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Wars of Woe In Current Days

Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Introduction to the Wars Of Woe In Current Days

Our country's current wars of woe cause one to contemplate a more peaceful time; the following is a view from one who wishes to find a center ground to begin and stop breeding hate. Regardless of brokenness or opinion, one would have to agree we are weary and want the powers that be to get together and make things better for our country, all of our country, men, women, and children. We want our peace back! And we know there is work to do, but when did fighting get us anywhere? I will trust that God has a perfect plan. I know it is an excellent centering place to rest.

Be The Light You Seek

How can people not weep as the surrounding wars are increasing? Even though humanity has learned from history, it would seem the past civil wars have taught us nothing. The state of current affairs has frustrated, and the best of friends and family have chosen banter over discussions or, worse, silence out of fear.

So, communication encounters suffer as the art of compassion languishes. The lack of understanding a different perspective or listening to others' stories has become an art no longer practiced, and the separation continues.

Our vast divide expands as we permit hate to breed with considerable energy replacing meaningful conversations! But egos boast, and neither side will agree that there is work to undertake to come to a center. Instead, they inflate, their chest bouncing off one another rather than seeking an optimal compromise. In contrast, would the art of relational work not move one closer to the genuine movement of centering? In any relationship, for success, the two parties must work together. First, come to know the other; second, understand the view; and last, learn to compromise for a functional outcome.

Why do not the same skills apply to leadership? It is more of a "do as I say, not as I do." Kind of approach. Though we know how that doesn't work, to succeed or progress, relational work is essential! Seeking to understand and then committing to work until reaching a reasonable resolution. It may need many attempts, but the outcome is often worth the struggle versus a war.

A radiating campfire in wartime or at peace draws one near as the glow illuminates in the distance. The generous warmth of an intimate fire gathers wanderers. Disoriented, they seek sustenance or a resting place to energize their hearts again. Coming together in a discussion by firelight is a peaceful place to rest and address the next steps.

During the noise lull, may we approach the soft amber of a campfire to quiet us long enough to hear the sweet crackles of enlightenment? Above all, please open your mind to enhance the possibility of realizing that it requires repair when something breaks. That can mean physical, emotional, or with the leadership of a home or country. We better work together to make things right unless we want to be a throwaway society.

Lion Is Still the Lamb

With guidance, even the faintest of hearts coddles in thy spirituous fire. However, denial of whence it came curtails its dwelling in the soul of man.

Yet, the burning thickets illuminate the battlefield, never consumed by flames. Allow the radiating sparks to purify with clarity, engulfing all within their reach.

Mindful of the stripes that healed so long ago, no longer at war, the battle won! Now to choose the grace, that is enough! But will the world see that we knew the cause of our refuge? One has to wonder if the cinder glow can prevail amidst the battle that deflects from their ignition.

The generals squawk for power as they seek their importance. As a result, conscious centering falls apart. Thus, the firelight restrains smoke and ash on the field. The wicked fog of disillusionment stifles meanwhile, the faithful embers smolder.

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Fueled with servant breath, the dove supplies the Kindle branch. Grateful for this generosity that never abandons to revitalize those desirous of healing.

Oh, darkest ash, do not cover thy smoke for too long. Allow the leaves of peace to flow toward the hearth. Remind us of the brevity for which we fulminate on this earth.

Carry out justified damper to the angry snarl as the cheers of hate heighten. Engulf our faith by storming the mind with enough trust to escape the snare. Keep the embers glowing for Lion’s roar, for He is still the Lamb!

Lion & The Lamb

Lion & The Lamb

Did We Know Him?

Humankind need not part for connection when one relies on the constant flame. This frivolous fight has us hiding under bushes. Bring forth the smoke signals of positivity in the darkness. Grow our fires in fervent servitude for all to see its Light.

Encourage one another not to cower in this temporary home. Let the inferno ignite to spread within our company. This Blaze requires no containment as we rely upon its source. We pray to remove our separations, caressing all with pure luminosity, stirring the passion for a perfect peace to live within us. Could we create a laborious effort known for our center and not our sides?

Hence, when we leave these embers in our wake. It will not be the accolades of prosperity we wish to present. Instead of our humble repentance for the calamity of humanism, we display reactions to the flesh.

Now is the time for the hope of seeking peace worth representation at our last gate. New wars will end, and shadows will clear as we rise together, continuing to our destiny! No more actions or woes to battle when we enter perfect peace.

In conclusion, what will have mattered? Did we know the Way, Truth, and Life for which we lived? Wars of woe nowadays are nothing compared to the Light that saves the world. Will they know us through our acts of servitude to the Almighty? Being in this world, but not in it. Please help us be mindful of the brief exposure of our example? Perhaps then we'll live like we are dying. To remain focused on the thoughts of the youngest inaugural poet, Amanda Gorman, may we continue to seek the Light while striving to be it! What a beautiful place to start!

© 2021 Kathy Henderson

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