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Virgo 1st Quarter Moon Phase Tarot Card Reading

Virgo Spread


Overview of Card Positions and Meanings

All right guys today I'm going to do Virgo and we're going to do it for the first quarter moon phase. There's seven positions, and we're going to go over the 7 real quick.

In position number 1 it's going to be the querent, how are you approaching the intention? And how does your self perception affect it?

2 is the expected obstacle, what did you expect to deal with or to face?

Now position number 3 is going to be overcoming the obstacle, how can you handle your dilemma? How can you end issues?

Card number 4 is what's strengthening the obstacle? What path should you avoid? And what path should you go down if you want to bypass this obstacle?

Position number 5 is an unforeseen obstacle. What's coming that you aren't yet aware of?

Position 6 is how will you overcome it based on your present energy?

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And lastly position number 7 is your energy-based outcome, and are there any more obstacles, etc.

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