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Vishuddhi Chakra, the Fountain of Youth and the Centre of Nectar

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.

Vishuddhi chakra

Vishuddhi chakra

Vishuddhi is made from the Sanskrit word ‘shuddhi’ meaning ‘to purify’. Vishuddhi chakra is a purification center. It is responsible for the cleaning of poisonous substances present in your body. That’s why this chakra is also called the nectar (Amrit) and poison center.

At Vishuddhi chakra, the nectar coming from Bindu is separated into pure and impure forms. The impure form, which is poison is disposed of and the pure nectar nourishes the body. This ensures longevity and sound health.

Vishuddhi stands for honesty and openness in which life is a lesson and giver of experiences that build a better understanding. Normally you want to end the possibility of unpleasant experiences and live only with the pleasant ones.

But Vishuddhi says life is always flowing, it is better to let things happen in the way they must. Vishuddhi chakra holds both poison and nectar. They represent the dualities and polarities of your life. They are responsible for bringing in true discrimination and proper understanding.

This chakra makes you figure out the actual facts coming from your consciousness from the ones coming from your wishful thinking. At this level, you are able to measure the accuracy of your thoughts.

Vishuddhi chakra, also called the throat chakra, is considered to be of little value in comparison to the rest. It is important to think about the reverse of that. Throughout the article, we’ll understand why this chakra is important and what are the results of awakening this chakra.

Location of Vishuddhi chakra

Vishuddhi chakra is present just behind the throat pit in the cervical plexus. Its Kshetram is in the front of your neck, located at the thyroid gland or throat pit.

Traditional symbolic representation of Vishuddhi chakra

Vishuddhi chakra is represented by different colors. The most common are dark grey and purple. It is illustrated as a sixteen-petalled lotus flower. The Bija mantra inscribed on each petal are am, ah, am, aam, aim, aum, em, eem, im, um, om, oom, rim, reem, lrim, and lreem.

In the pericarp of the lotus, there’s a white circle that symbolizes the ether element, also called Akasha. There’ also a snow-white elephant, the animal symbol of Vishuddhi chakra. The elephant is the symbol of consciousness.

The chakra is personified by Lord Sadashiva. He wears a tiger’s skin, has ten arms with five faces and three-eyes. He is snow white in color. There’s Goddess Sakini also. She is known for extreme purity. She wears yellow cloths. Her four-hand are endowed with the goad, the noose, the arrow, and the bow.

The Tanmatra (sense) of Vishuddhi is hearing. The Gyanendriya (sensory organ) is the ears. The Karmendriya (organ of action) is the vocal cords.

Vishuddhi chakra along with the Mooladahra chakra is heavily based on Nada yoga. Nada yoga is a branch of kundalini yoga related to the sound vibrations. Both of these chakras are the centers of vibration.

According to the Nada yoga, the consciousness gained through each of the chakras corresponds with the notes of the musical scale. This scale is often chanted during Bhajans, Kirtans, and the practice of Mantras. If practiced regularly, this is quite an effective way of awakening the different chakras.

Meditation on the Vishuddhi gives you a pure mind like Akasha. You are eloquent and cherish the continuous peace of your mind. Amrit or nectar can be sensed as a cold fluid passing through the chakra. This pure flow of nectar makes you free from diseases and boosts your mental health giving you a long-life.

Vishuddhi chakra neutralizes every poison

As per Tantra, the Bindu behind your head, symbolized by the moon, secretes a vital fluid called nectar. The transcendental fluid flows down into the consciousness through Bindu visarga. Bindu is a center of cosmic consciousness and in charge of shaping the individuality.

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This vital fluid is known by many names:

  1. Ambrosia - the nectar of the Gods (in English)
  2. Amrit - the nectar of immortality (in Hindi)
  3. Soma - the plant-extracted intoxicating drink of the Gods (in Vedas)
  4. Madya - the divine wine (in Tantra)

Every religion and tradition have their own way of experiencing bliss.

There’s another psychic center called Talumula or Lalana chakra. It is related to Vishuddhi chakra and lies between the chakra and the Bindu. The nectar received from Bindu is stored in this smaller chakra. You can understand it as a glandular reservoir. It is located at the back of the nasopharynx. There’s also an inner cavity and the soft palate from which the nasal passages open. When you practice Khechari mudra, you try to turn your tongue up into this cavity so that the flow of nectar is activated.

Till the time, Vishuddhi chakra is not awakened, the nectar stored in Lalana chakra has both pure and impure forms. It flows down as it is until it is consumed by Manipura. This caused the degeneration and expiry of the body tissues.

But with the help of kriya yoga practices especially Khechari mudra, the nectar starts to pass through Vishuddhi from Lalana. At Vishuddhi, it is purified and highly refined. Thus, the nectar becomes the fluid of immortality. This means Vishuddhi chakra is responsible for maintaining the youth and regeneration of the body.

Lord Shiva drinking the poison

Lord Shiva drinking the poison

According to Indian mythology, once all the deities went to Lord Shiva asking for helping. The problem was a poison that could completely destroy the surface where it was discarded. Since there was no place where it could be thrown away, Lord Shiva decided to swallow it in a single gulp to save his people. Surprisingly, his health wasn’t affected by the deadly poison at all, only his threat turned blue. That’s why he also called Nikakantha (one who has a blue throat).

The reason for mentioning this story is even the poison can be easily digested when the Vishuddhi chakra is activated. At the Vishuddhi chakra and above, the deadly substances and negative views are neutralized and integrated with the whole being. They become powerless as there’s no division of good and bad anymore. At this level, everything becomes blissful.

It is said the Vishuddhi chakra can balance out both internal and external negativities. For this to happen, your Bindu visarga and Vishuddhi chakra must be awakened in your brain.

Effects of awakening the Vishuddhi chakra

Awakening of Vishuddhi chakra makes you able to receive thought vibrations from others’ minds. This is possible due to the minor center connected with Vishuddhi. That center is your transistor and Vishuddhi is your radio station. You can hear thought waves when you have awakened Manipura chakra, but they are temporary and not quite strong.

At Vishuddhi, you can sense the accurate waves. From here, these waves are sent to the brain. Then, these waves dwell into your individual consciousness.

There is a nerve channel called Kurma Nadi (Tortoise Nadi). It is associated with Vishuddhi. When this Nadi starts to function, you are detached from the requirements and desires of having food and drink. This theory is proven true by many yogis in history.

Often called the ‘Fountain of Youth’, Vishuddhi chakra can rejuvenate your entire physical body. This is possible through the practice of Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and Tantra. Most of the people on or after the age of 30 start to show the signs of higher degeneration rate than the regeneration rate of the cells.

Due to this, the possibility of disease, death, and decay due to old age increases manifold. In fact, most of the diseases are so severe that they can increase the rate of degeneration multiple times.

The rejuvenation process initiated by the Vishuddhi chakra counters the effect of degeneration on organs, tissues, and other systems of your body.

Awakening of the Vishuddhi chakra injects in your knowledge of infinite. Your hearing capability is boosted, this isn’t through your ears but your mind. You don’t fear and attach yourself to any entity. Your energized and rejuvenated body keeps you motivated to focus on your goals. Your worrisome thoughts are dead. You are dedicated to your work without feeling anxious about the results.

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