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Using the Dimmed Light Seen #20

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Over three decades ago I become interested in the Bible, having drank from the heavenly cup once, I have not been tired to drink more



In the previous article, I said for in depth understanding of what I want to share here, there is need to explain what preceded the migration of Naomi and her family to another land. this I have started and will continue with in this article.

Some of Those Minute Lights Seen by The Ancients Continues – Ruth a Case Study

The bible is full of many intriguing and interesting stories, which essentially are compiled for all believers to learn from. Let us see more points about the incident Elimelech’s family as recorded in the bible.

(xx) Stimulus to Her Taken the Final Decision:

MedicinePlus in Medical encyclopedia defines stimulus as anything that can trigger a physical or behavioral change.

Apart from the fact that she perhaps think she cannot endure again, another thing that trigger her total change to leave for her country home is the news she heard about her country.

The news she heard then would have come from probably merchants and business people that she was transacting businesses with because social media were not common then. The news heard was contained in verse six of Ruth chapter one.

Then she arose with her daughters in law, that she might return from the country of Moab: for she had heard in the country of Moab how that the LORD had visited his people in giving them bread. (Rth 1:6)

(xxi) The News Was God’s Visitation:

The Hebrew word for visit in Ruth 1:6 is “פּקד” which when romanticized becomes pâqad (phonetic spelling is paw-kad') which means “care for, reckon, remembrance, bestow.” God remembered the his people, even in their low estate, though they have not completely changed their ways, but because of his covenant and for his name he remembered and visited the people with his mercy. (Lev. 26:42; Psa. 25:11; 106:8). This news triggered her up and she decides to return to her country home at all cost.

(xxii) Preparing for the Day of Departure:

On her final decision, her daughters in-law have been preparing and working towards the date and day of departure. I believe that she did not leave the country of Moab the very day she made the resolution of returning to her country, it must have taken her a while before she left.

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow - The Petersens (LIVE)

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(xxiii) Her Imagination on the Set Day of Departure:

She would have been imagining how the day of her departure would look like. She would have had it in mind that her daughters in-law will see her to the boundary of the town and then turn back.

Wherefore she went forth out of the place where she was, and her two daughters in law with her; and they went on the way to return unto the land of Judah.

And Naomi said unto her two daughters in law, Go, return each to her mother's house: the LORD deal kindly with you, as ye have dealt with the dead, and with me. (Rth 1:7-8)

(xxiv) Different Thing Happened:

Contrary to what she has thought would happen when she leaves the town, that did not happen as her daughters in-law kept following her. After they had exceeded the point where she thought that would be the place of their departure and they had not departed, she stopped to talk with them. (Ruth 1:8)

(xxv) Naomi’s Turn to Implore Her Daughters in-law:

They were the ones who had been imploring her to stay back before, but after they had reached a point where they ought to turn back and they have neither turned back nor shown any signs of turning back from following her, she starts imploring them to turn back.

(xxvi) She Also Prayed for Them:

She did not only implored them to turn back, but she equally prayed for them, that God would remember all the good deeds that they have done for her and would visit them bring them happiness in the world.

And Naomi said unto her two daughters in law, Go, return each to her mother's house: the LORD deal kindly with you, as ye have dealt with the dead, and with me. (Rth 1:8)

Hebrew word for kindly here is “חסד” when romanticized it is chêsêd (phonetic spelling is kheh'-sed) which means kindness, lovingkindness, mercy.

She prays that they shall find mercy wherever they turn to because she really appreciated them staying by her during her most trying moments whole leaving with them and she has decided that she needs to face her life alone, to face the challenges there alone as they need to chatter for themselves new paths in life. What has happened has happened it cannot be reversed.

I will continue with the exegesis in the next article.


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