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Utopian Endevour

Writing article as an analytical thinker and as an enthusiast about philosophy and psychology who always crave more understanding

Utopian Dream is Final Resting Place of all Philosophers of World

Utopia is a far distant Dream for humanity

Utopia is a far distant Dream for humanity

What Is Utopia ?

Meaning of Utopia in Oxford dictionary is explained as -"An imaginary island depicted by Sir Thomas More as enjoying perfect social, legal and system" or "A place, state or condition ideally perfect in respect of politics, laws customs and conditions. In Short, Utopia is an imagination of a perfect world with a perfect society.

In 1879 Kaufman published the book named -"Schemes of Social Improvement from Sir Thomas Moore to Carl Marx" where he has defined Utopia as -"What is Utopia? strictly speaking, it means "nowhere Land", some happy island far away, where perfect social relationship prevail and human beings,living under an immaculate constitution and a faultless govt, enjoy simple and happy existence,free from turmoil, the harassing cares, and endless worries of actual life"

But,such a Utopian dream was existing even before Sir Thomas More in nearly every religious text and it is known as "Heaven", Sir Thomas More only tried to bring that idea of heaven into the mortal world and coined it with the term "Utopia"

This implies that - Humanity -is consistently striving and imagining for Utopian Life far before Sir Thomas More, but never get a hold of it and hence invented the next idea of "Heaven" to cover up the failure of humanity in achieving any Utopian dream in the real world. Now the question rises why any "Utopian Dream" was so impossible for human society since its million years of existence on earth? What was those fallacies of human nature which failed humanity to achieve "Utopia" in the real world?

All these questions need step by step analysis, which is tried here in this very article.

Had you ever contemplated on this idea of Utopia ?

Utopian Thinking

Utopia -Most Desired But Never Achieved

Utopia & Utopian society is the most unfulfilled dreams of human mankind in the last 1000 years. A lot of philosophers & prophets come and gone but no one has ever able to direct humanity to witness Utopia. Now the question is why it so hard to achieve Utopia? Is Utopia mere daydreaming and hallow romanticizing of philosophers? Or one yet to identify the true cause for the failure of the Utopian dream. Is it so that, by not identifying true errors of human life Utopian dream is failing?

Humanity has to date failed to achieve Utopia, only because since the discovery of cloths in the stone age era, humanity has invented the idea of " Unique identification" for its members. This has stopped human society to act and work as a single individual unit, as honeybees are used to act and exist. Psychology says, the forcing process of identification on the individual also forces the process of compulsions and competition on the individual to keep constantly proving one's identity. And finally, it automatically leads to psychological tragedies and miseries for that individual.

How To Understand Underlying Problem , Which Is Not Permitting To Let Utopian Dream To be Fulfilled For Humanity

So to understand all hidden psychological and philosophical errors of human society for failing to fulfil the Utopian dream, there is a need to equalize the "Utopian Dream" with "Religions & Cloths". This will only help to identify where a true problem has started for failing to achieve the Utopia for human mankind.
Otherwise, the Utopian dream will remain daydreaming and a matter of fancy and never a future possibility for entire human mankind.

Religions And Clothing Are One And same Thing

Religions are like the clothes of society and used to label identities to people. Religions expected to function to protect their subjects from external adverse weather & then to add some ease into life. But as the habit of wearing the clothes destined to invite the sense of nakedness & helplessness into impotent minds. Religions are also destined to introduce ideas of superiority and inferiority for their followers. This damages the psyche and hence the pure consciousness of people existing in any society. Clothing is destined to become the statement of fashion & the matter of the hallow pride for the entire society. Religions are also destined to be the reason for inventing the idea of supremacy, piousness, extraordinary existence for societies. All this only results in fake pride and prejudice for the process of life among elements of human society.

Religion & Cloths Are just "Man Made Compulsions"

As cloths and their related fashions, Religions turn into a matter of identity for subjects and hence for entire societies. Once this process of "identification" set into society, this starts rat racing to achieve bigger identities by all elements of society

Further arrogance of profit fetching tendencies of human nature is sure to convert this simple issue of protective wearing clothes into stylish looking "uniforms". Simply all Religions are ill-fated to turn into sharpened political tools by society. This allows society to ensure illogical discipline & unexplained glory on its state subjects. This helps societies to run self-declared orders to guarantee future mass slaughtering & further glamourisation of cruelty. If societies will keep running and practising the illogical and unnatural process of life then how will Utopia by human society be achieved for any time?

"Unique Identity of individual" Is Killed In Society

Thus the process of evolution from wearing clothes to armouring of Religion against state subjects by society is a prime reason that Utopia is not witnessed by any human society till day. Societies use symbols of "bloody insanity" to decorate those uniforms of superiority by claiming magnanimity. This is done by winning over breaths & enslaving freedom of state subjects by all societies for all the time.
When the weight of the “slavery of freedom” start pulling over the spine of Religious magnanimity, Society starts running drama of non-availability of the same sizes of clothes for every subject in the state. So same society starts declaring its own state subjects as sinners and criminals. Now society uses all illogical & self-invented ideas, only to persecute those social elements by those who are wearing, more than necessary.

Slaves Of "Expectations & Compulsions" Cant Witness Utopia In Society

Meanwhile, in all this rubble, the more interesting matter is all these fancy clothing or says, religious mongering, societies are always seen forgetting that the primary function of Cloths or Religions were only to protect and not to be a status symbol or to be larger than life status for any element of society.

Such colourfulness of Cloths and hence aligned frenzy Religions of societies are eliminating simple easiness of existence of life. This turns life into the complexities of unimaginable hell. Societies can be seen, imposing unending competition of compulsion on state subjects to keep "identifying them as "a slave entity" far different than the idea of "being Unique entity of society".

By doing so society used to kill the possibility for its subject to identify themself as "a unique & important entity of a society."

The story of cloth-making is also the same, when society starts converting tree peel to cotton cloths, from cotton cloths to polyester, yarn cloths and from hand made to factory-made clothes. Society calls this -business.

But in reality is just an act of loot, by demanding state subject to purchase clothes first hand.

So baseline idea is - if every individual of society forced to identify oneself different from society, then by no means Utopia can be planned for any time by human mankind. These religious and social status biases existing in human society are the prime reason for murdering the possibility of achieving Utopia since the last 10,000 years of the start of human civilization.

Human Society Will Be More Beautiful & Happier ,If Personal Identities of Individuals Are Erased Permanently

Utopia Is Possible By Eliminating Need Of "Identity" For Any Member Of Society,To Ensure "Uniqueness" of Every Member of Society

Now while chasing clothes and Religion endlessly, nobody wants to question those societies that whether those clothes & those Religions were made for them or the subjects of societies are born in the mortal world to please earning of cloths and rearing of religions?

The issue turns worse when under all such Religious compulsions, even if somebody starts daring to ask these questions for compulsion of wearing clothes and bearing Religion.

Human History suggests that- on facing such questions, Societies rather than simply answerings the straightforward questions, are basically used to laugh as if "Question raiser" is some "' clothless naked" roaming on the streets and needed to be declared an outlaw and anti-social element for not paying any heed to the burden of Religion.

In Short, it is a society which is on one side daydreaming for Utopia and on another side on an everyday basis destroying the same dream by forcing compulsion of "Salve -identity" on its member, erasing "Unique Identity" of them.

Utopia Is Possible When All "Humanly Compulsions" Thrown Away From Life

Finally speaking, when so ever "Cloths and Religion" are invented by societies, they are destined to limit the process of life for all subjects of those societies, and perhaps that is the reason, God all mighty is sending all newborns in this mortal world a complete clothless and hence completely Religion-less, as an astute example of pure life process.

And hence to imagine a Utopian society it is necessary to accept that a Utopian society can only exist when there is no idea of Clothes and Religion existing among state subjects of that Utopian society. This simply means "prime requirement for Utopian society is -compulsions society. As any compulsion is always destined to limit the consciousness of any living being to drag life as compulsion demanded.

Let this “idea of clothless society seems to be so weird” but that is a baseline to invent -” Utopia” -on this very mortal world to discover -clean, crystal clear transparent -Human consciousness feasible to sustain the Utopian dream of humanity.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Dr Nilesh Jaybhaye

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