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Virgo Sun Virgo Moon Combinations

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Virgo Sun Virgo Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Substantial.

Her dark side: Critical.

Gosh, I hope she's not your mother in law, but let's pretend she is, for the sake of understanding. She needs to know you first. That means to analyze and to, yes, pick apart and study. After all, you married her child. That alone may give her cause to investigate you as she didn't think her own child was such a great catch either. Get the idea? No one is exempt from her suspicious, exacting nature. This is not to say she's not a nice person--you just have to get into the way she thinks every little thing through. She's efficient and thorough, attending well to the details of life. She's stable and looks for the same with the people in her life--no fluff for her. Since she's able to get right to the heart of matters, she's hard to fool. Health concerns will be on her mind a lot throughout her life. While she doesn't have to be the health nut, she's often portrayed to be, but you can still expect a few bran muffins made from scratch during your relationship with her. As for the massive, almost Herculean task of getting romantically involved with this woman, you'll need to remember that while sticks and can't get upset by mere words. Words about your flaws, the color of your suit, the state of your finances may leave you shaken, but if she's the one for you, you only need to learn to endure phase one, because after the words come the less abusive glares. The not so subtle glances will chill you to the bone in the early years. After a while you can adjust and will have for a mate a dependable, punctual, orderly and practical wife who won't waste your money or hers. She'll share your burdens, listen to your problems, and fight dragons for you. So what if she doesn't laugh when you tickle her. She'll be an earnest mother to your children. And guess what? She'll be popular with neighbors and with both her coworkers and yours. The general public won't swoon at the sight of her, however. I told you, she takes some getting used to. You really need to be a Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn, or a Gemini who can take direction."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Michelle Williams.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Father Earth.

His dark side: Playing savior.

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Obsessed by routine. These three little words describe him to a tee. So don't go messing with any of his details, like how all the cans of peas are after the cans of corn. Don't be messy. Don't be late. Don't change appointment times. Help him recover from his bouts with mysterious bugs. Help him with all his rituals, and chants. Show your fascination with his social work, his greenhouse, his dietary and nutritional studies. Your life with him is a page out of Mother Earth. He is austere, unpretentious, discriminating, and smart as a whip. I bet anything you met him through a dating service, or his aunt. He has the strange habit of marrying someone with a problem with drugs, illness, neurosis, or something he can't tolerate in himself or others. He likes to play savior. Just keep your problems consistent and in order. He can't stand confusion. Don't mix phobias into your 3 p.m. martinis. His bosses just love him, as do his coworkers. He will happily slave over every assignment and never expect to be advanced. He likes to play second fiddle. He is not a masochist. That is just the order of things the way he prefers it. If he gets involved in religion, he will do best with one with a lot of rituals. I hate to keep stressing this, but he is compulsive. If you don't like a lot of change and surprises scare you, grab him up. He'll be a concerned, active father who is involved in his children's lives. Plan to live a quiet life. No champagne or bubbles. Just plain old tap water. Go for it. Be a Virgo. Or be a Pisces or a Pisces Moon girl. A Cancer under 35 has a good chance. Or you could be a Taurus who mistakes this all for stability."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Sean Connery.


RosariaHoang on February 17, 2016:

Can you give me information about pure Gemini ( both Sun and Moon in Gemini ) ? Thank you so much !

Jillian Marie from Southern Thailand on February 16, 2013:

Want to better understand a Virgo Sun/Virgo Moon? Listen to all of Fiona Apple's albums, analyze her lyrics, and read her interviews. She is so frighteningly Virgoian! I can't relate to another artist as well I can with her. I'm not a Virgo Sun/Virgo Moon, but I do have a Virgo Moon and I believe it controls so much of me (very critical of myself & others, concerned with my health greatly)...To Laura's comment above, it is funny you say your daughter only has one companion that she does not criticize, I have been the same way my entire life. Whether it was a stuffed animal or cat (currently its my cat), it has always been superior than anyone else in my life and I treat it like a baby as well. I think it's the control issue. We expect humans to be a certain way and we can't control them, but we don't have expectations for the cat or dog, in our minds they can do no wrong, we can control them more (what they eat, what they play with), plus they love you unconditionally and provide comfort, which I believe is very important for a Virgo.

Thank you, Ellie! I'm always interested in learning more about Virgos.

laura on January 27, 2013:

my daughter is a virgo sun virgo moon she is only 14 and she is very critical of everything.for being this young she is very responsible ,and she is aware of eating right and exercise which i found kinda weird for a 14 year old.she sometimes acts like a little old lady trapped in a fouteen year olds body.but she can also be the most helpful person you'll meet,the only thing that is perfect in her eyes and she never critizes is her ragdoll cat(vangelis)its like her baby ....he can do no wrong.

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