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7 Unusual Ways to Use Your Tarot Deck

A tarologist with many decks but ZERO questions. Sharing those practices with you


Collect them all!

There are just too many gorgeous Tarot decks! You cannot resist them all, and you probably already have at least 4 of them. However, what do you do when you do not have any questions for the tarot to ask? When you have it all, and you are at peace with yourself, there is something you can still ask. Here are 7 + 1 ways you can practice and study your tarot cards.

7 for The Chariot

People use cards for storytelling. Traditional divination is basically it; you read the cards and tell what will possibly happen. What if I say that you can skip the prediction and just do the storytelling part? Some writers already use the tarot.

Ever heard of Stephen King? He is the gentleman who abandoned writing many years ago and now publishes about a book in a year. How does he get all this inspiration, you ask? The answer is Tarot cards.

King doesn't use his deck or decks for every book, mind me. However, there is a notice that he once used them for at least one of his books.

John Steinbeck can be called out for the same method of self-inspiration.

Hirohiko Araki — the mangaka of Jojolion — most evidently used tarot cards and was getting inspiration from the deck for several tomes of the manga. If only he ever published his deck... It would be so colorful and surreal. There are only some of the major arcana, though.

Who am I to accuse these exclusively talented men of using magic? I should better use the same technique to keep on writing.

There are even books about tarot for writers. People have been doing it for ages already.

Guess what inspired me to write this hub... See? It works.


6 for The Lovers

Tarot helping to write books is a fact now, but what about reading assistance?

Have you ever tried to find what to read, and there are the same books all over the place, and nothing fits your tastes? How about you do a tarot spread on what to read. The lovers — a romance novel or some short love story. The Emperor — some tough read about politics or history. It might also be some king fantasy, why not? The Hermit might suggest some psychology book or any other textbook. It is never too late to study science.


5 for The Hierophant

It works the other way round just as well.

If there is this one worrisome card that keeps coming up in your tarot spreads, try to read a book that fits it. You might learn something from the book and the deck then. The book (or a Netflix series) can prepare you for what is coming up.

Maybe, after you learn a lesson from a book/series, the card will stop haunting you.

The Tower might suggest some post-apocalypse book or movie. You might be worried about the Three of Swords, so why not read some old play about betrayal? There are many Medieval plays about adultery and murder. Valorous news, they has't been translateth into a modern tongue. The Devil might also be a scary card; maybe reading some of Freud's articles will help.

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4 for the Emperor

Yes or no questions are common practice, but some still refrain from it or are unaware of this method.

It is like flipping a coin but with more statistical possibilities.

The only problem with this method is that there is no one certain way to distinguish which card means what. Some people also use a maybe as an option. Some people consider some cards as yes-cards; in other lists, they will be no-cards.
Imagine a fool card. Is it a yes or a no card for you? With all the duality and controversy of the Fool, it is hard to decide which way it takes.

If you have healthy relationships with your deck or decks, feel free to assign each card a yes, no, maybe answer. Lucky you.


3 for The Empress

Ever thought of using your deck in videogames? Why not? Some of the games are basically stories that you write. While you are making a character in special menus do a spread and ask the cards about your character. What are they like? What awaits them? A well-thought character boosts the experience from RPG games for up to 70 percent. This is not real statistics; It is just how I personally feel about this.

Sometimes we do not appreciate the role-playing part in role-playing games. Make your character with tarot and experience old games that you have not played in ages. It will feel like a new game to you.

Not only RPG games work with tarot. Some battle royales are really great, too.

Ask your deck where to land in Apex Legends, for example. Maybe you will become a predator because of some universe advice! Maybe, I should add this lifehack to my guide of becoming a predator in Apex Legends.

Not all decks fit all battle royals. Rely on the color palette of either, and so the cards will associate with locations in the game.

P.S. Cyberpunk 2077 has a Tarot deck within a game. You can collect them all. There are not exactly 78 cards, but the game is getting new patches and fixes every month, so maybe someday we can even see the deck in bookstores.


2 for The High Priestess

Just in case you missed any of the traditional ways for Tarot use, apart from divination, that is.

Meditation, protection, and rituals are the most common practices you can find.
Meditation with cards is one of the most common practices nowadays. Just pick a card that corresponds with your issues and meditate on it. Think about how this arcana works for you and what advice you need to get from it.

  • A circle of cards (carefully picked ones) works just as well as a salt circle for your protection while performing a ritual. Use the ones that correspond with your intentions/intent.

I have heard of one Tarot ritual that some wonderful woman performed on me. So, she told me how it works.

  • Take a card that most corresponds with the subject of the ritual and a card that corresponds with the results you want from the ritual. Put them together on your altar and chant or recite something that also fits the ritual. For me, she used a Queen of swords and the Wheel of fortune. I needed some luck searching for my dogs which escaped through the open gate. Use your Tarot knowledge and research capabilities to attune the rituals to your practices.

Bonus for the Three of Swords

Numerology uses Tarot almost religiously.

Every card has its number, and guess what, numerologists love numbers.
It is also a common practice, but people seem to skip any information on it. I accidentally found this online after I have read a couple of books on Tarot.

So, Tarot has an influence on us because their numbers correspond with our birth date numbers. You can learn about your fate by calculating your Tarot Birth Card or Cards.

Yet, the numerologists also cannot decide one proper method for all. On various sites, I have various results. Some cards, though, reappear in either formula. I keep getting the High priestess and the Empress.

Also, note that the Fool can be number 22 or 0. It also affects the calculations and the results. Try different sites and formulas, and the cards that the most correlate will appear the most. You will know the cards that are your cards.

Enough mind-blowing math for today.


1 for The Mage

You are creating digital art and lack inspiration? Good news for you. There are 78 Tarot Cards in a deck, and you can draw them all. Every card has many connotations, so you will not only be re-drawing someone's decks. Think on your own and create anew what has been created and re-created.

Look at some Tarot decks online to see how different they can be from the classic Waite's Tarot. With the growing popularity of the tarot and all things mystical, you can even publish your deck.


So I've made a Tarot spread...

And the cards tell me you have finished reading the hub. We keep buying the decks because they resonate with us and because they are really nice. I, personally, do not have this many questions for all my decks. So, I try to use them any way possible just to shuffle the cards and interpret them. If you have any other ways to use the Tarot, do not keep it a secret.

Lets be honest

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