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Are You Approaching Age 28-32? Watch Out, You Could Have A Major Change Coming! But, Its For Your Overall Benefit.

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Life Itself Follows the Impulses of the Planets, Setting Stages and Patterns and Levels of Growth and Maturity

The planets in our System astrologically act as compellers, spark plugs, actuators, or even chips and transistors for our individual lives.

But its a Big World! We relate with workers, families, cousins, neighbors and all of those foreign peoples..

The Divine has set our Souls and Selves to develop in our planetary system to progress, develop and along the way to laugh and love and be victorious, and also along the way to "Suffer the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune."

Mars is there for action, starting, achievement, fighting, opposition and plain old fire.

Venus is there for beauty, elegance, peace, achievement, parties, art and nice clothes and refinement.

Mercury is there for speedy thought, communications, intuitive insights, debates galore and the inability to stop talking and also profound insights.

Uranus is there to stretch prediction into the future, to come up with ideas that others can't, to dare to design new plans and also to be quite forceful.

Neptune is their to deliver complex understanding, to transmit oceanic feelings and temperaments, to provide deep background for surface problems, to offer psychic understanding.

Pluto, the astrologers have said that it sets the stage for the future.

And then there is Saturn. And that's what the SATURN RETURNS are all about.

Saturn Plays the Role of the Teacher, the Large Dark Threat With Rings Around it; Who Only Comes Back Twice to It's Natal Position.


From Babyhood to 28 Years Old

Life is most wondrous when you have babies. I have 4 who have grown into parents; who have given me 8 grandchildren.

When you hold a newborn in your hands and you support its head, and everyone is encouraging you to “Be sure and support their head!”; you count yourself as most blessed. Big round open eyes are taking in their world. Right now, at this moment, it’s a tiny world. But you can see and imagine the growing they are going to do.

From nursing and sleeping, and throwing crying fits, and moving their arms and lifting their heads to fix their eyes on further objects; all the while depositing fecund gifts for all to clean.

To crawling like a feral creature, learning to control their body’s parts, pulling themselves up and in a first mighty exhaltation – standing up! And repeating that feat to fast crawling, and other achievements that are repeated over and over again, to exploring and crying in outrage that they hurt themselves. And finally, they walk and babble and some seem to develop great appetites for self-expression; you take it all in.

In thinking about all this wonder, you realize that you went through this yourself.

And when you give a toast at the wedding of your grandson and his aquiline bride, last November, you say: How amazing and wonderful it is to participate in the continuing process of growth, maturity, individuals all undergoing aging with all of its stages, and you yourself going through aging. And as you go, you see this generation to generation process of GROWING UP, you realize that growing up is hopefully what we all really do down here.

Saturn Tends to Restrain, Inhibit, Put an Uncle's Strong Hand On your Shoulder Keeping You From Calamity.

“Old Buddy Saturn”

“Your old buddy Saturn promises to visit you TWICE in your life to help urge you along to Adult Maturity in your 28th year and then again in your 56th year to an Older Age Maturity.

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In our 20’s people feel exuberant, youthful, energetic and indomitable. And oh yeah: manic, depressive, moody, given to fits of anger, and little studied self-expression. But the world is saying: You have to get serious! Get a good job, not just any job. But don’t be unemployed. Don’t do drugs. Calm your temper. And oh my - “Would that person you are making mad love with, be a good mate?”

If Approaching 30 Isn’t Scary Enough, Along Comes Saturn For It’s First Return.

“We are Part of this Universe,

We are in this Universe

But Perhaps What Is Most Important,

The Universe Is In Us.”


One could say if pondering this “Planetary Program” that if there were not a restraining, inhibitive, “Satanic” hindrance to the Children of the Divine, that growth and maturity would not occur.

When parents raise their infants, toddlers and young ones, a host of hindrances to pain and hurt and danger must be present. A sensible list could be drawn up immediately.

Then in adolescence and teenage, another host of restraints, rules and laws encumber the individual to enforce sobriety, sexual activity, social conduct and potential criminal activity, prevention of academic misconduct and a host of social mores common to the environment.

Then along come the 20’s

When we “GROW” into our 20’s, an array of hopes and dreams mount as we try to become worthy. Freedom is laid at our feet. Education plus jobs are mighty important. And then there is romance and sex.

But this article is not about the 20’s. It’s about how much we need the Saturnine Return coming back to it’s Natal position.

When you are 56, perhaps you will need some additional Saturnine influence, but at that age, we have probably matured enough to have grown, however you never know.

From 28 to 32, this Saturnine influence could affect your health, your disposition, your reputation, your job, your relationships or loved ones. If you are sensitive to your conduct, behavior, plans and goals, you will probably notice.

This is not predictive of events, its just “your wise old Uncle” sending messages, attempts to affect your consciousness, hints or suggestions that could benefit you if you notice.

When You See Bad Choices Turn To Negative Life Patterns

When you see “wrong turns”, poor corrupt choices, hazy criminal moves, increased job instability, or leaving one kind of career for another, it often comes from this time of life.

All of this drama might only be happening inside the privacy of your own emotional and mental battles, but that’s the way you want it to be.

It lies inside you. Take the internal activity and turn it into positive challenges. Your Saturn Return is for strengthening you, giving you “smarts”, changing your act so that your compatriots, bosses, loved ones and superiors will be able to note a “Gray hair or two”.

If Things Become Embarrassing or Outwardly Detrimental

Don’t lose your temper. Don’t get defensive. Start deep breathing. Enroll in a Tai Chi class. Meditate. Do not overreact. Do not lie or misrepresent.

Remember, your “Old Uncle” is there for your growth and maturity.

© 2020 Christofer French

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