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What Makes A Virgo and Virgo Dating Relationship Work ♍️ + ♍️

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Virgo + Virgo

Identity relationships are fascinating. They’re some of the more challenging relationships to describe. An Identity relationship in astrology is when two people have the same Sun sign. These usually have high compatibility, but since they are so similar, they double down on blind spots.

Virgo and Virgo is one the most fascinating, and confusing, pairings of all. Virgo is known as the most loner sign. This is someone who sometimes gets called out as the black sheep of the family. They are independent, scrupulous, and perfectionists. These people tend to have high morales and great reputations. They are detail oriented, masterful, and sometimes prone to depression because they have such high expectations. They love either fantastically strong -- or in a rather limp fashion.

You’ll know a relationship with a Virgo isn’t going to make it if they come off indifferent. If they’re not contributing to the romance or the passion, then they may just be pairing up with someone to pass the time or test the waters.

Virgos often end up single. The next sign born after them counters this. Libra is often in a relationship, but Libra is guided by the planet Venus, the planet of love. It’s important to study the neighbors of signs, because generally the next sign has talents and giftings that the proceeding sign missed.

Dating Someone with the Same Sun Sign

Two Virgos will come together because they feel a certain amount of kindred spirit. These are people who are drawn to meticulous work, scholars who are on fire for answers, workaholics, politicians eager to set things straight, and people set for a good cause.

Two Virgos will take time to unite. Think of... pandas. Pandas are not really known to be real great at finding a mate and producing offspring. They’re interested in bamboo, playing, and sleeping. Pandas are absolutely adorable, but they’re kind of indifferent to pairing up — but they eventually do, otherwise... there wouldn’t be any pandas at all. Conservationists have to use special tactics to get pandas to mate.

Not only does this indifference match a lot of Virgos, the pace does too. Earth signs move at a much slower pace than all the other elements. You could stare at the ground all day and never see it move. It takes time for tectonic plates to shift. It takes time for continents to shift. But wind, water, and fire? Those have constant movement. The way elements physically move plays a big role in how Zodiac signs work.

Virgo works hard in this life to be exact, to get things right, and even though they do have some of the most chivalrous tactics in relationships — romance eludes them somewhat, and it isn’t always natural. You see, Virgo has great detection skills. They make for outstanding detectives, lawyers, teachers, and anything that handles details. They can see through people and tell whether they are honest or not — and unfortunately, in games of romance, a lot of people are not being themselves.

So how does a Virgo and Virgo romance start? Often in classrooms through study projects — two students will find their match, and they’ll find together they are better at solving problems than with just one brain. Virgo pairings also start at work, in churches, at places where they can have common causes. Often, someone from a different sign will flirt and get things started when it comes to a Virgo romance. But with two Virgos, it’s usually the setting and situation that initiates it.


Hardworkers United

There is some comfortability for the two Virgos. They’re aware of what it’s like to have really dark thoughts that go way under the surface. They know the limits of where they can go, so this can ease some fears. Earth signs tend to like each other because they know they’re set on the same practical goals. Two Virgos want to succeed in life, they want to accomplish, they refuse to fail or back down, they come up with great ideas, they advance science, and they work really hard with their hands.

Virgos care about their money, they care about their material possessions, and they care about finding the right track. These perfectionists don’t operate like any other sign. Capricorn and Taurus, the other earth signs, crave relationships and family more than them. Capricorn is a natural provider, hoarder, and hermit. They are amazing logicians. Taurus is sensual, hardy, somewhat bent on domination, and narrow-minded. Taurus’ greatest ambition is to show Aries they’re wrong about the way they’re attempting to navigate the world. Taurus is caught up in a feud. Virgo isn’t interested in the kind of drama Taurus feeds off. Virgo also isn’t interested in the lifestyle choices Capricorn has. Virgo cares more about their appearance than Capricorn — they also find family slightly grotesque.

Virgo and Virgo will be secretive. They will be passionate at home in ways that make the other signs, with a few exceptions, squeamish. Virgos work hard but in subtle ways to impress. They have good manners, buying flowers, cleaning and taking care of each other, they like to garden, and they have some insatiable needs. This couple, if it comes into fruition, will be about who can perfect the art of a relationship better. Virgo wants to come off as the good guy, the angel, the humble and brilliant scholar, but... they kind of borrow somewhat from Scorpio, without the controlling, manipulation, cheating, and scandals Scorpio thrives off.

Virgo is like Persephone, not Hades. You see, Persephone can find her way to Heaven and Hell because she has the qualities that can lead her into both. That’s how big a Virgo can be. They fit into opposing realms. They have a darkness in their depression. They have a morale good compass that most cannot comprehend.

Beyond the Norm

Virgo finds that most relationships are not satisfying enough, especially for the long term. They get exhausted by trivialities. They want something more if they’re going to charge after it. Two Virgos do have the ability to impress each other for the long term. They might be a little muted because they kind of understand the person next to them too well, and Virgo doesn’t want to be privy to a narcissistic mirror-like relationship. I hope I’ve made it clear that Virgos are difficult in terms of love.

I’ve met many Virgos who take on a relationship to see what happens, but they’re not really into it. They try it out, they get bored, they cut ties. Sometimes they try relationships that don’t exactly fit their tastes at all to see if maybe it could work. They want to be open to trying things and ignoring their perfectionist inner-self. This usually leads to their partner being in love trying really hard — and then getting hurt because Virgo doesn’t reciprocate.

So Virgo needs something with a bit more of a twist. Something that’s unhinged. They need something that is on steady ground, but also has a twisted forest on top of it. Virgo wants way more than it can handle. This is a sign that literally wants to find God. It would ask everything of God, and maybe tell God how to do things better. Or Virgo would be pleased and offer to work for a celestial ruler instead of a weak human.

Virgo needs dimension. Virgo also has dimension. This coupling is like Scully and Mulder in a sense; they’re both chasing after something big. Mulder is more eccentric while Scully (a true Virgo) puts caution and detail into the mix. They eventually can’t deny how strong they are together. They eventually come across the supernatural together.

That’s kind of what Virgo wants. The supernatural and someone to go into it with them while also taking care of every practical detail of the natural earth realm. The problem is: finding the supernatural, hints of it, or anything wild doesn’t just happen. Sometimes... it never happens.


This causes the Virgo to always be wanting. They’re always craving for something, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. Virgo is prone to existentialism. They have doubts and depression. They want to be practical and down to earth. They want to be trusted. They also really want something that’s a little beyond and interesting. They have tastes that are beyond the norm. Virgo won’t sit still with someone who doesn’t want to dig deeper. Virgo wants to either go to the center of the earth or travel across all the land to figure out what’s happening with this crazy, finite existence. Think of Bilbo or Frodo Baggins, they have it all in the Shire. But they want more. And they're kind of loners, romantically speaking.

Virgos, like all earth signs, are sacrificial. They believe in the greater good. They want to delve into something real. Dying for someone else would be a great end to their life because they did something beyond the norm. This is in part why they’re attracted to work in police, firefighting, and paramedics. Dying with a purpose is what makes their heart strong.

If they wouldn’t sacrifice themselves for you, if they don’t want to treat you with acts of service, than they probably regard you in a limp way. Virgo isn’t idle when it comes to acts of service (dishes, taking out trash, bills, building you furniture, and giving you money, filling up the gas tank.)

Make it known, a Virgo will only give energy fully to something they really believe is the ultimate catch. They don’t care for shallow and stupid waters. They don’t care for weak minds. They don’t care for inauthentic gestures. They want something real and hits them in the face: like a strong, earthy, and bitter beer.

Virgo needs mentally stimulating conversations. They don’t do well bored. They want someone who can catch up to their brains.

Tips for Virgo + Virgo Couples

1. Be vulnerable. Sometimes you need to let yourself go more. Don't get caught up in the seriousness of life too much and then forget to smell the roses and enjoy all the beauty around you.

2. Be honest. If things are not working, you need to talk and communicate. Don't just go through the motions.

3. Schedule time for romance. Virgo does well by scheduling things and committing to it. If you don't schedule dates and organize your love life, then work might take more precedence than you want.

4. Do projects together. Split up the tasks. Don't try to do everything by yourself.

5. Just because you are similar, doesn't mean you are exactly the same. Slow down to learn more about each other.

6. Earth signs often show and receive love by doing acts of service. You can likely make your partner happy by doing some chores around the house and predicting their needs before they happen.

7. Add variety. Don't always watch TV or get stuck in the same rountine. Try new things together.

8. Cook meals together.

9. You can still have alone time in a relationship or if you expand into a family.

10. Enjoy life as it comes to you. Take the highs with the lows. Everyone has lows, not just you.

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Hard working, perfectionist, clean, meticulous, resourceful, clever, brilliant, loner, indepedent, genius, practical, logical, and charming.


Stupidity, impulsivity, aggressive arguments, forced commitments, show-offs


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