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Using the Dimmed Light Seen #12


Over three decades ago I become interested in the Bible, having drank from the heavenly cup once, I have not been tired to drink more



We find ourselves in some situations at times that we lose hope about life itself. Life has no meaning to us again, but as we are in this gloomy situation, there is still something with and in us which God can make use of. Some of these things I have been writing on in the previous articles, I want to continue with it here, using the case of Jephthah as illustration.

Some of Those Minute Lights Seen by The Ancients Continues – Jephthah As Example

I am showing us through this article that another man called Jephthah’s lost everything he has been laboring for, how he has sacrificed himself thinking by that he would be loved and accepted by his brethren but he wasn’t love by them and was forced out. In his gloomy and darkest position he discovers that he still has something and what he has was what I called “self-confident”. This was the dimmed light God finds with him. Let us see some of the points of note in the story as related to this discussion.

(xiv) Waited for His Time:

He perhaps has known that there is time for everything on earth, therefore he was neither moved nor agitated by what his siblings have done to him, he keeps his cool and was waiting for his time.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: (Ecc. 3:1)

Everyone needs to know the importance of time in life, when we all know the import of time that there is time for everything, we shall not be moved, we shall stand strong in faith. All the patriarchs of old know the importance of time therefore they stand tall and strong without being moved waiting for the fulness of their time and when that happens they never missed it.

People who like Moses do not know the import of time, when they want to rush out, they will be forced back in by the Lord and he will take them through processes they need to go through to be able to stand strong and achieve what he has sent them to the world to achieve for failure to allow that it means they would not be able to fulfill their missions on earth. (Act 7:24-27)

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(xv) What Keeps Him On:

While waiting for his time, he knows the kind of person whom he really was. He Has the self-confident that what he knows would pave way for him, he was not disturbed therefore he left the land of Gilead to form another army because he knows himself, he has the self-confident.

Then Jephthah fled from his brethren, and dwelt in the land of Tob: and there were gathered vain men to Jephthah, and went out with him. (Jdg. 11:3)

The Hebrew word for vain here is “רק ריק” which when romanticized becomes rêyq rêq (phonetic spelling is rake, rake) which means worthless, emptied people.

The confidence he had made him gathered together vain men, emptied people, worthless people, those who the people of the land of Tob believe they can never amount to something in life, they could be called street urchins today or something like that, people that the elites look down on that they will die suffering they will die in poverty, they will die not making impacts in life.

Those were the kinds of people gathered together by Jephthah and he started training them because he knows his worth he knows that when anyone is given good condition and placed at the right place, the hidden talents in them would be revealed, what they thought they cannot do they will do when they have good environment and support.

(xvi) Started Making Waves:

it was not verily long that the young man and his team started making waves in the land where they were, they started defending the country, saving people and soon the news of their impacts spread far and nigh and the people of Gilead got the wind of the news of their impacts and they had to make the motion of going to consult him after enemies keep disturbing them. the motion was carried out and he was invited thence he signed the deal with them for he knows why he was expelled before.

(xvii) Why He Signed Deal with Them:

He signed deal with them because:

(a) He Will Return to His Father’s House: He has not fought them and has no mind of fighting them and he wants assurance of safety not only for himself but for the people who are following him,

(b) He Has Not Come to Beg Them: He has not come to beg them for position he has keep his cool where he was, he has built himself and his army from ground up and he was contently living where he was.

However, since his talents have pave way for him and brought him to the limelight he has to sign deal with them to ensure that he will safely live among them as Samson asked from his brethren that wont they kill him if he surrenders himself? (Jdg_15:12)

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. (Prov. 18:16)

(c) He Will Be Migrating Back: He has to sign deal with them because he knows what he will miss, what he will leave while migrating back to his father’s land.

Word for Us:

When we have confidence that we know something it is not a pride, it is what we have learnt and known over the years, money cannot buy t6hat, and that which we have known even if all the world collapses, we still shall know that we know the thing. It should be noted that as God made use of this self-confident which this wonderful man of valor possesses to turn his story around, he will equally make use of that minuet thing in us to turn our stories around in the world all we need to do is keep our estate, we should not for anything lose our worth in the world we should not sell ourselves cheap like Esau did. (Heb. 12:16-17)

Jephthah lost all, but the dimmed light he has was the self-confident he has and this God used to turn his story around positively as all read about him today.

The exegesis of this topic continues in the next article.


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