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Waning Gibbous Tarot Card Reading

Bri Smith is an intuitive energy reader, who reads energy using multiple types of tools.

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6 Cards Tarot Reading for The Collective

Card 1: Your Full Potential. What qualities are representative of your best self? I pulled the King of Swords. You’re extremely sharp, meaning, your intellect is far above most. You are able to spot a lie from a mile away, being that you’re the epitome of truth and authority. You need to access this energy, and use it to your benefit.

Card 2: What are your biggest fears and how are they affecting your progress? VI of Swords came out in this position. You fear being alone (in a relationship sense), or that someone you care about is moving on from the connection y’all once had. You fear what lies ahead, the unknown. You could literally be moving, and you’re scared, or nervous about it. That’s completely normal, but this fear of leaving your comfort zone is why you are stagnant. You have to keep your faith, and go for it. This fear is what’s blocking your manifestation, so stop getting in your own way.

Card 3: Your Hidden Self. What are you hiding from the world? What shameful secrets do you possess? This card is the Queen of Swords. Damn! King and Queen in the same reading, whaatt!! You’re detached and you can come across as being cold or mean. You perceive things at face value, and don’t admit when you’re perceptions are wrong. You do this because of your pride and ego, of which tells you that you have to be perfect for the world. But why? Life’s not a stage, regardless of how many times you may have heard that phrase. Isn’t it exhausting to keep up a facade? You will never please everyone and even if you did, then some would say you’re being fake. Just get real with yourself and you will attract the right tribe.

Card 4: Deception. What lies are you telling yourself and are in denial about? Here I pulled the V of Swords. Damn this Reading is woah lol. You’re sneakier than you are willing to admit. You don’t want to see it, so you overlook this character trait. You manipulate people, but not always in a sense of it benefiting you, or giving you any “come up”. You don’t even realize that you are doing this sometimes, because you’re doing it by means of preparing for your own path. And I don’t think you fully realize that your path crosses with others, so you should become more aware of the people around you, and how your words and actions affect them.

Card 5: What regrets do you carry? What actions do you wish you could take back? I pulled the Queen of Pentacles here. You regret the actions you took that led to an ending, seems to be dealing with a career/job, or some skill/hobby that brought an extra paycheck home. You may even carry some guilt over a falling-out you had with your mother, or an older woman you know.

Card 6: Rejected Self. What parts of your identity are rejected (by you)? Why can’t you accept them? X of Cups flew out here, telling me you are rejecting love. The very thing that can bring you ultimate fulfillment, is the very thing you reject. You reject your immediate family (some of you only, this is extremely specific) or they may reject you, black sheep type of vibe. You reject love because you don’t trust it, you’re not sure if they even know how unconditional love works.

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