God is now limited salvation to their sphere of influence. As Peter wrote [2 Peter 2:1-3] those who peddle this heresy have a reservation for damnation, whereas those who have been caught up in their web of lies, hope still remains. Let the reader beware.

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