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Do Aquarius and Gemini Make for a Strong Love Match? Short Answer: Yes!

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Gemini and Aquarius are two air signs who will never stop talking. They'll be in an endless feedback loop.

Gemini and Aquarius are two air signs who will never stop talking. They'll be in an endless feedback loop.

When Two Air Signs Meet

Gemini and Aquarius are one of my favorite matches. The two air signs are a natural match for each other. Over the past two years I've been doing research on this exact pairing. Any two zodiac signs can come together and create a strong union, but the recipe for each pair isn't the same. Don't let anyone in astrology tell you a pair is doomed to work just because they are this sign and that sign. The analysis needs to go much deeper than that; it has to go beyond the surface.

Gemini and Aquarius do naturally get along. Aquarius may find itself constantly falling for Scorpios in their search for a soul mate. Scorpio has a certain energy that Aquarius finds curious, attractive, and dark. These two also come at each other in a way that they're perpetually confused -- there are so many blind-spots yet mutual points of interest that they keep coming back for more.

What may surprise Aquarius individuals out there reading this is that you might actually fair better with a spring sign than a fall sign. Taurus is the complete opposite of Scorpio, but Gemini is very close to that, and Taurus as a fixed sign could also butt heads with you too much, just as Scorpio's fixed energy with your fixed energy can be a can of worms.

Gemini, just like, Aquarius is full of curiosity. Gemini is guided by the garden -- the twin sign comes into the world after Aries and Taurus have done all their work to make the flowers grow, turn the grass green, and bring the tree back its leaves. Aries comes with several spring storms, and Taurus wears himself out by working hard with farming, landscaping, gardening, and wandering. Gemini comes into the world ready to play in the garden, to follow curious questions about what is around him, and how to keep the garden sustaining.

Gemini is the time of year most high school and college students graduate, it's full of weddings, and often vacations. This kind of energy follows the Gemini throughout their life. The Gemini enjoys the social arena but also the quiet, introspective solitude of the garden. This is in part why the Gemini is the twins-sign. It has such a wide range to its personality that it needs to be expressed with more than one character.

Aquarius is a wise and enlightened soul. To be wise means that you understand the people around you, and to be enlightened means you understand yourself.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. With each new sign in the zodiac, they tend to be more well-tempered, less aggressive than the other signs, and doubling over in creativity. Aquarius is fixed in winter -- a time of hibernation, reflection, creativity, and magic. Both Gemini and Aquarius come into the world with some amount of magic; the Aquarius readily accepts this, but Gemini might find they can't fully believe in such and instead balance things out in a more agnostic kind of way.

Air signs are considered the most logical of the four elements. Fire has to do with free-will, how willingly someone can manifest their dreams and desires. Aries as the first sign of the zodiac has a huge job to get the ball rolling. Earth signs are grounded, practical, and resourceful. While Aries does a sprint across the world to make things happen, Taurus takes care of the projects Aries starts. Air signs are intelligent, curious, logical, and creative. Without Gemini, the garden would never be experienced or understood. Water signs are about emotions, feelings, and the soul. Cancer comes into the world controlled by the phases of the moon and the tides. It is in tune with how things resonate, live, and the essence of life. Each of the zodiacs have a purpose and a story, and unlocking those secrets helps us to better understand the world around us. Ancient astrology is based in math and logic, not just intuition. Astrology is meant to create a calendar, often to help people with agriculture.

When two air signs meet, it is a melding of minds. The two will rejoice in finding another genius who can understand them. Both Gemini and Aquarius want to be understood, but most can't untangle their minds or ways.

Gemini + Aquarius on Dating

These two will enjoy each other's company immediately, perhaps at first as friends. It is important to keep in mind that Aquarius longs for friendship and seeks this as a priority in romance. If you have no friendship then you have no possibility of having a romantic connection with an Aquarian.

When Aquarius is young, they might be looking for something more heavy and emotional at first, like a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. These relationships can turn most fruitful. Aquarius has an explosive emotional side, but they keep it hidden and internal.

Overtime several Aquarius find they're not fitting in with the normal status quo on romance. Dating a water sign could end up feeling wrong or too confusing. This doesn't mean all Aquarius types can't date water signs, but many have admitted it didn't suit them well -- this may be in part because the air and water signs are not trying to learn how the other person operates, and instead demand that they be alike. Water and air signs do share some commonalities; they're not total opposites, but they have to be willing to see the full picture and not just the picture they want to see.

Gemini and Aquarius are much more interested in ideas, they love exploring each other's minds, and they love making jokes and showing off wit. This creates and instant connection that they both know how to manage. They're more interested in trying out new hobbies, visiting towns far and away, and seeing what the world has to offer rather than try to impress someone with kisses and emotions. The problem with Gemini and Aquarius is they can sit at friendship for a long time before heading off into a romance. It feels so comfortable that it can be difficult tell just how meaningful the connection is to the both of them, primarily the Aquarius will be blindsided by this. The Gemini will be excited that someone can understand them. This is rare for a Gemini. The problem? Aquarius is a social genius and can read just about any person who waltzes into their vicinity. Aquarius doesn't realize its reading charms are valuable.

Watching a Gemini and Aquarius pairing can be a delight for others. The pair will have plenty of suggestions from wine, television, books, places to vacation, restaurants, and music. Together they'll cultivate a house of harmony with plants, pets, and things based around their interests. They're more likely to spend time delving into trivia to win prizes than spending their hours wrapped in each other's arms. But don't get me wrong, they do love to cuddle and watch TV together. This pair can find themselves to be most wholesome, and somewhat confused by others' fascinations. The couple strives toward ambition, toward success, and toward knowledge. If they belonged in a Harry Potter house they would most likely be found in Ravenclaw -- a good riddle can keep them busy. Luna Lovegood is the Aquarius mascot, by the way.

To keep the fire burning for a Gemini and Aquarius romance, they'll need to constantly be bringing in new ideas. Try cooking new foods, trying new recipes, visiting new cities, moving, and picking up new hobbies. Learn how to dance together, take a painting class, go back to college and earn another degree. These two have a never ending pool of ideas bubbling up to the surface, and it moves like quick-lightning. Both have hummingbird-like brains.

Aquarius and Gemini can easily get on the same wavelength because they're both obsessed with thinking and challenging norms.

Aquarius and Gemini can easily get on the same wavelength because they're both obsessed with thinking and challenging norms.

Aquarius will likely be the more confrontational and stubborn of the two due to her more fixed nature. Gemini tends to borrow from his neighbors, Taurus and Cancer, so be considerate of where his birthday falls and which sign is closer to him.

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A Gemini-Taurus combo will cause him to be extra ambitious, prone to anxiety, incredibly focused to the point of tunnel-vision, and a super genius.

A Gemini-Cancer will be extra romantic, crabbier, more sentimental, a hoarder, and will delight in things with great care and fascination.

Gemini as a pure element has so much to do with the nervous system that this sign automatically has some anxiety. Gemini needs a calm partner who both wants to travel all over the world like a crazy fiend and at times just wants to stay home and relax.

Gemini doesn't like too much confrontation or temper. Gemini's top five least favorite qualities in a partner include: emotionally manipulative, untrustworthy, habitually stalks, demanding, and controlling. See a pattern here? Gemini doesn't want to be kept on a leash or made into a play thing. They want their freedom and independence, they want space, and they want to know their partner can be trusted.

Water signs tend to like to merge and reduce the amount of space a partner can have, this can be choking for a Gemini who relishes in their independence. Aquarius also loves independence and is the sign for it. The worst nightmare for an Aquarius would be to be in a co-dependent relationship, to be chained up to a wall. Aquarius' top five least favorite qualities in a partner include: unbridled anger, making them feel stupid, making them feel unsafe, cheating, and dependence. Aquarius doesn't want to date a stupid person with a third grade mentality who will cheat on them at the drop of the bucket and the person literally depends on them for everything, constantly keeping the Aquarius trapped without having a chance to go about and do their own thing.

In the beginning stages of a Gemini and Aquarius relationship, the two will likely go on unusual dates -- from art museums, harp shows, ballets, throwing axes, polka dancing, seeing Shakespeare plays, eating fancy BBQ, trying out different ethnic restaurants, hot air balloon rides, sumo wrestler watching, and hockey games. The schedule will be frenetic, yet impressive. If a Gemini or Aquarius are not putting effort into having unique adventures, it probably means they're not that interested.

When a Gemini and Aquarius have become more steady they'll share a gym membership, work together on a shared project like a puzzle, they'll get a pet together, they'll open up a winery together, they'll spend hours on a single game, they'll combine their mental efforts to earn large amounts of money. These two tend to fill the hole's in the other person's deficiencies.

Gemini Positive Qualities They Bring to this Pairing

+ Gemini's sharp mind will keep the ball rolling. As a sign earlier in the zodiac, they have more aggression than Aquarius. Gemini will get things done. They have the capacity to think and act.

+ Enjoys unique experiences and willing to try most things at least once. They like trying new food, they like new and strange adventures.

+ They bring gifts from the latter part of May and June. Color, warmth, spring dew, flowers, rain, weddings, graduations, and vacations. Gemini brings liveliness without compromise. Gemini has an eye for beauty and good taste, even if they struggle to replicate that in their wardrobe or person. They're more like a designer behind the stage rather than a ballerina in the focus.

+ Often a love for animals and plants. Gemini will likely have a pet or two or a few plants that will come with them when they move in with you.

+ Rather than making the Aquarius cry or oversaturate sweetness, the Gemini likes comedy and a good laugh.

+ The twin nature will be a constant source of surprise. The Gemini can go from acting out its inner child to acting way too profound for its age.

+ Openness to ideas and exploration.

+ Built in knowledge on multiple subjects, though some embarrassment when they don't know something.

+ Ambition, success, and humility.

+ Wants a balanced life.

+ Eager to impress.

+ Rebel for originality.

+ Willing to shed out toxic behaviors and people.

Aquarius and Gemini like to travel. Air signs like to move rather than just stay in one spot.

Aquarius and Gemini like to travel. Air signs like to move rather than just stay in one spot.

Gemini Negative Qualities They Bring to this Pairing

- Gemini can be fiercely critical and allow this to overrule other thoughts. Gemini struggles to compartmentalize but prefers to stick in one mode which can blindside them. Especially if born closer to Taurus.

- Not always in tune with emotions. Can completely collapse into a meltdown of epic proportions that's based in the inner child.

- Often feel left out in a social situation and start to make their selves more awkward by fueling anxiety.

- Won't understand why they've become crabby and overwhelmed until it's too late.

- Very taken by senses. Can be overwhelmed by sensory overload. Can be overtaken by hunger.

- Uses mimicry like an expert to understand and connect with others, but this can also backfire to where they're not sure who they really are. This is the biggest long term conflict that develops and can leave people really confused when Gemini does a 180 out of the blue.

- No longer participating and completely shuts themselves out without realizing it. When tired they can lack in emotionally connecting or being involved in an activity.

- Socially uncouth at times.

- Will over focus on something to the point of losing time.

- Easily addicted and overwhelmed by vices. Best to cut out vices altogether. Makes for a much happier version of a Gemini.

- Studious to the point of being too complex or trivial for others to understand.

- Doesn't care if they're too out there for others to understand, but yet is really sad they're misunderstood.

- Plenty of paradoxes that don't need to be paradoxes.

Aquarius Positive Qualities They Bring to the Table

- Strives for balance and is a master at such. Tends to understand beauty, health, sleep, money, religion, and hobbies.

- Beautiful person inside and out. Wants to be charitable. Strives to be charitable.

- Strives for harmony in a relationship.

- Carefully considers the needs of others.

- Introduces a lonely Gemini to a world of new friends.

- Constantly imaginative and rethinks their surroundings with lightning speed.

- Willing to try new things, loves the absurd.

- High endurance, can continue a task for several hours without a problem.

- Overall loving person who is sweet to all. They do not discriminate.

- Doesn't care about stupid trivialities... at least not for long. They have impressive, well-developed focus.

- Offer a number of creative outlets. They love to create, write, do art, watch TV, cook, etc.

- Knows instinctively when a Gemini is down and will work really hard to improve the mood or at least understand it.

- Intellectual, but not like most intellectuals a Gemini has met.

- Great at finding new places to go and check out.

- Knows a wide range of subjects.

- Often quiet. But also often a constant sing-song bird.

- Ambitious to the point of seeking several different paths during their lifetime. Adds a degree of interesting.

- Generally pleasing to the eyes.

- Clever.

Aquarius Negative Qualities They Bring to the Pairing

- Hides emotions until they magnify and blow up in an explosion.

- Strives to be PC and censors thoughts.

- Might confuse Gemini with their more perverted sayings.

- Can be too intense with caffeine, even for Gemini it is too much to untangle.Yet Aquarius finds it freeing to be hyper.

- Can have too high of expectations, wants to be perfect.

- Forgets to show emotion.

- Blind-sided by the strangest things which create problems.

- Stops listening to the Gemini when the Gemini talks too much about insular ideas that don't matter to the Aquarius.

- Can get really frustrated and unsure how to communicate it.

- Suddenly in a spiral that promotes self-doubt.

- Wants things their way.

- Struggles to find fault in self. Can see fault in someone else first.

- Unsure what they want to do with their life. Finds certain scenarios anxiety-havens.

- Can make severe facial reactions to sudden bouts of stupidity.

- Will get too far into their anger imaging something far more complex than necessary.

- Caught in an intricate web of ideas.

- Have too much asked of them by several people at once.

- Isn't invincible, but tries to be.

Need some extra help understanding Gemini? Gaby Douglas in the video below is a pretty noticeable Gemini. She might be different than how I've described Gemini's in this article, but listening to her might help you to unlock understanding this astrological sign.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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