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Timeless Shadow-Work Tarot Card Reading For Scorpio

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Waning Gibbous Tarot Card Reading

Card 1)

Fears? The Empress

This card means a ton of things, but here, you're more in fear of this energy as it resides in yourself...and not as an actual person on our physical plane. Your creativity and open-mind have led you to a place where you are spread thin, but only because you fear missing out [on something]. I feel like you're falling in love, but scared to death, because you've been hurt...and hurt Bad.

You wonder if you can even love somebody in that fashion anymore, it's getting old. You turned to stone to keep the pain away, you lost hope for these fairy tales when you learned they were all lies. To be an Empress, you need to find your Emporer, your divine counterpart...yet, you fear putting your heart out there again.

You fear the notion that this is all for often wonder what would happen if you had to invest this much of yourself in somebody again. You fear rejection from the people you'd die for.

Card 2)

Secrets? Strength

If you turn the "infinity sign" on it's side (by height), it is 8.

8 is significant because it's a representation of "being connected" with your higher self; this, in turn, means you are able to lean on the strength that The Spirit sends to you.

Because of this, you have access to the right things at the right time...but you may not see it. 444.

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Card 3)

Lies? Emporer

A person who holds some authority, or is very controlling, is being deceptive. This is Aries and Taurus energy...possibly an ex, or current significant other.

You may not have your father around anymore, or he may have never stepped up (bc he's a dick)...and you associate mistrust with that element.

You could be confused about things you once knew the answers to. You could feel like your own life is a lie...this is because you have been manipulated, and you are about to realize it.

*(This situation is extremely specific, please don't force it to fit if it doesn't).

Card 4)

Regrets? V of Swords

This one simply answers itself. You regret conflict and tension regarding a past relationship. There was a lot of pain, arguing, accusations, etc...and sometimes you think, if you could go back and redo one thing, or "un-say" that one probably would do it. You would do it because you miss them, and you'd never let them know it...but I have a feeling they already do. They miss you too. 22.

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